Saturday, 28 November 2009

North African Dynasties

A few weeks ago I posted a comment on the trend towards new heredity dynasties being created around the world. This occurs when the 'democracy' didn't take, and is most obvious in the Muslim world, but the ex-communist countries such as North Korea have espoused this idea as well.

So imagine my amusement when the BBC ran this story this week. In it they raise the spectre of "of dynastic rule from the Red Sea to the Atlantic."

They concentrate on Muslim North Africa and mention Egypt: where Gamal Mubarak, a former investment banker is lined up for the succession. Libya: where its Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, envoy and chair of Gaddafi Foundation. In Tunisia, its Sakhr el-Materi, businessman and politician, and finally Algeria: where it's Said Bouteflika, who is currently a presidential aide.

They missed, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Syria which are all hereditary states.

Strangely that leaves only Iraq and Yemen as democratic arab states ............ makes you think eh?

Ethnic Cleansing In Vineyards

Still in South Africa, another, but little remarked upon, outbreak of ethnic cleansing happened again last week. The violence was sufficient to cause the UN to condemn the attacks against Zimbabweans seeking work in South African vineyards, which it says have driven 3,000 people from their homes.

We Are Used To Seeing Kill The Boer Slogans

Getting Ready For The World Cup

South Africa is continuing to prepare for the World Cup ..... by setting out plans for special courts to quickly deal with crime committed during the 2010 World Cup. In a belated admission of the levels of crime in SA, the ministry of justice have issued a statement that says that "The experience from previous host countries has shown the influx of foreign nationals in World Cups also potentially increases criminal activities"..... no shit sherlock!

Quite laughably, they hope that the survivors of a South African robbery will be in a condition to testify before they are air ambulanced home. I say laughably, because South African crimes are noteworthy for both their number and extreme violence. If you are left alive and undamaged after the robbery, count yourself as lucky.

The South African government hopes that this fast-track system, will enable visitors to give evidence while still in the country, and therefore act as a deterrent. In fact it may just act as a spur to leave no witnesses, have they thought of that?

Looks like the bullet proof vests may prove useful after all!

Indian Holiday Brides

Women's rights activist Daljit Kaur has claimed that "There are 15,000 to 20,000 abandoned brides in India," where its apparently common for Asian men from the UK, Canada and the US to 'marry' desperate Indian women while 'on holiday', only to then abandon them in India when they go back to the West.

Abandoned Brides A Scandal

What was a particularly sad about this story was the fact that despite being outlawed since 1961, in many cases a dowry had been demanded by these 'Western Indians', which just adds insult to injury. Apparently a British Indian groom can command a dowry of up to £20,000 in the Punjab.

It would be nice to think that the British government would help track down and financially punish these cruel and avaricious men, but given the fact that they are not white men, it's just not PC to suggest that there is anything morally wrong in this behaviour, which can only be classed as 'cultural' and therefore beyond reproach.

In fact despite the evidence of abuse, the UK government treats the men as 'victims' with claims that the British government's 'Forced Marriages Unit' has been dealing with a rising number of forced marriage cases involving British men.

However Indian politicians such as Balwant Ramoowalia, of the Lok Bhalai party in Punjab, are not restrained by PC bullshit, and believe that both India and Britain should clamp down on this odious practice. He said: "If there is any misconduct, cheating or fraud, the husband should be sent back to India. There should be a provision that maintenance should be given to the girl till the case is final."

The World From AyeRan (Pronounced 'I Ran')

Any regime that believes in the supernatural for guidance eventually goes mad ........... the Mullahs of Iran are nothing if not brutal, so why is anyone surprised when claims are made that they have stolen the Nobel Peace Prize medal of Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi.

Shirin Ebadi Nobel Prize 2003 - Stolen By Mullahs

Ms Ebadi also told the Associated Press that her French Legion d'Honneur award, and a ring given by the German association of journalists were also taken. Mrs Ebadi is very wisely out of the country at the moment, or it may not have been just her money and medal that were stolen ....... reports suggest that her husband has been given a state sanctioned beating in lieu of his wife getting tortured to death.

Talking of Iranians fleeing persecution, brings me to this story about a Non-Muslim Iranian pleading for asylum in "European" Turkey ...... where it turns out that in another example of "European Norms", the Turks regularly refuse asylum to Iranians, often forcing them back over the border to almost certain arrest, torture and possible death.

This time it was Negar Azizmoradi, who is the leader of the Raelian movement in Iran, and who by chance was able to get enough publicity, that she couldn't just be quietly shipped back to a death camp in Iran. There is no denying that the Raelians are as nutty as they come, but are non violent and essentially harmless, however with their libertarian attitude to sex, and their belief that humans were created by extra-terrestrials (see scientologists with their belief in thetans, and Xenu), Raelians are inevitably risking harsh treatment by the Mullahs.

The crime of apostasy - rejecting religious faith i.e. essentially not being a Muslim - carries the death penalty there, and supporters of Negar Azizmoradi say that is what will happen to her if the Turkish government sends her back to Iran.

The fact that this is an 'issue' to the Turks proves once again that Islamic Turkey is not naturally "European" by temperament or inclination, and in fact has more in common with Iran than Sweden.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Has The Gadfather Got Religion?

This blogs favourite life time dictator and African "Big Man", Col Muammar Gaddafi aka "The Gadfather" was in Rome (again) with his female body guards for a UN food conference. He then asked for 500 'beautiful Italian girls' to be supplied for a gala evening. He also requested that they 'were aged between 18 and 35 years old, did not wear mini skirts or plunging necklines' - but high heels 'were OK'

The girls, a mixture of 'blondes, brunettes and black-haired beauties', were dressed in heels and three-quarter length coats in the Roman winter (like a British summer, but warmer) were taken to the Libyan Ambassador's residence in the city. Some were turned away after being told they were inappropriately dressed ... or they were too short.

Disgruntled Roman Party Girls Leaving The Party

So far the story is typical Gadaffi but, and I can hardly credit this bit, he then proceeded to try to convert them to Islam! Yes, according to many reports (so I have to believe it), he lectured the girls on the superiority of Islam and said they should all convert.

He also gave a talk on the Koran and gave all the girls a copy as a gift, as well as a signed version of his 1975 (when he wasn't so 'Islamic') Green Book on democracy and political philosophy.

Actually, now I think on it, this is typical "Gadfather" ....... keep on truckin Muammar

African Big Man Architecture

Remember the copy of the St Peters Basilica that African President (aka Life Dictator) Felix Houphouet-Boigny had built (at a cost of $300m) in the Ivory Coast capital of Yamousoukro?

(Actually the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace Church isn't a 'copy' of the St Peters, but is very similar and actually the worlds biggest Church)

Here's the real one

Well not to be out done in the self aggrandisement stakes, Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade has started a gigantic, multi-million dollar bronze statue named "African Renaissance".

When it is finished, the statue will be taller than New York's Statue of Liberty (or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, depending upon the version of the story).

However, what makes this just a little bit more than just another bad governance African 'big man' story are the sub plots ......

Firstly, this statue is meant to represent African 'self reliance' but at a price of $27m (£17m) it is being made by North Koreans.

Secondly, the financial demands of the president are that "The land is state property and the fees to build the statue have been paid by the state... but I am the designer, the one who conceived it," said President Wade. "So we should see how we share the benefits. The state will go with 65% and l shall take 35% for myself."

Whoever said Africa was governable?

UN Irony? Egyptian Infamy

Proving once again that Muslims and the UN don't do irony, Egypt, the land of the imprisoned blogger and non bastion of free speech has got its own Internet domain name, which was announced at a UN sponsored the OpenNet Initiative (ONI) during a session at the Internet Governance Forum held in Egypt.

Tarek Kamel said the new domain name would be ".masr" written in the Arabic alphabet. It translates as ".Egypt". "It is a great moment for us... The Internet now speaks Arabic," Mr Kamel said.

Just so long as they don't criticise a mullah or the President, or well anyone in power, like Abdel Kareem Soliman the Egyptian blogger who languishes in jail.

At the forum, the UN Security teams demanded that a free speech poster be torn down (as I said, they don't do irony) ....
because the Chinese objected too it mentioning the "Great Firewall Of China"

"If we are not allowed to discuss topics such as Internet censorship, surveillance and privacy at a forum on Internet governance, then what is the point of the IGF?" Ron Deibert, co-founder of the OpenNet Initiative told reporters.

The freedoms of the net are not entrenched in most of the world.

Free Kareem! Free the Web

Another Day, Another Stoning

Once again the Mullahs have shown the world what "Sharia" really means, with reports that a 20-year-old woman divorcee who was convicted of committing adultery in Somalia, has been stoned to death by Islamists in front of a crowd of about 200 people. We have to assume that the Koranic required 'four witnesses' were found (or is that only when a woman's raped?).

It is totally beyond me how any rational people can continue to defend this 'religion' ...... its backward looking and beyond the norms of the civilised world. Oh, the 'boyfriend'? He was given a public flogging, but wasn't killed. This is the fourth reported stoning in Somalia this year (and to be fair it has included a man, and the pregnant woman has been spared the stoning until after she gives birth).

We move ever closer to this being accepted as of equal cultural value to western liberal values.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Arabs Yearn To Get To West

On this blog we have discussed before the hypocrisy of Arabs chanting for the deaths of Americans and Britons, while at the same time queuing for visa's to get into Europe or America. They see no irony in claiming that Islam is perfect while trying to move to "Crusader lands" because there's more freedom, opportunity etc etc

Of course all might not have been too bad if they actually appreciated the freedoms, opportunities etc etc, and supported the pluralistic, tolerant democracies that granted them this chance to escape the Islamic world, but no, as soon as they get here and find that they actually have to start at the bottom and work, they start marching on the streets and chanting "Death to America, and Death to Britain" again.

Given long enough, they could easily turn Europe into the same state as the Islamic world, where people yearn for freedom and opportunity, but there will be nowhere free left.

In this video from Fort Lauderdale in the US, an 'american' Arab Girl shouts out "You need a Big Oven!" to a Jewish group ..... is this what we want for our streets?

Africans Demand Slavery Apology From Africans

Yes, for the first time since the first begging bowl was shook in western faces fifty years ago, the Africans are finally looking at each other and asking the question "What was your great grand daddy's role in slavery?"

African Muslims And Arabs And Were The Main Slavers ...

The answer is of course very uncomfortable for those tribes where they were the slavers, or those where their own rulers sold them into slavery. It's one of those black myths, that it was only the whites who were the slavers, and that slavery was only carried out on blacks by non-blacks, or even that it never happened before it happened to them.

I have posted before on the fallacy of these beliefs, and the role that PC idiots have in propagating them. So its good to finally see Africans facing up to the reality of what really went on.

I will take this chance to point out again that "Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black was brought to the Western hemisphere. Asians enslaved Europeans. Asians enslaved other Asians. Africans enslaved other Africans, and indeed even today in North Africa, blacks continue to enslave blacks".- Thomas Sowell, a black sociologist, author and columnist

Spider Man Arrested (Daily Bugle)

"Yesterday, the so called 'webbed wonder' (although we prefer masked menace ..... have you seen the damage his fights cause to our fine city?) was finally brought to justice this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He was apparently stocking up on spider venom when he was caught with at least 1,000 live spiders in his luggage, and faces up to a year in prison and a maximum fine of £1.4m ($2.3m). We trust that this will finally bring an end to his reign of mayhem in New York city. Byline: Jonah Jameson Daily Bugle New York"

Or so the story should have read in a more marvelous world.

For the real more mundane story, go here.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Turkeys Little Tricks

Turkey has long claimed to be "European" and that its demands to be admitted into the European Union would not be a risk to the values it represents.

However as this blog has often noted, the Turks rarely if ever meet the European norms in many areas, from freedom of conscience, speech or religion, to law and order. Today came the news that Omar al-Bashir the President of Sudan and a man who has been indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC), is to visit Turkey, with no risk of arrest.

As discussed on an earlier post, many in "The Arab League" (yes them again) , are signatories to the ICC rules (but ignore it in all respects), and so are all the members of the EU, but oddly for a country that claims to be "European", Turkey isn't.

Just another little item on the growing list of Turkeys failure to get ready for "European Union" membership.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Care Bears Kashmiri Style

Good News story about animal numbers recovery in Kashmir.

Police in Indian administered Kashmir have reported that two Islamic militants were killed by a Black bear in a cave that they had chosen as a base to launch an attack from. Two other militants are believed to have escaped, but one of them is believed to be badly wounded, after the attack in Kulgam district, south of Srinagar.

Although they were armed to the teeth, the bear apparently got the jump on the terrorists and won ..... way to go bear!

Army Rapist Of Guinea

This report on the government sanctioned raping in the street of women pro-democracy protesters in Guinea, is possibly the most disturbing account of how close most African societies are to tribal barbarism. This despite a veneer of 50 yrs of 'independence' and self rule.

I won't attempt to paraphrase the women's accounts of the attacks, which are harrowing in the extreme, but sadly these sorts of event occur with depressing regularity in Sub Saharan Africa.

Western politicians barely remark on it.

Whats the Link?

Sad news from the US and Afghanistan this week where unarmed British and American soldiers were attacked by gunmen and large numbers were killed.

In the US an Army Major has opened fire on fellow soldiers at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, killing at least 13 people and injuring up to 30. The US major, Nidal Malik Hasan is US born and he was described in reports as a devout Muslim who attended prayers regularly.

In Afghanistan, five unarmed British soldiers who were training Afghan police were killed when one of policemen named as 'Gulbuddin' turned his guns on them, and then escaped. He is said by tribal sources to have links with the Taliban. He is believed to have escaped to them, where he has allegedly been welcomed.

If a religion says that you can get to paradise by killing non believers, even if they are unarmed, then these sorts of murders can happen anytime, and anywhere, whenever a follower of that religion feels like it and has opportunity ........

Imagine The Fuss If .....

A play in which Jesus is portrayed as a Transsexual women has caused a small group of Christians to stand outside and picket the Tron theatre in Glasgow. The play, which is part of the Glasgay! arts festival, a celebration of Scotland's gay, bi-sexual and transsexual culture (err, sounds great?).

It almost certainly would have passed by unnoticed by anyone (and very possibly with an audience of less than a couple of dozen), but no doubt the publicity will swell the attention it receives.

Somewhat disengenuously the Glasgay! producer Steven Thomson said that "This work is not intended to incite or offend anyone of any belief system. However, we respect your right to disagree with that opinion." and festival organisers described the protester placards as possibly inciting homophobia.

Somewhat more interestingly Pastor Jack Bell, of the Zion Baptist Church in Glasgow, who took part in the protest, said: "If this play had treated the prophet Mohammed in the same way there would have been a strong reaction from the Islamic community, but that just wouldn't happen."

As that very thought must have occurred to many of us, I got to wondering why the Muslim community, who occasionally pretend that as Jesus is a prophet of their religion, then their violent protests in the name of Islam are really defending Christians as well, weren't out supporting these Christian protesters.

They weren't of course, as their religion is centred solely on Mohmmed these days.

Of course the Muslims aren't alone in using violence to suppress 'Free Speech'. The Sikhs for example used violent protest to suppress a play about sex abuse and murder in a Sikh temple. Similarly the Mohmmed cartoon row was a very violent attempt to stop Western Freedom of Speech.

As Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris, an honorary member of the National Secular Society said at the time of the Sikh protests "We shouldn't allow self-appointed religious representatives to restrict the freedom of speech."

Oddly, a play about Muslim girls being forced in to prostitution to serve in Mujra (courtesan) clubs, was held in the same theatre as the Sikh play was stopped in, with no Muslim protests ..... as our American friends like to say "Go figure".

Monday, 2 November 2009

One Rule For Us, One For The Others

This man is Amr Mussa (Moussa) the Secretary of the Arab League, who was giving a press conference in London after parliamentarians (presumably the Labour Ministers who set a policy of mass immigration as well as the smoking ban?) met with Arab Businessmen (aka heredity Arab Princes, spending the money they take from selling their countries oil), in order to beg for funds to prop up the UK.

But that's another story ...... my interest is that we have a smoking ban in public places, but it appears that only applies to me or you. Arab "Businessmen" are apparently allowed to just light and smoke without a Parliamentarian comment.

What a bunch of hypocrites our Members of Parliament are .....

UK Terrorism Fuelled By Mass Immigration

As if we aren't all too aware of this fact (although the PC brigade find it an inconvenient truth) there are huge links between the Pakistanis in Britain, and those in living in Pakistan and Afghanistan who are attacking British soldiers, as well as bombing Pakistan itself.

I have little sympathy for Pakistan who nurtured these barbarians to attack Hindu's, Infidels and 'Non Believers', and now found that they themselves are now the victims. But for the rest of their victims I am sorry, and a new US report has highlighted what a lifeline our welfare system offers Pakistan's Taliban (money, intelligence, recruits and R&R) by confirming once again that "a physical and ideological terrorism pipeline" exists between the two countries.

Not exactly a new conclusion as even Gordon "blinkers" Brown agreed with the idea last year.

The centre-right think tank The Heritage Foundation, argues that "Pakistan is central" to terrorist plots in Britain, and that more than a quarter of those convicted of terrorism in the UK trained or tried to train in Pakistan or Afghanistan. The data, the authors stated, shows that out of the 87 individuals convicted of terrorism in Britain, 21 had entered Britain illegally or under false pretences.

Our borders remain as open as ever and this is because a deliberate policy of forced 'multiculturalism' was practiced by the Labour Government, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration", but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote"...... a bit late for that, as they are increasingly voting BNP now. What future social damage this will result in, no one knows, but its likely to involve violence at some stage.

Soft Sentences Deter No One

Neil Strachan, attempted to rape an 18-month-old boy, while 38-year-old James Rennie sexually assaulted a three-month-old..... they were both caught, tried, found guilty, and have been given what passes for a 'life' sentence in this PC ridden land.

By that I mean that these 'life' sentences, only equate to Strachan getting a minimum of 16 years in prison, while Rennie was ordered to serve at least 13 years. What is the point of that and why can't they be given a whole of life sentence? After all we gave up hanging in favour of whole life sentences ... or that's what we thought.

The poisoner Frederick Seddon being sentenced to death in 1912 ... only known UK death sentencing photo.

We have gone stark staring raving mad. These men are the scum of the scum, the lowest of the low, and any society would not worry about hanging them, but if not that, then certainly we should prevent them ever walking the streets again. Instead there is the possibility that, after some arsewipe of a psychiatrist has pronounced them 'cured', they will probably both be out again in less than 15 years.

In case you may be thinking that "everyone should be given a chance to change" ....well HIV positive Strachan, has already served a three-year prison sentence in 1997 for abusing a boy. While Rennie was the chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, an organisation which offers advice to young gay and lesbian people......

They both had their chances long ago.


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