Friday, 29 June 2012

Ashamed Of British Justice

We are quite insane in the UK, that's the only conclusion anyone can draw from the fact that someone already deported from the UK, can turn up in the UK again to claim asylum because he was a supporter of the old Gaddafi regime .....Yes Dr Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk, who was deported for his connection to the killing of a British policewoman PC Yvonne Fletcher in 1984, has managed to enter the country and claim asylum for fraud charges in Libya. The new regime believe that Dr Ibrahim left Libya a few days before the fall of Tripoli, carrying around $200m (£130m) with him.

Dr Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk - Wanted For Fraud

What other country is so unable to close its borders? What other country has such legal loop holes based upon human rights laws, that they are forced to accept the worst from around the world, and then spend millions on housing them, giving them welfare benefits, and providing them defence lawyers to contest against our own laws?

We have still have Julian Assange ducking and diving in an attempt to avoid rape charges in Sweden, by claiming he faces persecution either there, or because they would then ignore his human rights, and deport him to the tyranny of the United Sates of America .... he has since done a runner and tried to claim asylum from that leader of democracy and human rights, Ecuador. I hope his backers lose their bail money, we certainly have lost millions trying to get him out of the UK.

Julian Assange - Democrat or sex offender

And to cap another great day in this human rights paradise, an American/Irish citizen who is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and sexually molesting two 11-year-olds in Minnesota between 1993 and 1994, Shawn Sullivan, who the US wanted back to face court and treatment for his paedophilia, has been freed by UK judges.

Shawn Sullivan - wanted for Child Sex Offences
Sullivan, who has a conviction for sexually assaulting two 12-year-old girls in Ireland, claimed that the paedophile treatment programme he faced in Minnesota, would breach his human rights. The judges agreed, and he is now free to wander the UK. I expect that if he rapes any children again, they will be free to sue the government (but not the judges), for their human rights being breached, so that's OK then.

Oh and the reason he can stay here? .... when he was arrested, he was living with Ministry of Justice policy manager Sarah Smith, she then married him while he was in prison, thus giving him UK rights. You can hardly credit it can you .....

All these episodes are reasons to be ashamed of our justice system, and not a matter of national pride as some politicians would have us believe.

Cold War Thinking

Its one of the more perplexing questions of the current strife in Syria that Russia continues to back the Assad regime against all comers .... there is no oil (and in any case Russia is a net exporter), and its not a rich country so why the reluctance to contemplate regime change? On the face of it, their siding with the regime is only likely to lead to the next regime (if anti Assad), rejecting them completely, and thus defeat any objectives that Russia has in the area.

A couple of reasons why the support, have been defence contracts of over $1bn, and continued access to the port of Tartus (a medium size deep water Mediterranean port that can't berth an aircraft carrier) .... but neither reasons hold water. The contracts would have to be honoured by any regime, and in fact if the regime is radical and Islamist then they will want the Russian weapons even more as insurance against Israel and to stop American influence over their foreign policies.

The Port Of Tartus In Syria - Worth Supporting Pres. Assad for?

No, the answer lies in the old cold war ... Russia's current leadership is all rooted in the Soviet era (Putin was a KGB operative), and this whole policy, which is obviously going to backfire as it stands, is based upon the old Soviet idea of stopping the west having influence and denying them another port .... as I have pointed out, there current policy may actually lead to the next regime rejecting them as allies, so it makes no sense to pursue this policy except as an example of old 'Cold War' thinking.

Car for Africar

In a sign that not everything in the African world is chaos, a western worker has encouraged investment in the Mobius 2 -

Mobius 2 - Car For Africa

A rugged range rover styled car for the African masses (well middle classes) ....... a no frills car, that's adaptable to Africans, and more especially to African roads. To me it still seems pricey, but there is a burgeoning middle class built on corruption in South Africa, but on more sustainable models in many other African states, for whom $6,000 is not an insurmountable amount.

Who knows, maybe this is the start of a revolution in Africa whereby it starts making its own things .... if so, its about time.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Signs From The Gods

If you do happen to believe in auguries and don't happen to live in Saudi Arabia then the signs for the resolution of the Greek Debt crisis are not good.

Mr Samaras and Mr Rapanos - Sign From Goddess Adikia

The new Prime Minister apparently found that he couldn't see straight, and went in to hospital to have surgery on Saturday morning. The surgery was to repair a damaged retina in one of his eyes and he's expected back at work by Tuesday at the latest.

Then, if that wasn't enough, the new Finance Minister, Vassilis Rapanos was also admitted to hospital after apparently fainting on Friday, and complaining of nausea, intense abdominal pain, dizziness and weakness. He was originally due to be sworn in on Saturday, but obviously won't be until next week now as his condition is said to be "stable and improving".

So it appears that the prime minister took one look at the problems and damaged his eyes, while the finance minister, also took a look for himself and collapsed ..... all this as Greece prepares to receive a team of auditors from the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank to assess reforms.

Coincidence, or just a sign from the goddess Adikia?

Multitasking - Definitions

Womans definition: A woman performing several tasks, all at the same time, and achieving perfection in all - an ability that no man can ever master.

Multitasking - the womans view of their skills.

Male Definition: A woman performing several tasks, all at the same time, badly - an inability to manage tasks that no man would want to master. Often requires a man to go and correct all the damage done when the woman has left.

Multitasking - A mans view.

Friday, 22 June 2012

What If ... Whites Had Never Existed?

If predictions for the future of all the European stocked lands are true, then it may be that we are in the last era when they are the majority in their own countries. By the end of the current century, the eradication of the white  races may be well under way. This is not idle speculation, nor shock tactics to hold your attention but a simple interpolation taken from all the figures that show that mass immigration into traditionally white areas could see them simply disappear from history.

For example official UK figures show that more than one million school children speak English as a second language, and a record one in six pupils at primary schools and one in eight at secondary don’t speak English at home. in all, the the number of non-native speakers topped one million for the first time, rising from 957,490 last year. All because of mass immigration.

The Labour party, which deliberately opened the flood gates is now saying it was wrong to do so, but only for other European immigrants, they are not apologising for all the Africans, Asians and Arabs who poured into the country, even though its they who threaten the national identity. In any case its too late to reverse, which is what their white haters on the far left wanted. 

In the US, for the first time in three hundred years, most babies born now belong to a minority group, and there is already speculation about how a brown US will look in the future. So it appears that through their own careless liberalism on immigration the white races will simply be absorbed into the brown and black mass of humanity that comprise the human race outside of the far asian areas of China and Japan (you can bet that they won't allow this to happen to them).  In the USA, its believed that as soon as sometime in the 2040's (and no later than the 2060's), the non-Hispanic whites i.e. whites of European stock that founded America, will be in the minority.

So we have to ask the question "Would that be good?", after all one of the more ridiculous complaints of some of the far left is that it was the whites who brought evil in to the modern world e.g. World Wars, Colonialism, Racism and Slavery to name but four.

Well I suppose if you agree with that idea, then you will apparently get your wish, because the unrestricted immigration of the last few decades is now baring fruit ..... the US and Western Europe show little sign of trying to stop this trend of self eradication (whereas India nor China for example would never let this happen).

However, when you consider that most of the current worlds big ideas in Art, Music, Social matters, Politics, and Science, have come from the white population, and then imagine what the world might look like without those ideas having ever been born, then its perhaps its not such a good thing that the white population may soon be gone.

What Did The Whites Ever Do For Us?

I cite for example the following areas where they have created the modern world:

In politics:
  • Socialism (the very creed that the W haters spring from)
  • Communism
  • Capitalism (for both good and bad),
  • Liberal Democracy
  • Pluralism
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

In social ideas:
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of sexual mores
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Liberty
  • Equality

In the Sciences:

Just about everything in the modern world:
  • Nuclear Power,
  • Electricity
  • Running Water
  • TV
  • Aeroplanes
  • Telephones
  • Computers
  • Radio
  • Cinema
  • Printing
  • Glass
  • Motor Vehicles
  • All modern medicines and drugs
  • Modern Agriculture

The lists just goes on and on and on ....... movies, literature, art, theatre, sculpture.

Now try and imagine a world without most, if not all of these things that emanated from the white western world ..... pretty bad eh?

Then try to imagine that same world, devoid of all western inventions, but where also women have no rights worth anything, and need a male to decide everything. Try to imagine this same world, in which to be openly homosexual is to invite death, where there is no free speech, no pluralism, no democracy, little music, limited art and a feudal justice system and government .... in fact imagine a world that is like Saudi Arabia, but also without phones, electricity, running water, TV, medicines, computers etc etc

Not just bad, but a hellish world for most people .... Welcome back to the medieval world.

Now, I ask again, will it be good for the world when the whites disappear?

That Old Black Magic ... is alive and well.

What a country, what a religion, and what a society .... that's all you can say after the news came out that a Saudi man has been beheaded on charges of sorcery and witchcraft.

Saudi Torturers Behead An Indonesian Maid.

Yes the land of Islamic intelligence, social forwardness, warmth and tolerance, has once again in the 21st century, killed a human being in a public place, to support and defend the religion of peace and love. The poor bastard who was the victim this time was one Muree bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri, who was found in possession of books and talismans, and had also admitted adultery with two, not one, yes two women (presumably after the torturers had been at him for a while).

Of course this a fairly common occurrence in the land of Sharia laws, with reports that last year, at least two other people were executed for sorcery (a Saudi woman, executed for committing sorcery and witchcraft in December, and a Sudanese man executed in September). The Lebanese television presenter of a popular fortune-telling programme who was arrested while on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, and then sentenced to death, was released after pressure from his government and human rights groups, he was freed by the Saudi Supreme Court, which found that he had not harmed anyone.

No one who supports the idea of Sharia laws in the West, can pretend that they don't know what sort of backwardness and terror that they will be ushering in to our midst.

From Humans To Hobbits

More evidence that Blobbiness really does matter. Apart from the obvious health and well-being factors, the consumption of the world resources by large people (Bigger clothes, more food, more space - larger chair room on air planes for example ... the list goes on when you think about it), is a major additional drain on the worlds resources. Recent estimates suggest that currently its equal to at least 1 billion additional people on the planet .... in other words another 17% added to of the population.

And here's a fact that might shake a few people - the USA represents just 6% of the worlds population, but accounts for over 30% of its obesity .... think on that, over 30% of the worlds fatties live in the USA, while Asia accounts for 61% of the global population, but it only accounts for 13% of the weight of the world due to obesity. In fact based upon World Health Organization data from 2005, its been calculated that the average global body weight was 137lb (62kg). But there were huge regional differences. In North America, the average was 178lb (80.7kg), while in Asia it was 127lb (57.7kg) ....

So what happens when the resources available no longer meet a societies needs?

Well obviously, initially scarcity and hoarding push up the prices, creating vast wealth for those who control and have the resources, while great suffering for those who don't, or who can't afford to get them .... then, if the supply issue isn't resolved quickly, and its food, petrol or drinking water that's in shortage, comes the fighting, as first nations, then individuals try to get enough of the resource to meet their actual or perceived needs. Famines, and societal collapses, would appear around the globe once the fighting broke into inter-communal, and individual family levels.

The Future, From Humans to Hobbit?

Then in the much longer term, a smaller race may emerge, with growth restricted by diets (rather than birth control, which humans rarely practise), with less protein and calories available .... there is evidence for this dwarfism happening to different mammal groups who experienced restricted protein for any length of time, with both the hobbit people of Indonesia, and the mini mammoths of the Cretan islands, where in both cases, restricted food supplies led to smaller and smaller individuals to keep the population numbers in tune with the resources available. If we carry on consuming the equivalent of 1.5 of the Earth's resources, resource famine for both humans and other creatues inhabiting this planet will be inevitable.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Mexican Wave

Most of us are now aware that Mexico is in the middle of a major war with the drug cartels, and indeed another journalist, Victor Baez was found murdered yesterday. This is just another sad statistic amongst the murder rate of 16,700 last year.

But what many don't realise in all this reported carnage, is that Mexico is doing OK in South American terms. No really, all the figures show that despite all the problems:

  • The murder rate is nearly 20 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, but this is significantly lower than in Brazil, Colombia, and Puerto Rico.
  • The Central American nations of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras have murder rates nearly twice that of Mexico.
  • It is still the number one destination for US citizens travelling abroad with more than 20 million visits by Americans last year, with an estimated one million US citizens residing permanently in Mexico. 

US Holiday Makers - Mexico Bound

  • It is the seventh largest oil producer and the third biggest oil supplier to the US market.
  • More US export-based jobs depend on Mexico than on any other country except Canada.
  • Mexico has seen an expansion of its middle class with income levels, currently around $13,000 (£8,350) per capita,
  • Mexican investors now own major US brands.
  • Spanish is on course to be the most spoken language in the USA

and of course they hold Zombie Walks. So things can't be so bad ..... I just thought I would document the other side of the story. Maybe Mexicans can wave goodbye to the constant bad news stories.

Google Bomb An English Person

As someone once said, if you don't want to hear bad about yourself, don't eavesdrop.

The modern equivalent of this has to be googling yourself. Personally I don't even have a linkedin account, let alone facebook or twitter, therefore I can't get the vicarious thrill of seeing my name lit up in a small part of the www firmament, that will be forever me.

However, someone sent me a game, in which what the rest of the world think of your nation can be uncovered e.g

  • French Person - top result 'French People' - wikipedia, followed by images for French people.
  • German person - top result 'Translation of person in German, followed by Images for German person.

Now try the same for 'English person' ...... top result ....... Eeek! I have saved it because Google will no doubt act and remove this result, but its already been picked up by the media.

Caution - rude word

Personally, I think it makes one proud to be English.

But sadly its not actually a true reflection of what people think of us (outside of France and Argentina that is), but is in fact what's known as a "Google Bomb". These are created by many users back linking to the search result to give it a high ranking. So although this is a genuine result, it would have been maybe page 25 of the results, until it was manipulated by a campaign to force it to become the top result for the term 'English person'.

Actually, why are these perfectly clean 'Anglo-Saxon' words for female body parts 'swearing', while the Latin words e.g. Vagina, acceptable? Answer, because we were beaten by the norsemen aka 'Normans' in 1066, who brought us the Latin French of the lands they had conquered in France a couple of generations earlier. So the language of the conquerer became the accepted 'clean' medical versions, and the oppressed 'English' words were the vulgar dirty words. That's how history works, to the victor the spoils .... literally.   

Anyway, this 'Google bomb' got a laugh in our office today, which shows that unlike most nations, who react like crazy to any slight to their pride e.g. Argentina, we just laughed and shrugged .... now that makes one proud to be English.

Health And Safety Rules .... OK?

Health and safety rules used to be restricted to major engineering sites, car plants, steel mills and the like, but as the UK's industrial base collapsed in the 1980's, the jobsworths of the Health and Safety executive cast about for new worlds to conquer. Finally, with the aid of their allies in the human resources departments in every town hall in the land, they conquered first the office,s and then in the ultimate in absurdity the police, firemen and finally the armed forces.

Now we regularly get stories like the one about post office workers being told to suspend postal deliveries because the roads are wet ..... The decision was apparently taken after a postal worker slipped on a wet pavement. A letter to businesses in South Parade, Doncaster, stated: "Under the circumstances, mail deliveries to your address will be suspended in wet weather conditions such as persistent rain, snow or ice, for health and safety reasons."

A similar event was reported when a member of the public waded into a pond rescue a seagull after police and fireman refused to do anything on health and safety grounds ...... it was knee deep water only.

Or even more seriously and man was drowning (or was drowned - versions differ depending on who was retelling events), and again the firemen refused to wade out to help or collect the body because they had only been on the level 1 water wading course (ankle deep only), and the police constable and the ambulance worker who had done level two (waist to chest deep) and wanted to go in, didn't have the breathing mask that was required for that advanced skill. The water was just 3ft deep (1 meter).

Two brave firemen wade into waist deep water level 2 certificates in hand.

Mr Nicholls, the fire officer who stopped all help being given to the man, told the inquest that he understood the body had been in the water for approximately five to ten minutes by the time he arrived. ‘There were no obvious signs of life so from that I made an assessment it was a body retrieval and not a rescue. The officers were trained to go into ankle deep water, which is level one, so we waited for level two officers, who can go into chest high. One of the police officers told me he would like to go in the water and I advised him in the strongest terms not to. A paramedic told me he was level two water trained, but when I asked him if he had protective equipment he said “No”, so that was the end of that'

Can you believe that there are actually two or three levels of water wading skills required by the police and fire services in the UK .... how much per course wasted on this and which idiot on the councils decided that this was necessary?

There are many more of these stories reported these days, the absurdity of which, never seems to result in anyone getting sacked for bringing these stupid rules into the workplace.  So you have to wonder how long before the firemen refuse to enter buildings to rescue people because of Health and Safety concerns, or police let criminals escape because riding a motor bike was too dangerous?

When Health and Safety concerns actually endanger lives ............  then the world really has gone PC mad. .....

Creationist In White House

How long have we been on the earth?

Well  the Christian scholars in bible studies (Bishop Usher et al).....have always said about 6,000 years old (as do many 'intelligent design' proponents as they are largely one and the same groups) ... Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC to be precise (although other Bible  scholars have come up with date ranges of 3761 BC (Jose ben Halafta), 3952 BC (the venerable Bede), and 3949 BC (Usher's near-contemporary Scaliger), even scientists such as Johannes Kepler or Sir Isaac Newton  had a go (c 3992 BC and c. 4000 BC respectively).

Modern science on the other hand, puts the age of the Earth as billions of years, and modern humanity alone in the hundreds of thousands of years (that's ignoring the Neanderthals and earlier direct lineage human species). The latest reports on rock art in Spain and Portugal dates some of it at about 40,000 years ago.

40,000 yr Old Hand Rock Art - Spain

Now either the science is just completely and utterly wrong, and the world was created around 6,000 years ago, or the creationists are complete nut cases (I know what I think). What makes this interesting is that all US Presidents have to profess a belief in a God (usually Christian .... although many still believe that Obama is a secret Muslim), but can't actually say out loud whether they believe the Bible is right or wrong on the matter.

Creationist Noah and His Ark Full Of Dinosaurs

This belief in the creationist theory rises significantly the more Protestant the Christians get. So for example in the US only 8% of Jehovahs Witnesses believe in the theory of Evolution, and only 22% of Mormons .....  which means that about 20% of Americans claim that the Bible is the only correct explanation for the origin of the Earth and humans. ... we have plenty of these creationists here in the UK, but they only ever turn up on blogs and discussion websites.

But what makes this really interesting is that Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential nominee, is from a very high profile and important Mormon family (his great, great grandfather Miles was one of the earliest converts to Mormonism in England in 1837) ... maybe he will be the first to go public and declare himself a creationist?

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Prison Race

I have recently been a bit of a fan of pictures that tell more of a story than a superficial glance gives the viewer. The picture below is from the start up of prison reform program at at San Quentin prison called 'The Last Mile' programme, which aims to educate selected inmates about social media, technology and entrepreneurship ... apparently all without access to a computer.

All very laudable, and who knows it may well cut the recidivism rates of about 60% in the US prison system. As Dennis Grimes one of the prison wardens at Baton Rouge Parish prison in Louisiana remarked when asked if prisons cut crime ... "Doesn't seem like it, doesn't seem like, 'cause this thing is still rolling."

In fact, in the US even hard line conservative states such as Texas have turned away from Prison building programs, because the costs (billions in infrastructure) and an annual cost of $27,000 (£17,650) to hold one prisoner for a year, are just too great in these straightened times. But even though in some states such as Texas prisons are being closed, last year, the US states still spent $50bn on incarceration costs, and California for example spent roughly the same amounts (around $8.9 - $9.5bn) on both incarceration, and higher education costs.

But what struck me about this picture was the ethnic composition of the subjects ......

'The Last Mile' programme participants and program leaders

Without the the prison uniforms you can still spot the inmates and the program educators .... all the six criminals are Hispanic or Black (including the man on the far left, who has finished his prison spell), and the two white women and white male are the programme administrators and founders.

  • What does that tell you about the ethnic aspects of criminality and prison populations in the US? 
  • What does it tell you about the ethnic aspect of education, wealth and power in the US?  

The main racial demographic groups in the US (as of 2008), were 79.79% European American (65.60% non-Hispanic and 14.19% Hispanic), 12.84% African American, and 4.45% Asian American .... but in the 2.1 million males in prison in 2008, the prison main racial demographic groups were, 35.4 percent Black males, followed by 32.9 percent White males, 17.9 percent Hispanic males.

As I said at the top of the story, pictures often have a hidden story that it takes a moment or two to decipher ... but when you do, it's often more interesting than the original subject matter.

Love Warriors

In India, arranged marriages are the norm .... in the West we might even call them forced marriages, but in any event, the idea of a 'love match' is almost totally rejected, and its just a happy circumstance if the 'happy couple' happen to be actually in love or even friendly. Cross caste weddings are even rarer, and certainly never for love.

The list of hurdles for a half way decent middle class marriage to take place includes these sort of check list items:
  • Caste
  • Complexion / Colour
  • Horoscope
  • Height
  • Character
  • Qualifications
  • Family
  • Eating / Dietary habits
  • Wealth
  • Health
... and no doubt more. Many of these items would have you cast as a racist or class snob in the West, but which are somehow acceptable if the practitioners are non white ..... multiculturalism and PC are such a load of crap.

Anyway, back to the story, in India there are a bunch, businessmen and journalists in the main, called the 'Love Commandos', who began operating 10 years ago across many Indian cities, who are a small movement to protect lovers from harassment by both Hindu and Muslim hard-liners.

How We Might Imagine 'The Love Commandos'

Disappointingly from the image, their name conjures up, in reality they are a rather portly middle aged group of 'angels', who offer practical help to lovers who contact them, including limited temporary shelter and help with civil marriages, but they are restricted by financial concerns. Rescuing lovers is both expensive and difficult. For example operations in just one city costs up to $5,000 for the month, and operating funds are always a concern.

Some Of The Real Love Commandos

Of course, getting married is often just the start of the problems for these couples, who usually can never go back to their families or former districts for fear of extreme violence (including murder), which is the same in the both the UK and West amongst many Asian families.

In the West we often say that its 'Love makes the world go round' .... well that's not true for many parts of it, but in India at least they can say that its the 'Love Commandos' who help love make the world go round.

Rebellious Nuns

We have discussed before on this Blog the impact of feminism amongst nuns, especially those in the North American continent, on the Catholic Church and especially on the concept of 'Papal Authority'. The last time we did so the post included the famous, or is that infamous, quote from Sister Mary Mackay, who said "The culture encourages everyone to be very tolerant and open-minded," she said. "To imagine that a dictum sent by somebody we don't know, who lives very far away would take hold in this culture, to imagine that, is really a stretch." .... she was talking about the Pope!

Well, it seems that this is a subject matter that seems to have real legs, and seems destined to run and run because this last week, the Vatican was forced to rebuke a book written by a US nun and theologian on sexual ethics. Oops, we can already feel the whiff of heresy on either homosexuality or contraception coming, but this being the Catholic Church, the book 'Just Love', by Sister Margaret Farley, was actually written in 2005, and its taken seven years for the 'empire' to strike back.

Rebellious US Nuns on the war path ....

The Holy See's orthodoxy office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said this week that the book, posed "grave harm" to the faithful. As I suggested earlier, it confirmed that her ideas on masturbation, homosexual acts, homosexual unions and remarriage were in "direct contradiction" with Catholic teaching, and that it revealed a "defective understanding of the objective nature of natural moral law," and were "in direct contradiction with Catholic teaching in the field of sexual morality". Just for good measure they added that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered," and "contrary to the natural law". So that's that then, none of that Church of England hand wringing, 'Sin' is 'Sin' under the Catholic Church.

But this is 2012, and this is the rebellious 'Leadership Conference of Women Religious,' whose 1,500 members, represent some 80% of the 57,000 American nuns, so my bet is that this isn't the end of the matter, or the last time the Vatican will have to try and crack down on the Catholic ladies of North America.

Liberal Lessons From Kuwait

In Kuwait, that country that we trashed Iraq for, in order to defend it as a bastion of rationality and liberal values (well they have oil and US Pres. Bush was a friend of the ruling family) - there has been another bout of modernism. Yes they have legislated on the use of social media such as Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, Kuwait being part of the Muslim enlightenment, this legislation has a twist on it that we in less liberal countries might not have expected. So rather than some 'anti account fraud' or 'anti-trolling' laws, they decided that defending their prophet, and Sunni rulers was the priority.

Kuwaiti MPs Osama al-Shahin (L) and Shaaya al-Shaaya
arrive hand-in-hand to attend a Parliament session. Nice.

So naturally the first the rest of us hear about this move into 21st century legislation is when one Hamad al-Naqi is convicted, and then sentenced to 10 years in prison for endangering state security, by insulting the Prophet Muhammad and the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in messages on Twitter. Just to ensure that he stayed well buried in prison, he was also found guilty of 'mocking Islam', and provoking sectarian tensions. Needless to say he is a Shia muslim, and all these states are ruled by Sunni dynasties .... but that's just a coincidence, because with about a third of Kuwait's 1.1 million citizens being Shia, there can't be any discrimination, can there?

Mr al-Naqi, or rather his lawyer, is now claiming the tried and tested defence of "My account was hacked" .... which suggests that he or his lawyer is rather more I.T. savvy than the legislators, but that might count against him, as its likely that these law makers won't actually understand what this defence means.

When questioned about the severity of these sentences, the Kuwaitis pointed out that as many Sunni hard-liners had demanded the death penalty for alleged blasphemy, but he had only got 10yrs, that proved that they were being progressive and liberal in only giving him such a 'light sentence'.

In fact it later came to light that he was lucky to have been charged when he was, because they have since amended the law once again to stipulate that capital punishment applies to any Muslim who, through any form of expression, insults God, his prophets, messengers, the Prophet Muhammad's wives or the Koran, unless the defendant publicly repents. If the defendant repents, a sentence of at least five years' imprisonment will be imposed. Repeat offenders will receive the death sentence.

Aren't we glad that we started the first of a major series of wars, that have since cost untold hundreds of thousands of lives across first Kuwait and Iraq, then Afghanistan, and then Iraq again, initially just to defend the 'liberal' oil Sheiks of Kuwait.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Paraplegic Cure Hope

Maybe those rather snide jokes made about Christopher Reeve trying to convince himself that he could regain his ability to walk, with little actual results, were in fact misplaced. A recent study in Switzerland by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has discovered that rats, with completely severed, but otherwise still whole spines, could, with a mixture of drugs, electrical current and mental stimulus,  completely regain the use of their motor functions below the spinal breakages.

Walking Rat - Hope For Millions

So complete was the recovery, that there must be renewed hope for millions of people around the world who have spinal injuries. One leading specialist has been quoted as saying that "We are on the edge of a truly profound advance in modern medicine: the prospect of repairing the spinal cord after injury" .... although another urged caution, and warned that in the "real world", the injuries might be "more complicated, with less tissue for new nerves to grow through" ... but even so, its a nice righteous story to end (or start) the week on.

Hungry Hungry Homer

Homers odyssey for a double gulp cola, just became a bit further than before  ...... well if he lived not in Springfield, but in New York, where there are proposals by the mayor to ban them on health grounds.

The Sugar Content Of US Drink Sizes

When you consider the sugar/calorie content of these US mega drinks - A 64-ounce (1.9-litre) Coke has 765 calories.

So does:
  • 3.8 pints of Guinness.
  • 10 hard-boiled eggs.
  • 47 teaspoons of sugar.
  • A 14-ounce sirloin steak.
  • 24.5 cups of air-popped popcorn.

You can see why they might be classed as a serious health risk  - originally intended for construction workers to take on to building sites and last all day (where they also burnt off the calories), then you can see where those extra few pounds that many Americans carry come from.

Those Big Gulps Soon Pile On The Pounds.

Somali Pirates In Suits

Shock, horror - $130m (£85m) of aid to the interim Somali government has gone 'walkies' i.e. missing, aka 'stolen'- taken by 'pirates in suits'.
  • This is Africa, these are amongst the most corrupt of all the peoples in Africa and yet people are surprised. 
  • This is after all the land where piracy has become a scourge and yet people are surprised. 
  • This is the country where kidnap and extortion are a way of life, and yet people are surprised. 

Would you give your taxes to these men? Our politicians do.

Personally I would have been shocked if the money hadn't been stolen by the officials. But then I live in the real world and not the PC La La land that most Western politicians apparently inhabit ... especially when they are handing out our taxpayers money.

French London

The French generally look down their Gallic noses at the 'Anglos' or 'les rosbifs' as they sometimes call us. However the last few years have seen wave after wave of French economic colonists arrive in the UK, to take advantage of the fact that the UK economy has generally been more dynamic than the French at creating jobs.

It seems that the French state socialism model gives perks to the few, but little to the young educated elites leaving the higher education system. In the streets around the French embassy you will find French bookshops, patisseries and pavement cafes, all patronised by parents dropping off their children at the Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle in South Kensington. But the newcomers are not these diplomats and industrialists, but rather those who have fled France to get freedom from French bureaucracy.

Many of these economic migrants say that London's employers are more willing to give young professionals a chance ..... "If you want security and nice holidays you stay in France. If you crave adventure and want to get new skills, you come here", says the editor of

The thing that highlighted this point was the news that London is officially France's sixth biggest city by population ..... yes a greater population of French than Bordeaux, Nantes or Strasbourg. The French consulate estimates that anywhere between 300,000 and 400,000 French citizens now live in London. The last such influx of French into London was the arrival of around 50,000 Huguenots fleeing religious persecution in the 1680's. Now it appears to be economic persecution that they are fleeing in even greater numbers.

French economic migrant Huguenots arrived on beaches in the 1690's

It would be nice if the French politicians who preach about the superiority of the French system over that of the Anglo-Saxon one, would occasionally consider that 'La Gloire' might shine just a little bit more brightly in the world, if the brightest and the best of the French world were not all flocking to Londres to make their mark in the world.


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