Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Lands Where Grey Hairs Are Banished ...

Have you ever noticed that in the Middle East, the higher up you are, the less grey hairs you have, so octogenarians such as the Saudi King and the Egyptian ruler are sitting around, like models for "Just For Men" ..... the more third world your politics i.e. Heredity Dictatorships (which is what the Saudi, Syrian and other Arab 'Royalty' really is), then the less grey hair you can have.

Here's some fine examples of Arab manhood and masculinity ..... also dictatorship.
Col Gaddafi aka the 'Gadfather' aged 68

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia aged 86

President Hosni Mubarak 
President Hosni Mubarak aged 82
And for the democrats? Grey hairs everywhere - Living US Presidents

Living US Presidents - George W. Bush (centre) invited former Presidents George H.W. Bush, then-President Elect Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter (far right)

Ex Pms Major and Blair
PM Tony Blair
PM John Major
and of course the clincher is that "Osama Bin Laden is a well known user .......

Just Telling It As It Is ..... Cameron In "Hot Water"

Pakistan has got itself all upset because David Cameron was in India when he made a very pointed remake about elements in Pakistan supporting the Taliban in attacks on coalition troops in Afghanistan and civilians in the UK.

Mr Cameron made the comments to reporters after a speech in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on Wednesday. He said: "We should be very, very clear with Pakistan that we want to see a strong, stable and democratic Pakistan. We cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror, whether to India or whether to Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world."

Of course the Taliban supporters in Pakistan instantly went ballistic, as though this accusation about Pakistan's ISI intelligence service funding and protecting the Taliban was in anyway 'new' news ..... in fact many of us blogger's have made this point, and in fact this blog raised the matter as recently as June the 13th .

But perhaps more importantly, Prime Minister Brown (a man who rarely said anything non PC in public .... well except once LOL), said that three-quarters of the most serious terror plots being investigated by UK authorities, have links to Pakistan.

So why was there no fuss then? Ah, well in the Islamic state of paranoia that drives the Pakistani military, there is no worse sin than that of playing the 'India card' in politics. They believe, contrary to all the evidence, that Hindu India, is fuelling Islamic terror attacks on it from Afghanistan, when in fact its there own Madrassas and the ISI (Inter Service Intelligence), that are the driving force for the Taliban in both Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.

The men who really know what games the ISI is up to are Lt-Gen Shuja Pasha (the current head of ISI) and his predecessor Lt. Gen. Nadeem Taj.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bulger Case Exposes Lack Of Justice

James Bulger - A young life cruelly taken away. 
Some years ago in a terrible crime, a small 2 yr old boy was led away to be murdered by two boys, who at age 10, were not that much older themselves. That murder of James Bulger, by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, was considered a new low in standards in the UK .... sadly we have since discovered that the UK is still declining, and that other equally appalling crimes have happened since then.

At the time of the trial we all assumed that these two scumbags would never be released, but sure enough in 2001 they were released on a 'lifetime' licence .... a joke, because just as a 'Life Sentence' in prison terms means nothing of the sort, well the words of the then Home Secretary David Blunkett ring equally hollow ... what he said was that

"The Parole Board has informed me today (Friday) of their decision, subject to conditions, to direct the release on life licence of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who were convicted in November 1993 of the murder of James Bulger.

At the time of the murder both were 10 years old and James Bulger was two. I would wish to make it clear at the outset that this means that Thompson and Venables will be on licence for the rest of their lives.

They will be subject to strict licence conditions and liable to immediate recall if there is any concern at any time about their risk."

As far as we know (and the authorities have remained tight lipped on the subject), Robert Thompson has not broken the terms of his licence, but Jon Venables has apparently breached his licence terms on several occasions.
  • He was arrested for a drunken fight in 2008.
  • Later that year Venables was found in possession of Cocaine and was cautioned.
  • This year he was found to downloading and distributing hardcore Child Pornography and has been given a new 2 year sentence.  
Now both of these earlier crimes could get me imprisoned, but in liberal la la land, they are not considered bad enough by the parole board to get him back into prison for breaching his "strict licence conditions" .... it appears that only another murder would be enough to do that, hence the new separate sentence.

Diana Fulbrook from the Probation Chiefs Association defended the decision not to return Venables to prison for the alcohol and drug-related crimes. ...... "Here we had a young man, who'd held down a job for nine years, he was in settled accommodation, some of his presenting behaviour around drugs and alcohol are not uncommon amongst young people - all young people - who are living in society,"
So what, not 'all young people' are convicted child murderers, not 'all young people' are supposedly being supervised on a 'on licence for the rest of their lives' with "strict licence conditions" ... he should be on a life sentence again, and those in the probation service who share Ms Fulbrook's views, should have their positions reviewed with a view to dismissal.
We as a society have given Venables a second chance and he has failed it, he should now stay in prison until he dies of old age.   
Once again the citizens of the UK have been betrayed by the liberals who seem intent on destroying our society by imposing their values on to public policy .... expect more of the same under Kenneth Clarke, apparently another of the 'prison doesn't work' brigade. 

2018 Update: In 2018 Jon Venables has been jailed for three years and four months, for once again making indecent images of children, and one of having what the prosecutor described as a "disgusting and sickening document which falls far below any recognisable standard of morality" .... a paedophile manual. A recent psychiatric report found Venables was a "high risk of real harm to children" in the future .... so why is still going to be out on the streets again (at vast public expense). Life must mean life.

Friday, 23 July 2010

"Mens" Hour - Radio Five

Radio Five in the UK has been trialling a "Men's Hour" radio show, which by chance I heard the first episode of ..... I lasted 10 mins before turning to another channel.

The reason, within 5 minutes of my listening the presenters had turned to an apparently 'regular' feature of homosexuality .... nothing wrong with that per se, but "Woman's Hour" doesn't have 'regular' features on Lesbians, but then again the BBC is allegedly full of homosexuals, and maybe there aren't so many lesbians, so they don't have such a skewed opinion about their 'importance'?

But it wasn't that which finished off my interest in the show, no it was the sudden propagation of the "FACT" that 10% of the male population was homosexual. This is a 'FACT' that the 'Gay' community loves to spout at every opportunity, but which is entirely fictitious and has no real factual basis unless you deliberately misread the figures to suit your fantasies.

What they do is take the fact that about 10% of adolescents or teens have one instance of 'admiration' of a same sex contemporary as their hormones kick in, and which they then mostly grow out of, and then say that 10% of adults are 'gay'. All studies suggest that actual homosexual numbers are around 3 - 4% .... and that's a fact that the BBC won't propagate....

As I know that my fact can be challenged so here are the studies:
  • In the 1999-2001 National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, about 8% of British men and 10% of women reported at least one life experience of same-sex contact (not necessarily sexual), but only 2.6% of either gender have had a same-sex partner in the last 5 years or longer.  
  • 3% of males are refused from giving blood by the Blood Service in the UK because of their homosexuality and lifestyles.
  • In 1992 a study of 8,337 British men found that 6.1% have had a "homosexual experience" (again this included non sexual activities such as a 'crush') and 3.6% had "1+ homosexual partner ever".
  • In the US - MTV and Showtime are about to launch a cable channel directed at the homosexual market. They estimate that gays and lesbians combined make up 6.5% of television's audience (and money talks so they are likely to be very accurate figures). i.e. around 3% of each sex.
  • In Canada in 2003, A survey of 135,000 Canadians found that 1.0% of the respondents identified themselves as homosexual and 0.7% identified themselves as bisexual. About 1.3% of men considered themselves homosexual, almost twice the proportion of 0.7% among women
  • In Australia on 2006, a study found 2-3% Australians identified as homosexual while 20% of Australians reported having had same-sex attractions (again, the teen infatuation thing).  
  • In the US, 2008, A CNN exit polling showed self-identified gay, lesbian, and bisexual voters at 4% of the voting population in the United States presidential election, 2008. 
Now allowing for some element of under reporting as I can't image it being over reported, I think its fair to say that in the Anglo-Saxon / Celtic world (I accept that other cultures, such as the meditterrean one of Greece and Italy, will have different proportions due to differing cultural acceptance levels), the rates of male homosexuality are about 4% on average.

Now thats not a fact that 'uber gays' will like, but I am not interested in their homo erotic fantasies, simply in 'facts' .... something the BBC used to consider essential, but which they seem to have forsaken, to be replaced by PC nonsense which suits the wishes of the higer proportions of homosexuals within the media.  

Monday, 19 July 2010

Burqa's Row Rages Across Europe (apart from Britain).

Across Europe the argument about whether wearing full face coverings is 'exploitation', 'anti- western','exclusive' or 'tolerant' etc etc ..... the prevalent feeling appears to be that Muslim women wearing them the Burqa are doing so for purely cultural reasons and not under any religious requirements. This means that they are simply deliberately rejecting western values and being 'Un-French' or whatever and are not relishing the freedoms so hard won by Western women.

Group of Arab women
The New Face Of 'British' Womanhood.

Of course this being Britain, we have to know more than Germany, France, Belgium and Spain, cos we are British, and somehow that makes us superior, somehow .... that's why in Europe they call our capital "Londonistan" ... and we already have politicians like immigration minister Damian Green, and Catherine Heseltine (a convert, who is unelected but thinks she represents Muslims), falling over themselves to say that no matter what the rest of Europe decides (and most are heading towards bans or restrictions), we will not do anything.
  • In Spain, Barcelona has banned the wearing of full Islamic face-veils in some public spaces, and at least two other towns in Catalonia have done the same. 
  • In Belgium, the lower House of Parliament has voted for a law that would ban women from wearing the full Islamic face veil in public.
  • In Germany, allies of Chancellor Merkel have suggested they should follow Belgium's lead, and ban the Burqa, suggesting its "a massive attack on women's rights, it is a mobile prison."
  • In France its now likely to become illegal to wear the Burqa after French MP's voted in the new law. 
  • In Britain, two polls show that around 67% of people want the Burqa banned in public (in France its  70% who support it ..... in France that means its enacted as law, in the UK its rejected by one minister).
  • France rejected a Burqa wearing women's claim to citizenship on the grounds of "insufficient assimilation" into France. She was said to be living totally in subjugation to male relatives.
  • The Netherlands will very likely also bring in a ban, while tensions simmer about non assimiltion of Muslim immigrants.
But because we live in a democracy in the UK, what we want is not what we get, instead its the personal convictions of the MP's (who live under the continual fear of the PC brigade) which become laws, so while the rest of Europe goes one way, we will continue to buck the trends and allow an unpopular practice to be continued.

I expect it will take some terrible outrage such as a terrorist attack or bank robbery, that's achieved by the  criminal use of Burqa's to finally drive the point home in the UK:
Personally it disturbs me on some core level when I see women in these get up's, and I wouldn't talk to anyone who feels that they have the right to hide from me (I wouldn't deal with a 'hoodie' either) or that I would turn into a rapist if I looked on her face ....

I wonder if they will ever make the connection between the segregation of women and the fact that many women have to fear men in Egypt and Pakistan? Could it be because the men never see any women except their sisters/mothers in any social context?

Anyway, that aside, we are told that our women must respect Islamic sensibilities while on holiday in Muslim countries, and now we are told that we must respect their sensibilites while in ...... hang on, are we in Muslim lands here now?

"We're a tolerant and mutually respectful society." Damian Green Immigration Minister

The Other Face Of Britain

One of the ironies of this row is that in hardline regimes such as Iran, many young women are risking beatings or worse, in order to stop having to cover their head and faces ....

Girls in Teheran 

I voted Tory last election, but they are actually softer than Labour on immigration, asylum and integration matters ..... they are fast losing my support and I suspect that of many others, by failing on two of the key issues that cost Gordon Brown his prime ministership .....

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Supersize Mouths For Supersize Food

While a third of the world goes to bed hungry, fast food restaurants in Taiwan have been urged to drop 'big' burgers from their menus amid a growing number of jaw injuries ..... Hamburger-related injuries are on the rise, so be warned!

Professor Hsu Ming-lung, of National Yang-Ming University, said that he has seen patients who have had difficulty opening their mouths after munching giant burgers, and that problems can arise when eating burgers higher than 8cm (3ins), he was quoted as saying by the China Post.

Taiwans Worst

I used to have the same problem with 'Gob Stoppers!' when I was a stripling .... no such thing as burger joints when I was a lad in a small village.

My jawbreaker

'Joke Quote Of The Week'

The first in a new feature "Joke Quote Of The Week" ...... will start with Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who says NATO and Afghanistan are not doing enough to stop Taliban militants crossing the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan to attack Pakistani cities.

This from a country that actually arms and backs Taliban terrorists who attack NATO troops in Afghanistan.

So the first 'Joke Quote Of The Week' goes to Mr Malik for barefaced effrontery.

Open Immigration Leads To One Thing Only

We knew that the Labour Party had decided to shaft us all by opening the immigration flood gates, but by exactly how much was unclear ...... we now know that by 2051 a fifth of UK will be non white European and that we are probably likely to simply cease being a majority white British country by 2100AD.

You may think this a good thing or not, but for me the sadness in all this is that in a democracy we have never been asked if this most radical of changes to our society is something we are happy with ........ successive governments have simply refused to open the question of our very future as a race, to the people it most affects, you and I.

PC Madness (Part 1)

A former Labour council candidate, Ghulam Rasul Shahzad, has persuaded a shopping centre to install squat boxes in the toilet cubicles of  a shopping centre in Rochdale Lancashire .... these odious devices, which in Turkey and other Muslim countries are usually filthy and stink of their contents, are as un-British as its possible to get in the land of Thomas Crapper.

It should be pointed out that not one asian in the UK has a squat box in their homes, as the UK plumbing system is not really able to support them .... if I saw one I would immediately vacate that establishment, never to return ..... I can't say that I have visited Rochdale more than once, but I certainly won't be again.

But that's part of the point isn't it, to separate Muslims from the others, and establish areas inside the UK where the new arrivals can flourish without having to adapt ..... it's a racing certainty that no native Brits will use these squatters, whereas the Asians can use either, thus they get what they want, their own 'special' facilities, whilst still being able to use the rest.

If you want to know how to adapt to the new reality of life in Britain, especially as our mad government is still pushing for 77 million Turks to be allowed to join the EU (its easy to guess where 1 or 2 of the most illiterate and most radical of them will end up), then here's a guide from another site on how to become third world.

It's hard to see this sort of thing not eventually ending in tears, as we give in to the constant drip by drip of demands by any one group to be treated as 'special' .....

Monday, 12 July 2010

Rapist Escapes Justice (And It's Not The In UK)

Roman Polanski and admitted child rapist has escaped extradition to the US to be sentenced for photographing a thirteen year old girl while she was topless, before drugging, raping and sodomising her ..... I repeat, she was only thirteen years old.

What sort of people in Switzerland believe that this crime is something for which there should be no punishment? Would they like Polanski to do this to their thirteen year old daughters or grand daughters?

A Happy Rapist?

The reason for this extraordinary decision (which by the way, the US is not allowed to appeal), is as follows: "The reason for the decision lies in the fact that it was not possible to exclude with the necessary certainty a fault in the US extraditionary request." which is legalise crap for 'we don't like you or your open justice system, we don't care that he admitted to 'unlawful sex' (as a plea bargain to spare the child a court appearance), and we can't prove that there isn't some hidden flaw in your request, so we will assume that there is and throw it out'.

Absolutely shameful and on a par with some third world nations idea of justice.

If I was the US president I would make Switzerland wince for this decision by blocking their banks etc from access to the US systems, and restricting Swiss travel to the US ..... maybe that would make them consider again ..... but no doubt the US will do nothing and Polanski will go to his grave untroubled by his crimes.

I repeat, there is one justice for you and me, and another for the rich and powerful, and none for the poor

And The Church Fate Winners Are .......

The Church Of England seems to have made its final decision as a unified communion ...... they voted to allow women Bishops with no concessions to the traditionalists.

Therefore the die is cast, the traditionalists either leave or shut up, they have lost.

At the very least its likely that the Africans will consider breaking away, which will possibly leave a rump in the UK and North America, who favour homosexuals and women being ordained. As to the rest, well they may take the view that they keep their heads down and get their pensions, after all when they retire their will be no 'traditionalists' left, and the Church Of England will be a much more secular organisation, with the Bible open to 'new' interpretations, and which will probably be making endless 'concessions' to other more aggressive religions.

It may even be disestablished as the State Church with the next ruler being "Defender of Faiths".

We shall see how this all pans out over the next few months or years but, now its all apparently over, I may have lost a fun companion on this blog!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Strangers In A Strange Land

Raoul Moat was a general run of the mill low level criminal, who graduated last week to becoming a murderer, after he came out of prison, got a gun and shot three people, killing one, severely injuring an unarmed policeman,

When A Country Loses Control

How do you know when your country is losing its grip on security? Well one good sign is when you can no longer play international sporting fixtures in your own country.

Pakistan is playing a 'home' cricket fixture against Australia in Britain this summer, because its no longer possible to safely do so in Pakistan...... no matter how this is dressed up, it speaks volumes about the state of Pakistan today.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Israels Dancing Soldiers

Six Israeli soldiers have escaped being penalised after a video of them doing a dance routine while on duty in the West Bank went viral in Israel and beyond.

The video shows the troops breaking into a choreographed dance routine, set to US singer Kesha's dance hit 'Tik Tok'...... should maybe have been "Always look on the bright side of life".

Of course the Arabs, have posted it under less than flattering terms while others, just think its funny.

There is a hint that its actually just a stunt and not shot in occupied territories ..... but who's to tell?

Another Bunch Of Religious Zealots

While the C of E continues to debate how to finally abandon actual religious dogma, the Iranian Shiites are still enforcing 'old time religion' like the 7th century was only last week.

Yes they are still whipping and stoning women and male adulterers as though it was only yesterday that Allah had commanded them to do so ..... oddly, despite their claim that Jesus is a 'prophet' of Islam, obviously his command that 'only he is without sin should cast the first stone' is is to be completely ignored in favour of inflicting torture and pain, mainly on women. Under pressure from the world community they have 'suspended' the stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, although crucially they have not said that she won't be killed some other way...... she has already been given 99 lashes witnessed by her son, then in his late teens. 

As this blog has discussed before, stoning women to death is still 'alive and well' in the Islamic world ..... at least the Iranians are 'equal opportunity stoners' with men as well as women stoned, although, its made harder for women ...somehow.

I won't post any pictures of the horror that is a stoning, but simply searching for 'stonings' and images, show the degradation and terror that bearded men of god inflict, when given unrestricted power over ordinary men and women's lives. Every person of conscience should think about this poor woman and the other both men and women who face death for nothing at the hands of Sharia laws.

Same Old Rows In Church Of England

Yawn, yawn yawn, etc ..... the Church of England is having another spasm in its death. Yes its debating how to try to find a way to introduce women bishops without driving Anglicans apart..... oh yea, like that's not gonna happen. There is also a growing row over a decision to block the appointment of a gay cleric as Bishop of Southwark ..... so much so same so as the last time they 'debated' these same issues.

I have a suggestion, in this time of referendums, why don't the 'conservatives' call for a church referendum on the issues of homosexual priests and women Bishops etc, and at the same time the for the expulsion of the losers. If they lose, they leave for the Catholic Church, leaving the field of hollow victory to the dresses.

But if they win, the 'liberals' have to leave the church and set up their own church, which is what they should have done in the first place ..... of course they wouldn't do that because they would have no followers, which is why they have conspired to take over the host church from with in, in the same manner as the leftist enterist groups have attempted on the old labour party. See the Militant Tendency in the 1970's and 1980's for how this is done.

Terrorists Can't Face Long Sentences

Talking of Asylum and Immigration madness, after six years and spending over £2 million of tax payers money (and no doubt he spent the same on legal aid lawyers), Abu Hamza al-Masri aka 'Dr Hook', a man who blew his own hand off and eye out making defusing terrorist allied bombs in Afghanistan, and former night club bouncer still has not been deported from the UK to the US.

The reason is that some judge in Luxembourg, or another place where Islamic terror is still just something that happens in the UK or US, has decided that Abu Hamza, jailed in the UK for soliciting to murder and racial hatred, and three other British men wanted for terrorist offences in the US, may have a legal protection after they complained about the length of sentence they may face if convicted in the US. 

The court said there should be further legal argument on whether life without parole at the prison would breach the suspects' human rights...... yes that mad law again

It is this utter madness that makes me despair of our country, and the unelected 'liberals', who just grant criminals ever more 'rights' at the expense of the law abiding majority. It is the first duty of the state to protect its citizens, but while our own and the European courts continue to act as unelected governments, there is a danger that the enemy within is our own system.

What makes it worse is despite his terrorist back ground he and his family continue to suck up government funds, whilst detesting us and threatening us. They have now turned to crime and on 28 May 2009, three of his sons were jailed at Southwark Crown Court for a two-year fraud involving stolen cars. The TaxPayers' Alliance estimates father-of-eight Hamza has so far cost Britain £2.75 million in welfare payments, council housing, NHS and prison bills, trials and legal appeals .....

Of course we can't deport him ourselves, nor expel his family because our own judges have long since removed that power from our hands.

Aylum Laws Farce

In yet another of those perverse legal rulings which fly in the face of the common sense and the wishes of the silent majority in the UK, the Supreme Court has ruled that 'homosexuals' (and presumably Lesbians, cross dressers, transsexuals etc etc etc) cannot be deported and can claim asylum in the UK, if they can claim that they would be persecuted in any part of the third world.

No mention in the ruling of the cherry picking asylum seekers who fly thousands of miles, by passing many 'poor' countries where they would be safe, to arrive in the welfare state known as the UK

As usual, no explanation of how we are to determine who is lying or not, so the flood gates, which had been slowly closing over the last few years, are now fully open again thanks to liberal judges simply bypassing the intentions of Parliament and democratic government, and acting on their own agenda's.

This new Tory/Liberal coalition has already started to betray those who voted for the Tories to end this sort of liberal madness ...... 

Sunday, 4 July 2010

"Ingerlund" Jokes!

One thing about the English is that they can laugh at their own failures (a trait that many other races and cultures find impossible to emulate .... they should try it). So the failure of Englands (or 'Ingerlund' as its chanted) football team has been the cause of much joking (possibly added to by Scots and Welsh fans), and I have listed some of them below.
  • Some good news: In training David James had 400 shots fired at him and didn't conceded a single goal, then he and Emile Heskey trained with the rest of the squad......
  • In honour of England's displays in the World Cup, we're unveiling a new national flag. It's the same design as before but without the red cross.
  • Police have released the name of the angry bloke who stormed into the England dressing room and subjected Fabio Capello and the players to a stream of foul-mouthed abuse. It's Wayne Rooney.
  • Fabio Capello told Wayne Rooney to have a long look at himself in the mirror. Like that's going to improve his confidence.
  • Apparently that fan had no trouble slipping into the England dressing room – Goalie Robert Green was guarding the door.
  • What's the difference between a faulty jet engine and Wayne Rooney? The jet engine eventually stops whining. 
  • Six hours of football and goalie Robert Green is still England's joint top scorer.
  • What's the difference between Wayne Rooney and Shrek? Shrek can save the day.
  • What do you call an Englishman in the knockout stages of the World Cup? A referee. 
  • I'm shocked at Wayne Rooney's outburst after the Algeria game. Who knew he could even string a sentence together! 
  • What's the difference between the England team and a tea bag? The tea bag stays in the cup longer. 
  • A man goes into a brothel and says to the Madam "How much for total humiliation?" She says "£39.50" He asks "What do I get for that?" She replies "An England shirt".
  • What's the difference between Cinderella and the England football team? Cinderella wanted to get to the ball....
  • Osama bin Laden has just released a new TV message to prove he is still alive. He said the England Team performance on Sunday was completely rubbish. British intelligence have dismissed the claim, stating that the message could have been recorded anytime in the last 44 years.
  • Robert Green - The only man to leave Africa with out catching anything.
  • In a statement from BBC Broadcasting House, all future England games will now be shown on the gay porn channel. It is thought that 11 assholes being regularly shafted is too explicit for regular TV.
  • I can't believe we only managed a nil nil draw against a rubbish team we should easily have beaten......I'm ashamed to call myself Algerian.
  • The England team went to visit an orphanage in South Africa this morning, "Its so good to put a smile on the faces of people with no hope, constantly struggling, and facing the impossible" said Jamal Omboto, aged 6.
  • Fifa have released a statement saying the fan didn't break into the dressing room after all, but was let in by goalie Rob Green.
  • What's the difference between Robert Green's spill and BP's spill? ... Robert Green has got a cap for his.
  • Fabio Capello was wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park when he noticed an old lady struggling with her bags of shopping. He stopped and asked, "Can you manage dear?" To which the old lady replied, "No way. You got yourself into this mess, don't ask me to sort it out..."
  • The FA have launched an inquiry to find out how a fan found his way into the dressing room, and another enquiry into how Wayne Rooney found his way into the dressing room.   

Jewish Pig Breeders

Believe it or not there are Jewish pig breeders ...... they are a rarities like those poor souls in Muslim lands who kept pigs, such as the Copts in Egypt, who had all their pigs cruelly slaughtered by the Muslim authorities this year (watch out for an out break of something in Egypt, now that edible rubbish is left in the streets) and those pig breeders of Turkey, who despite that countries 'European' pretensions, continues to persecute non Muslim practitioners.

The pigs in Israel find a market in the secular Jews and Christian Arabs but are bred for medical research ..... It's pigs unlucky fate to be genetically similar to humans.


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