Friday, 13 January 2017

Occult World War II

I always find it odd how people (well men really), react to mentions of the Nazi's Waffen SS .... on one hand they are considered murdering swine, but others praise their 'fighting skills', whilst always adding that 'of course they went over the top with some of their methods .... but still you can't deny they could fight'. However there is an aspect of their military order that is often just ignored by these commentators ..... the fact is that many of the very senior SS leaders were quite simply barking mad.

If proof of this was ever needed, then the recent news that the SS secret occult book collection had been discovered in the Czech National library (well in an old depot where books were stored).  Apparently the books in the collection had lain there since the 1950's .... its whereabouts between 1945, and its arrival at the depot was not known.

Wewelsburg Castle - Himmler's Nazi Shrine ....

This collection of 13,000 occult and witchcraft books, named 'The Witches Library', had been assembled by Heinrich Himmler before 1944 (when the tide of the war turned decisively against the Nazi's), collected by his H-Sonderkommando (so named for the first letter of the German word Hexe, meaning ''witch''). Originally the collection was on behalf of the institute Ahnenerbe, which was created to research the archaeological and historical roots of the Aryan race.

It was intended to later be an extra adornment to Himmler's SS Castle at Wewelsburg in the West of Germany ... the castle was to be the most sacred home of the SS Knights, where its warriors would be buried in crypts.

Many Nazi's Believed It Was An Occult Struggle Below ...

Now I like a military order as much as the next man, LOL, but one which is based upon the idea that there were mythic Ubermen in the past, and that dark occult forces could be controlled to steer wars, is one goose-step too many for me.

Heinrich Himmler for instance, firmly believed that the power of the old occult masters would help the Nazis to rule the world. He also believed that the actions of the Catholic church’s Inquisition against German witches, were purposefully to try to repress an indigenous German pagan nature-based religion, völkisch, in a major conspiracy against the Aryan race.

But no matter how many times the madness at the top of the Nazi leadership is exposed, it still seems to hold a powerful attraction to many. So how to explain that?

Perhaps the simplest explanation for this continued evil attraction to many across Europe, is that they did control hidden forces after all?

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