Friday, 6 January 2017

Batman In Bromley

Batman is a busy man these days, what with fighting Superman et al.

Bromley Was Never The Same After Batman Started Roosting ......

However who would have thought that he had time to appear in Bromley, South London. Apparently he has been there, and has been rather busy by all accounts. Of course being a true hero, he doesn't always wear the full superhero regalia, but sometimes acts undercover so to speak. In this case he has been dressing in a mask, but otherwise in 'civvies', as he rescued people across the borough.

His first act upon arriving in Bromley was to intervene when robbers, armed with a knife, tried to mug a local businessman ... the thugs ran. He then rescued a damsel in distress at the local train station by chasing of her assailant, and followed this by scaring off a bunch of drunks, as they beat a man up (tough borough that Bromley!!).

His latest act was to defend a local worker named 'Ken' who said that "He came out of nowhere" to save him from thieves. He tackled all three of the attackers at once, by kicking one of them to the ground, and throwing the other two into a hedge" .... WOW .. POW ... SOCKEM.

So how do I know it was 'Batman' (apart from the the sound affects) .... well I admit that his description of being in his 30's with a "well groomed beard" isn't very Batman, but who am I to argue with the local press, who firmly identified him as 'The Bromley Batman'.

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