Friday, 13 January 2017

Views From A Modern Hospital Stay.

Firstly; Let me say that the reported NHS Accident and Emergency crisis is real, and not some politicking by left-wing unions. After I arrived for my day operation I was told that all the 'day patients' I had been sat with, had all been sent home, because Accident and Emergency had gone mental, and no beds or operating times were available for them ... I had been listed as a bed patient for some reason so luckily didn't get sent home with them.

As Has Been Pointed Out Before The US Health System Is The Most Expensive In World

I might add that this crisis of funding and spiralling cost of health care is a worldwide phenomena, with a simple search uncovering problems around the globe, from 'Obama care' funding and overpriced drugs in the USA, to crises in the Irish, and Australian health models.

Not All Overcrowded A&E Wards Are Funny

Then I was interested to note that the general ward I was put in, was comprised of 4 men and the ward was labelled as a men's ward (none of that mixed sex ward nonsense that upset so many patients, when introduced by administrators in the 90's and 00's). An interesting example of people just rejecting something as 'wrong', and the 'trendies' being forced to reverse a change they had imposed to make life easier for themselves.

Another surprise was that we all had to wear those airline pressure socks in beds, and I am ashamed to admit that I liked them .... a sign of the times if ever there was one.

The ward mix reflected modern Britain, well to a degree (it was a sad fact that I was the youngest there) .. a man from Bermuda, who had obvious Caucasian ancestry, but an afro-Caribbean family - he was fairly long-term sick, but shouted out and moaned at night, waking everyone up - but then refused the physiotherapy he obviously needed in the day. Then there was an elderly man, who was compus mentis, but needed his bowels flushing regularly. Myself, who I hope I can also class as still being compus mentis. And finally a very elderly man with a battery of problems, including only having one leg, incontinence, and some form of early senile dementia.

Sleeping was a nightmare, apart from the disturbances caused by two patients who had issues, there was the fact that we were all woken every hour to have our blood pressures taken. Apart from the noise this made, it meant you never got the deep sleep your body needs for recovery .... so self defeating, and the reason why patients are drowsy all day. Its the only time they can sleep!  

Finally the staffing was also odd. During the day it was white English and Asian British. But the night staff were all Spanish (or of Spanish descent) for some reason .... hard brexiteers please note the NHS dependency on foreign staff to do the work that we don't do ourselves any more. In fact there were also Spanish theatre nurses, and Polish auxiliaries as well ..... we have become a nation weaned on foreign workers to do many tasks.

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