Friday, 20 January 2017

CIA Conspiracy Alert

The CIA have, through a mixture of pressure and circumstance released 13 million formerly classified documents. They are feely available on the CREST archive held on the CIA Library website.

CIA Declassified

Amongst these are going to be snippets of gold for politicos and nerds alike, because as well as such content as the papers of Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford) are intelligence briefings, research papers, UFO sightings and psychic experiments (such as investigating Uri Geller).

But the real gold, are the collated reports on flying saucers. Now Project Blue Book can be challenged (or so all the web conspirasists will believe).

UFO Over The Missouri .. Maybe

Expect an endless set of 'UFO' (by which we mean flying saucers - aliens), images taken from this archive to appear all over the web in the next few weeks.

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