Friday, 20 January 2017

Rotherham - Another Hidden Scandal?

The scandal of the Labour Rotherham councils blindness towards Muslim men systematically grooming and raping non-Muslim, mainly white girls, who were often under their care or supervision should have resulted in criminal proceedings for some of the officials of that town (Both council workers and police), but instead it was largely brushed under the carpet. I am not even sure if anyone lost their jobs.

Rotherham Scandal Coverage As Press Moved On ....

After initial reporting, the main news media moved on, and the Crown Prosecution Service concentrated on the few men it could catch. There are still police investigations ongoing, and its still occasionally rumoured that several hundred men of 'Asian descent' i.e. Pakistani Muslim males, are still potentially going to be charged with offences, or even that abuse is ongoing.

The Labour Party was at least ashamed enough of the fact that this stronghold of socialism, was the scene of the largest organised set of rapes in UK history since the Middle-Ages, to appoint the local MP Sarah Champion, as shadow Minister for "Preventing Abuse" .... a meaningless enough title, given the racial and religious elements of the crimes. However to give her her due, she has managed to make something of this role.

However is there another hidden scandal in the town? It was recently reported that there have been 450 'sex crimes' committed by 'children' in Rotherham in the past 3 years ..... 111 were said to be actual rapes. This out of national figures of 5,500 alleged sex crimes in UK schools committed in the three years up until September 2015 (according to a BBC report), so the equivalent of 12% of all these crimes, were committed in just one Rotherham constituency?

For comparison, a Freedom of Information request in June 2016 revealed that across County Durham in northern England, 126 children were arrested for sex offences from 2013. The age of those arrested were between the ages of 11 and 16 when they were arrested by Durham Constabulary for the crimes. The charges included 61 counts of rape, two involving 11-year-olds and five involving 13-year-olds.

That's so disturbing, that you would think that the press would be all over the figures and another scandal would break .... in particular, given many northern towns sordid recent histories, and that someone would be trying to determine the ethnic/religious background of the perpetrators, and the victims. 

If anyone knows this information for Ms Champions constituency, they have not chosen to release it ... but I would hazard a guess that these crimes mirror the adult versions in the areas in which they occur, in that case with the attackers being mostly boys of 'Asian descent', and the victims being girls who are not. In any other culture there could well have been rioting and violence, but in the UK .... just silence.

Ms Champion of course has blamed these sex attacks in schools on the lack of 'relationship teaching' in schools, and of course the Internet .... not the background of the attackers. She may be right, but until we see the real breakdown of the attackers and the victims we will never know will we?

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