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Supper Heroes

As anyone who visits here often enough will find .... we at PC Towers are very fond of the real superhero stories ... in fact as you can see from the previous post, we normally devout entire posts to these little gems, which go from the sublime to the ridiculous in about equal measure ... the last one being in the ridiculous range.

The advent of the real superheroes combined with the recent rise of the Superhero movies in the Marvel and the DC Universes, has meant that these stories are not as rare as they once were. So in order to capture the sheer range of their activities, I am foregoing the one post per tale approach and giving you the rest in condensed versions .... of course as is usual for these tales, they range from 'the good', 'the bad', to 'the ugly'.  

However both those who enact their superhero daydreams, and those who just dress like them for parties and fund raising, have one thing in common, and that is that they are invariably just costumed heroes in the evenings only, after their suppers ....

So with superheroes now becoming more common, it hasn't taken long for an enterprising citizen to create a Superhero store in New York (aka Gotham) ~ of course 'Tasers' are not allowed, but whereas in the UK they would be lucky to get rubber truncheons to play with, in the US, you’ll find galactic blasters for sale (whatever they are). The shop is the inspiration behind the new musical “Brooklynite”.

Superhero Supply Store ... Brooklyn New York

Although having performed this round-up, whether the Tasers wouldn't be better to defend against each other, rather than any super villains, is rather a moot point.

The first is the laudable, if slightly strange efforts of the Sikh 'Captain America' .... basically a very geeky (and not to say skinny), American Sikh, who dresses as a rather baggy leggings super hero, to try and overcome US stereotypes about wearing a turban

Captain Sikh America ~ Fighting Prejudice

In the US, Turban on head = Towel Head = Muslim = Terrorist .... the concept of Sikhism (which is very much a non Muslim religion - formed from Hinduism), has avoided US public consciousness, so whenever there is a bout of anti Muslim sentiment, the Sikh's get caught up in it as well. How far one weird crusader will get overcoming this, remains to be seen.

Then there are 'yer actual hero' type superhero costumed characters .... these two chaps are Glasgow's very own 'Scottish Superhero's'. They bravely raced into a burning house, and saved the residents while dressed in costume, and woke the residents up, and then led them out of the smoke-filled close in George Street, Paisley, after spotting the blaze on their way back from a 30th Birthday party early on a Sunday morning in Paisley near Glasgow. 

Robin And The Joker ~ Or Maybe Not (This Is Glasgow After all)

They even set up the 'Superhero Fire Fund' to help the burnt out residents and raised over £800 ~ although in a bit of a costume faux pas, it meant that one was actually dressed as villain 'The Joker' ..... which is oddly unsatisfactorily costumed for a hero. However it doesn't always go to plan ..... Kick-Ass was after all only a (very good) film.

This strange Batman seems to have only learnt one part of the repertoire .... hanging by his ankles. Just another few years training, and the other stuff may be possible. He was spotted frequently over the last few months in Nottingham city centre in 2014.

Nottingham Batman ~ Just Hanging Around.

Another real superhero rather let the side of 'Team Super Cozzie' down, when he was mugged .... charity running across the Canadian Prairies, well the transcontinental highway, he was robbed of his his so-called 'man bag' (aka utility belt), containing a computer hard drive, a camera and a wallet .... oh the ignominy.

Super Fund Raiser Mugged In Canada

Drunken men who think are 'Supermen' are always a menace on weekends in the UK, even if they not actually the man of steel .... this one was a fighting Superman, who found that a British 'bobby' can still arrest your arse if you are a drunken fighter. He ended up in the dock at Peterlee Magistrates Court in Durham, after punching a special inspector in Durham City in the early hours of 21st December 2014, while dressed as Superman .... original reports said he was accompanied by a man dressed as Bananaman. He was fined £590 for the assault.

Whereas this next one was just a sorry assed son of a gun ('super' of course) ....  When he was stopped by the police while dropping his girlfriend off at a club, dressed only in a Batman dressing gown, and a pair of slippers.  He was caught up in part of a crackdown on the increasing number of foreign registered cars that are driving on our roads, untaxed, uninsured and untraceable .... apparently any car on the UK roads for more than 6 months must re-register with the DVLA. So when the driver chanced his arm and was stopped by the police in West Bromwich in the Midlands, the game was up, and they seized the 'Batmobile', which must surely mean a ticking off from Alfred when he got home to the bat cave.

Sometimes you can't do good for trying ..... this Batman wannabe was arrested in 2012, for trying to help people to do their shopping .... he had turned up at a New Jersey Home Depot dressed in a Batman-like costume of  tactical trousers, elbow and arm pads, complete with mask and bullet proof vest. However despite his professed best of intentions, all he managed to do was ‘scare the heck’ out of people, when he paraded around the store’s parking lot. It probably didn't help as this happened right after the tragedy in Colorado where suspected a gunman, who was also dressed in a mask and body armour, killed 12 people watching the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' .... a bad batman. Shoppers, fearing a 'copy cat' attack called the police and thus ended the brief career of his superhero alter-ego, 'Beast'.

Argintar aka 'The Beast'

So by day, an ex soldier honourably discharged from the army. But by night, he became a 'real-life superhero' The Beast .... but the beasts first daylight mission failed miserably ... I wonder why?

Some wannabe Batman's find that falling from the bat perch can be all too easy as this Bangkok do do-gooder found .... he is a Japanese former child actor who now runs a small Internet-based toy business,who visits Thailand to promote 'societal norms'. As part of this 'do gooding' he even dressed up as a superhero, and drove a decorated motorcycle through slum areas, distributing toys and snacks while teaching proper courtesies. First, due to copyright issues he had to stop wearing his superhero costume, and the he had a web rant post under the name "Koki Aki," which went viral, about Suvarnabhumi airport’s taxi service and cost the driver at the heart of his on-line rant his job working there ... an unintended outcome.

And of course finally, there are the really bad eggs or more properly 'Bad Santa's' out there (not including  the Colorado gunman who was well beyond the scope of this light post) ....those who abuse the ethos of the New Avengers or the Justice League of America, and misuse the costumes of a hero for nefarious behaviour .... The Jackson Police Department in Mississippi made arrests in two Tuesday morning robberies in November 2014, in which one of the two suspects was dressed as Spider-Man (later described by an officer as "a onesie or something"), and wearing a Spider-Man mask. A lucky break led to their capture .... the females arrested with them in a hotel room, are not considered suspects in the robberies ... ahem ... spidey sperm may be involved.

..... in any case when super hero outfits are abused like this for evil intent ..... then Commissioner Gordon of Gotham City should really throw the book at  them.

Double-Barrelled Superhero

A man with the real  name of  'Batman bin Suparman' has been jailed for 33 months by a court in Singapore, on theft and drugs charges after stealing money from a shop, as well as using his brother's cash card to withdraw money.

Batman bin Suparman

This kind of beats the all the other naughty superheroes we have followed on this thread.

His double-barrelled superhero name had given him something of cult following on social media, from as long ago as May 2008, when his a Singaporean ID card began being widely shared on social media with more 15,000 tweets and 11,000 followers on facebook.

Its still an unusual juxtaposition of the native Suparman and the western derived Batman (which probably indicates a parental sense of humour ....

Batman And Superman Have Combined Before ...
But now that he's been a very naughty boy, so that's all ended but, hey ho that's social media fame for you.

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts ~ Away

Vicky Pryce is a Greek born economist, who the left leaning UK newspaper the 'Daily Mirror' often turn to for economic analysis of the Euro-zone crisis, and other economic matters. Partly as she wrote a book called 'Greekonomics' on the Euro-zone crisis from the perspective of Greece.

Strangely of course, most people would say that a big part of (although not the only) cause of the Greeks current economic woes, is that the majority of the population regularly break the tax laws, and lie about their financial assets, and thus pay little or no taxes to the state (apart from anything else it explains the poor infrastructure, even on holidays resorts) ... This both nationally, in order to join the Euro-zone, and individually, where for example despite or because of a tax on private swimming pools, tax records showed only 324 swimming pools had been declared in the capital of Athens. Using satellite photos, the tax authorities examined the tax claims of the residents of Athens's wealthy suburbs, and discovered that, rather than the 324 swimming pools declared by the few honest locals, there were in fact 16,974 of them.

Greek Taxpayers and Honest Politicians Hard To Find.

Helicopters were then sent out over plush suburbs in northern Athens to confirm the satellite images of the homes of professional people, who had claimed they were living on only €35,000-€43,000 a year and had no pool. The government even published the names of almost 70 doctors in the area, that it said had cheated the tax-man, and some of the surgeons who were said to be earning €900,000 a year and not declaring tax. The response was typically 'Greek'. The swimming pool fraternity simply started using camouflage nets to cover the pools to avoid detection ..... much like their government did to cook the books to enter the Euro-zone.

Now of course, much like the Palestinians, who 'democratically' voted for the terrorist 'Hamas' group, but said it was therefore OK to have them as their government, as it was 'democratic' (a bit like voting for Hitler, and then saying its therefore OK to expect everyone to treat them as a normal government), the Greeks have now 'democratically' voted for a party who want to simply cancel 50% of all the Greek debts. This is money owed to other EU nations, and not just Eurozone countries ~ according to some figures, the UK was forced to bail out the Eurozone by £30billion via the IMF, equivalent of up to £1,300 for every UK household (if the first tranche of £12bn was £500 per household, as reported when that was the figure) ~ and 'renegotiate' (meaning never pay that back either), the balance. They have even issued the veiled threat ....

"And if Greece falls, and is removed from the Euro-zone - the Euro-zone will collapse." ....

A threat which may have been true 18 months ago, but in anticipation of Syriza's victory, which the other Euro-zone nations have taken big efforts to make untrue now ... so as a nuclear negotiating ploy it may not be that strong. The new leaders in Greece have made the claim that there will be no Greek default, but that it wants to renegotiate the terms .... a somewhat contrary mission statement. It has already started to dismantle the austerity measures ... despite the European leaders insisting that Greece must meet its debt obligations.
It seems almost obscene that a nation famous for not paying its taxes, gets bailouts from the taxpayers of more honest nations, and then plans to renege on the repayments, and stiff all of Europe's taxpayers ... claiming its 'democratic'.

With Greek Austerity - Everyone Hears You Scream

However, there is already a stink of compromise in the air, and the genuine suspicion that either Germany will take on a proportion of the Greek debt, or worse (and more likely) sanction a write off so that we all have to pay for Greece to resume the good life, or 'Eudaimonia' as the Greeks call it.

What this says to all those countries such as Eire, who took the pain and honoured their debts, or Spain and Italy which are also in deep trouble, remains to be seen, but the injustice of simply letting Greece just walk away from its obligations and return to spending beyond its means, is plain for all to see.

So as we watch the train wreck which is Euro-zone politics, it only remains to point out that in Greece the millionaires remain largely unaffected by the crisis, and that a property tax is still the only way you can get the Greeks to pay any taxes.

Now apart from being a simple illustration of the issues that both Europe and Syriza faces, after its victory in the Greek elections (because its sure as hell that Greece and the Greeks can't carry on not paying their taxes), its also something of an irony that the economist the Daily Mirror turns to for analysis on the crisis, has a conviction and was imprisoned for perverting the course of justice by lying .... it must be a Greek thing.

The New Dark Age

In the week that is the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz, the true state of Europe and us has been exposed. I won't reiterate the Muslim attacks across Europe .... but turn to home, where just as in Europe, Jews are targeted in the UK once again, simply because they are Jews ...and the elephant in the room is that not one of the spineless people in our Parliament will admit that its the presence of immoderate Islam that's leading or pushing Europe back in to the dark ages of Fascism, at a veritable gallop.

In a country in which its not beyond living memory when white skinheads used to go 'Paki-Bashing', this week in the news was a gang of what are described merely as 'thugs', but who appear to be of what is sometimes called 'Pakistani Heritage' went out to commit racially aggravated crimes.

Their chosen victims 'Jews' ..... One of the gang, eighteen year old Balawal Sultan texted to the rest .... 'I'm going to go Jew bashing. Ha Ha' ... then he and his Muslim gang mates, Kesa Malik, Hassnain Aliamin, and a 16yr old who can't be named, went out, and with all the bravery of the gang, hid until their chosen victim, one 41 Jewish man who had never harmed them came along. They then surrounded him, assaulting him with blows and threatening to 'kick his head in'. This is part of a trend that's been running in the UK for a while .... Asian gangs are a fact of life.

Smirking Balawal Sultan ~ Thug or Racist or Just Both?

When arrested, they all admitted racially aggravated assault, but then the cowardly Sultan tried to plead that the attack was prompted by 'Palestine' .... they trot this crap out because they seem to get some credit for this from their fellow religionists and their social workers ... they await sentencing, where no doubt a community sentence awaits.

The victim has been seriously impacted by this attack .... "I was targeted because of my religion, and now I am scared to walk past members of the Asian community"  ....

What's perhaps most disturbing is what the f*ck do we teach instead of history in these PC driven Multicultural days? Even if they are taught nothing else, surely The Genocide is taught, even to those of 'Pakistani Heritage'.... or are they excused this fact, because its doesn't fit their current world view?

Even so, maybe teaching them about 'Paki-Bashing', and how similar to 'Jew Bashing' it is, and how quickly they could be victims themselves if they keep attacking us, might it not make them think for a moment? 

Last word to one of the last survivors of Auschwitz .....

"We survivors do not want our past to be our children's future".... sadly not many of us would bet with certainty that the camps won't come back again.

The New Exodus

I was hoping to put these stories to bed for a while, but it just keeps coming ..... the latest instalment is that free speech is being silenced by fear of reprisals.

In Germany, we have seen the response to free speech .... the Pegida marches against the Islamisation of Europe have been silenced, because the German police have uncovered a "concrete" threat against the Pegida organisers. The planned march on the 19th January 2015 was cancelled in Dresden, and now the group is in chaos after the leadership resigned over tactics.

We have not been given details of who issued the threats ..... it could be the Far Left, or a Muslim group, or well anyone, but in any event, they and the establishment who have been attacking the movement have won, and frankly, free speech and democracy in Germany has just taken a backwards step, no matter how you portray what's happened.

In Britain, the politicians have all been declaring that the Jews of Britain should not be fearful by the rise in Anti-Semitism, and that they would redouble efforts to "wipe out Anti-Semitism". However last year saw the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded by police since records began 30 years ago, according to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

However, in a terribly PC moment, the Home Secretary couldn't say why the Jews were right to be fearful, and even had to include a weird sentence in her speech, saying that "Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain, just as without its Muslims, Britain would not be Britain - without its Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and people of other faiths, Britain would not be Britain." ..... Britain was Britain before the arrival of 'its Muslims, its Sikhs, Hindus, and people of other faiths' .... of course the elephant in the room is that the rise in Anti-Semitism in the UK can be directly linked to the rise of Islam in the UK. But no one dare say it.

The only bit of common sense came from Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who said that he had written to Muslim leaders urging them to help "explain and demonstrate how faith in Islam can be part of British identity" .... he shouldn't have held his breath for anything except the usual platitudes, and a claim for special status as its them who are the victims.

It arrived quickly enough .... the unelected Muslim Council of Britian deputy secretary-general Harun Khan said: "We will be writing to Mr Eric Pickles to ask that he clarifies his request to Muslims to 'explain and demonstrate how faith in Islam can be part of British identity. Is Mr Pickles seriously suggesting, as do members of the far right, that Muslims and Islam are inherently apart from British society? Why is the Muslim community being singled out in such an approach? It puts imams in a difficult position now because it looks to the public that the government is telling them what to do."

I'll get that one Eric .... because its Muslims who are killing people around the globe in the name of religion, because its Muslims who want to live here, but under Sharia law not British laws. Because its Muslims who people fear can't be trusted to not attack us, if we don't watch them every minute, and whom the security services track. Because its Muslims who think that they are 'special' .... and because its Muslim Gangs who are committing anti-Semitic attacks is that clear enough?

Jews Fleeing Europe 30's and 40's ... To Be Repeated?

Across Europe, apart from attacks on Synagogues and buildings, deadly attacks against Jews have also risen:
  • In Paris four Jews were killed inside a delicatessen.
  • In Brussels, four people were shot and killed at a Jewish museum.
  • In Toulouse, three children and a teacher were murdered at a Jewish school.
  • In Germany while Israel and Hamas were trading blows in Gaza, thousands of pro-Hamas Muslims and their left-wing backers marched through several German cities shouting "Hamas, Hamas, Juden ab ins Gas" (Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas) .... this is what Merkel has effectively defended by going to anti Pegida marches.

In a 2003 European Union study on anti-Semitism, it was found that Europe’s anti-Semites were largely  Muslim gangs. The report was initially suppressed, but became public when details were leaked to the Jerusalem Post.

The New Exodus Is Under Way ....

The head of the European Jewish Association, one of Europe's largest Jewish associations has written a letter to EU ministers, asking for gun laws to be relaxed to allow Jews to arm themselves to protect against terror attacks and ' to protect against 'anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance'.

Jews across Europe have started to flee to the US and Israel in increasing numbers ..... Have you ever had the feeling that things are beginning to unravel?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Murdoch's Biggest Joke

It was widely reported that 'The Sun' newspaper in the UK, had dropped its 'Page Three' topless girl pictures on the 20th Jan 2015, after over 45 years .... with the reports saying the last girl displayed was 'Lissy Cunningham', from Manchester.

'Lissy Cunningham' from Manchester - Last Page 3

What's laughable is that, while in the 1960's, the feminists in the UK, after mythically burning their bra's, were saying that their bodies were their own, for instance when it came to abortion or how they dressed in public, (or even while jiggling their bits, after burning those bras). Now they are now apparently happy to say that its not up to the individual female models to decide what parts of their own bodies they can, or can't display, but up to other women to decide .... namely them.

Magic Magi

I had never heard of 'Three Kings Bread' before this story, and so I had to look it up .... apparently its a  fruitcake, which is traditionally eaten on the 6th of January to mark 'Three Kings Day', aka “El Día de los Reyes”, which is perhaps more properly known as 'Epiphany'. If like me your Christianity is bit hazy, it won't hurt to remind you that this was traditionally a commemoration principally (but not solely), of the visit of the Magi (three wise men), to the Christ child, and thus Jesus's physical manifestation to the Gentiles.

Traditionally Three Kings Cake Is Baked Round, Like A King's Crown.

Other traditions associated to 'Three Kings Day' include:

  • It is sometimes referred to as the 12th Day of Christmas and in many Hispanic households it's given the same importance as the 25th of December.
  • Many families leaving a box of grass (or hay) and water for the three king's camels to eat ... leaving a trail of hay behind that children can often follow to their gifts.
  • In Latin America children leave their shoes right outside their doors so the Three Kings will leave their gifts inside, the bigger presents are placed around them.
  • Hispanic families will usually celebrate Three Kings Day with another Christmas dinner that is topped off with the King's Bread for dessert. 
  • Children also sometimes make crowns to wear at the table in honour of the kings

This day is celebrated in many countries, especially Catholic majority countries, but as I had barely heard of it, its safe to say that its not much celebrated in the UK outside of committed Christians .... for instance in Mexico, thousands gather every year to taste a mile-long “Rosca de Reyes” (Kings’ Bread) while others simply make the holiday staple at home honouring the tradition to hide a baby jesus figurine within the bread -- the person whose slice has the figurine must prepare tamales for everyone on the Day of the Candles on the 2nd of February.

One Mile Of Rosca de Reyes In Mexico

But last Christmas, its safe to say that some celebrants of Three Kings Day in Orange County California got a little more transcendental spirituality than they would normally expect from prayerful contemplation .... this was because at least 40 people started suffering, with symptoms that included hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. This was after eating Three Kings cake distributed by 'Cholula’s Bakery' in Santa Ana. 

The Three Kings Were More Trippy Than Usual This Year

Initial health board investigations suggested that the cake was laced with a synthetic drug .....Officials closed the Bakery while criminal investigations were made, and it will be thoroughly cleaned before it can be re-opened.

Paris v USA

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has said she plans to sue Fox News, for a broadcast that described parts of the French capital as "no-go zones" for non-Muslims ... "The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honour of Paris has been prejudiced."

The same offence indeed that Birmingham suffered by the same casual news team and channel .... only Birmingham didn't bother 'suing' .... It will of course get nowhere, but illustrates a lot of differences between Anglo-Saxon thinking and Gallic attitudes.

Fox News said the channel had "made some regrettable errors on air regarding the Muslim population in Europe", and apologised "to any and all who may have taken offence, including the people of France and England". Fox has also apologised for the comments by terror expert Steven Emerson, who claimed Birmingham was "totally Muslim" and ruled by Sharia law .... of course only 21% of Birmingham is Muslim. Reports of No Go Zones in the UK have of course been circulating for a number of years.

Still if this is how the US gets its news and views the rest of the world, it does explain a few things.

The BBC and Images

Did you know that the BBC had a statement read out on its 'Question Time after the Paris attacks, stating that the BBC guidelines specifically forbid printing any images or 'insults' to the Muslim Prophet Mohammed without special dispensation?

Mohammed Gets 'Special Treatment' From BBC

Not Jesus or other religious leaders ... they are covered by a general rule about religious sensibilities .... naturally some organisations, such as the National Secular Society are outraged, and demanding the BBC retract the rule ..... no chance this side of the next terrorist attack of them ever doing this.

Some bloggers, braver than we are at PC Towers, are doing what the BBC should have done when the first cartoon row raged, and printed (warning if you are muslim, you may be offended by the following linked sites) a cartoon ..... and of course so have Muslims in the past.

The BBC really can't be trusted to be impartial on this subject anymore, they are halfway into dhimmitude already.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Missing In Action ~ Frank Lampard

Sometimes social media offers a good chance to vent anger ....

A fan of 'New York City FC' in the Major League Soccer (MLS USA), frustrated over the fact that the ex-Chelsea FC player Frank Lampard, has not transferred to his club directly as expected, having extended his 'loan' period at Manchester City FC instead .... in what many (including me), see as a rather sneaky move by both the player and the owners of MCFC ... has indicated his displeasure by Twitter picture post.

Budddy@elvisghits posted this .....

MIA ~ Frank Lampard

Very funny .... but even funnier when you realise that 'New York City FC' are actually not even a club yet. They are a brand new MLS franchise, and have yet to actually play a single game. They are scheduled to start playing in the 2015 MLS season (which starts in March 2015), and play at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

So this 'fan' is actually a supporter of club he's never seen, complaining about a player who has never played, for a club that has never played a game. Even CS Lewis character Alice in Wonderland would have had her head spinning over the absurdities of all this ..... in effect he's missing inaction.

But you have to laugh at the sense of injustice and indignation that's been done to his new club, when he's never seen them play a single game.

Political Donkeys

After the recent porkie protests against corruption in Uganda, the use of animals to make a point and caught on in that part of Africa. In Nairobi a herd of donkeys was dumped in the cities central business district in an apparent political protest ...

Donkeys Everywhere ...

The donkeys were each painted with the word "tumechoka", which is Swahili for "we're fed up", and an activist shouted from the crowd "we are tired of this leadership", so its believed that the rising insecurity in the country, as Kenya gets attacked by Muslim terrorists (the same groups that are attacking every one these days), is the cause of this protest. The "tumechoka" slogan was recently used in a street protest against a brutal bus attack in northern Kenya in November 2014.

No group came forward to claim responsibility (the driver had been merely paid cash to drop the donkeys off and didn't know who they were), especially after the police said that arrests had been made of people it suspected of this "evil act"......

'Police had a hectic time trying to control the crowd'

.... in the meantime, the police took the donkeys to their Moroto offices, and they are now being looked after by an animal welfare organisation.

The Hippo "Tumechoka" Protest Turned Tragic Quite Quickly!!

Pigs, Donkeys, whatever next? This blog is waiting with some anticipation for the first use of hippos or crocodiles in a protest.

Conspiracy Of Silence

There is a conspiracy of silence amongst Western political and religious leaders, whenever Muslims go on the rampage in non western countries .... for instance when the mosques whip up a mob, and launch them on to the streets to attack 'crusaders' (aka Christians), nothing is said, no matter how many Christians are killed.

Amongst the fall out of the Charlie Hebdo affair, righteous mobs were launched out of mosques in many countries after Friday prayers, to avenge the honour of their prophet .... by, well, killing, raping, burning and ultimately dying in his name.

In Niger for example, in the second city of Zinder, 'demonstrators' set fire to Christian churches, and raided shops that were run by Christians. They were apparently crying out in the local Hausa language: "Charlie is Satan - let hell engulf those supporting Charlie" ... which is apparently an excuse to burn down churches and burn out Christians homes and businesses (after looting them of course).

Predictable Reaction From The Religion Of Peace

Similar events happened in Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan and Algiers in Algeria and Khartoum in Sudan .... although a lack of any Christians left after previous such events in the past few decades limited the effects there.

So did anyone protest about the violence visited on the Christians in Niger? No. Not one word from any western politicians, and of course stone cold silence from Muslims in the West .... of course ironically, usually more Muslims are killed in these rampages than non-Muslims, but that doesn't lessen the fact that innocents are killed, simply for being Christians in the lands of Islam.

The double standards employed by everyone in regards to the treatment of Muslims and Christians in the West and the Muslim world would be breathtaking, if it wasn't so predictable for the current brand of western leadership.

Women Need Not Exist

Anyone who visits this site, will be aware that we at PC Towers just love the photo-shopping skills that eradicate unwanted individuals from pictures. The finest (not), exponents of this skill are the religious nut-cases of the Middle East ..... in this case the Haredi Orthodox Jewish sect. These are the guys with the black hats and stringy side locks ... their women dress in black, and use head scarves or wigs.

Not that you would know about the women, because a bit like the Iranian Press, and TV, they are not keen on women being unseemly in public ..... but they go just that little bit more into the ridiculous ideas, because they actually won't allow women to appear in photographs.  In many respects they are actually more extreme in their views on women's roles in society than anyone except the Afghanistan Taliban ... but you might have thought that in covering the Paris rally against censorship, and the murders in Paris (in which several Jews were murdered), they would have been sensitive to the watching worlds opinions .... but no.

With little or no sense of embarrassment, and certainly no irony (what is it about the Middle East and irony?), the HaMevaser Newspaper showed the event like this .... minus women.

HaMevaser Newspaper ~ Women Need Not Exist.

Apart from the fact that this is the sort of thing done by fanatics, or psychopaths, the ones who cut the eyes out of pictures of celebrity women, and who then later commit very bad crimes, there is no good reason for them to be sloppy fanatics ..... I could have done this better myself!

Seriously, all religious extremists are as bad as each other in many respects  ..... as long as I live (and that might not be very long if I keep laughing at these fools), I will never understand how some people can believe in such nonsense .... even if there was a supreme maker, do they really believe she is as misogynist as they are?    

Hypocrites on Parade

The French Solidarity rally on the 11th of January, following the terrorist attacks, brought out some very strange political bedfellows .... allegedly all at the invite of President François Hollande of France.

Now at face value of it, all this solidarity is all very laudable, except that many of those leaders who attended, have regimes with no 'freedom of speech'. In fact, amongst the invitees were a veritable rogues gallery of those who have as little respect for free speech as any Islamic terrorists. Amongst the hypocrites on parade were:

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov ~ ranked 148 out of 180 in Press Freedom Index (PFI)
  • Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu ~ Turkey imprisons anyone who insults Islam or Turkey ~ ranked 154 out of 180 in PFI 
  • Jordan's King Abdullah II and Queen Rania ~ imprisons anyone who insults Islam ~ ranked 141 out of 180 in PFI  
  • Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ~ imprisons anyone who insults Islam ~ ranked 138 out of 180 in PFI
  • Algeria - Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra ~ ranked 121 out of 180 in PFI
  • Mali - President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita ~ ranked 122 out of 180 in PFI
  • Tunisia - Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa ~ ranked 133 out of 180 in PFI
  • United Arab Emirates - Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan ~ ranked 118 out of 180 in PFI

Of course there are criticisms over the commitments to free speech, that can also be lodged against other attendees: The EU sent no less than 3 Presidents (European Commission - President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Parliament - President Martin Schulz, European Union - President Donald Tusk) ... all representing a union that now forces Google to hide web links to criminals, paedophiles and fraudsters, even when on newspapers websites. More than half of these requests to be hidden pertain to criminal convictions.

Paris March Hijacked By Politician Hypocrites

Even Britain, for whom David Cameron was there, is now suspect in this area as it has no firm legal right to freedom of speech, and is bringing in legislation limiting a fully free press. These restrictions so concerned the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that it issued a warning that the phone hacking scandal should not be used as an excuse to rein in all print media, and urged Britain not to abandon a tradition of press self-regulation regarded around the world as best practice. Even the Kremlin-funded broadcaster 'Russia Today' described the new UK guidelines as a “threat to press freedom”. 

President François Hollande has been forced to defend his invitations, as being to 'partners in the fight against terrorism', and that all these people were therefore welcome to attend. However he excluded inviting representatives of the French far right National Front. It's leader (and likely Presidential candidate) Marine Le Pen was not invited, which prompted former centre-right Prime Minister François Fillon to say that he found the decision not to invite the FN as "hateful [and] dangerous” and added that it was “in line with what the terrorists want”.

Paris Free Speech - Solidarity Rally

However as the march was largely a social media inspired event, which was not called to affirm the 'fight against terrorism', but rather by people wanting to defend 'freedom of expression', then either the march was hijacked by Hollande and his political advisors for their own agenda, or the politicians have once again missed the point, and abused a peoples march and wishes. 

Meanwhile, while we were all hugging ourselves for holding pens in the air, or linking arms in defiance, Islamist's arson attacked the editorial offices of the 'Hamburger Morgenpost' on Saturday night, apparently for daring to reprint a Charlie Hebdo cover depicting cartoons of the prophet Mohammed ....

Someone else set up a "Je ne suis pas Charlie"  (I am not Charlie) Facebook page, which has received more than 21,000 'likes'. The mainly Muslim people who have apparently given it a thumbs-up may not support terror, but they also don't support 'free speech' either, except where it allows them to say they don't support 'free speech' ... if you know what I mean ... Hell, there was even a "Je suis Kouachi" hashtag on social media, which  briefly trended on Saturday at the height of the trouble ... before being withdrawn. Its these people who you are never going to get to accept western 'freedom of speech', except maybe their right to preach about how superior their backward beliefs are over ours.

However, all this lets you know that all is not well under the surface .... and that there are men and women in France (and elsewhere in Europe), carrying French passports, who feel their primary attachment is to Islam, not to the Enlightenment values of post-18th Century Europe.

However, we shouldn't be too comfortable on this side of the channel, our 'Multiculturalism' approach has simply alienated the native from the immigrant to a very large degree. So that just as in France, the 40% of Muslims in the UK, who in 2006 supported Sharia Law for the UK (a figure that's likely to have gone up not down by the way), are people who are not reconciled to a free society, even though its that very freedom that allows then to practice their alien creed safely in Europe.

I fear that this is all going to end very badly for one of the two groups, with the violent rejection and expulsion of Islam from parts of Europe a real possibility. It would take very little to light the fuses in many lands ...... the FN (National Front) in France may not ever win an national assembly vote, but they may just come close enough to the French Presidency to light that fuse.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Catnip Christmas

What to do with old Christmas trees has been a problem for over a century.

Some are just thrown on to the garden waste (where they can last a very, very, long time before they decompose) ... so not that popular anymore.

Composting Old Xmas Trees Takes A Long Time

Others take them down the tip, where they may be chopped up by super composters and then sold to gardeners as mulch or bedding compost.

Councils And Bio-Fuel Companies, Will Chop Up Old Xmas Trees.

And now of course there are some areas where they can be passed over to bio-fuel companies where they are burnt for electricity production.

Yet others, plant them in the garden in the hope that they will take and root ..... they can then be reused next year ~ tip only Christmas trees that still have a root ball can be successfully re-planted. They are even being used to bolster flood defences, such as on the River Bollin, where they are placed along river banks to help reduce bank erosion.

Xmas Trees Used To Bolster River Defences ....

But by far the best use for old Christmas trees I have heard of is to give them to big cats in Zoos and Parks, for whom  they act like catnip, sometimes known at catmint, which is a plant of the mint family and can cause many cats euphoria ... and for reasons that are unclear to me, Christmas Trees have the same effect on the really big boys.

Tigers Like Xmas Trees ...

... And Lions Love Them

Flying Saucers To Mars

All the 'UFO's ever 'seen' (and we have covered the subject a few times), are earth sourced .... no evidence of an extraterrestrial source has ever been proven. So the news that NASA are considering developing spacecraft that strongly resembles a flying saucer, will confirm to many, that all UFO's are merely mistaken natural events that are misunderstood, such as 'ball lightening', or test flights of different designs by aviation companies e.g. Stealth Bombers. 

British Rail Had Plans To Expand Its Fleet.

Of course the Nazi Flying Saucer, or Alien Technology at 'Area 51' (actually hanger 18, 'foreign technology section', at the Wright Patterson Airbase for 'true' followers of these things), conspiracists, won't be put off, because this news can easily be accommodated within their belief system via backward engineering.  

The 'Nazi Flying Saucer' ... A Popular Theme.

Anyway, testing of the saucer-shaped Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), which NASA  hopes could one day land on Mars is to commence soon.  So we can expect that there will be 'sightings' next year, if these are near any public areas.

Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD)

Interestingly, flying saucer sightings have fallen away in recent years, to be replaced by sightings of objects resembling stealth bombers and other angular shapes, perhaps reflecting a subconscious recognition by viewers that these craft are invariably human designs.

And in fact, other designers have adopted 'Saucer' motifs since the 1950's ..... for some reason petrol stations or 'gas' stations as our friends across the Atlantic call them, were a particular favourite. 

The Garage forecourt as Saucers

Perhaps it was because of TV shows such as the 'Jetsons', where flying saucers were depicted as the daily commuter transport ...
Flying Saucers Seemed To Be The Future.

..... seemed to be portraying a future just a few decades away. It's just a pity for my daily commutes, that British Rail didn't press on and produce that flying saucer.

US Presidential Dynasty's

Who would have thought it (well we did sometime ago), but another cowboy is preparing to ride into town, as ex-Florida governor Jeb Bush, brother and son of US Presidents, is taking the first little steps towards a run on the White House in 2016. Now unlike his brother, he is pro-immigration reform, his wife being a Mexican national, and he supports the federal Common Core education programme, and doesn't belong to the religious wing of the Republican party.

This means that he's old school, Republican Party mainstream, and in that respect an ideal national candidate (and ignoring the 'hanging chads' debate, he has a good record as governor), but his chances of winning the nomination are still considerably less than 50%, however still better than most of the other candidates.

His problems are mainly because he has no caucus in the 'T Party' republican wing, nor any leverage with the religious right, like his brother had. This may well turn out be a big handicap to gaining the nomination, if anyone vaguely credible to either, or both of these strands of republicanism is standing against him .... he has to hope that as the 'establishment candidate', the adage "Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line." applies in his case.

So he's going to meet a few pressure groups next year, do some national whistle stop flying visits, and eat an awful lot of chicken, to see if any of the various pressure groups can be persuaded to back him ~ flash polls suggest that he has 14.5% support, which is a four-point lead over his nearest possible opponent, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. ..... but oddly, for a 'republican' party, the fact that Bush represents yet another scion of a political dynasty, standing for the highest office, is not seen as a handicap or even non republican.

In fact for a republic, the US has quite quickly become used to some very rich families pulling many of the political strings and running the country ... in many ways these families are like the royal families of medieval England (see the houses of York or Lancaster, and the Percy's etc), all plotting for the highest role .... but in fact of course, according to legend, George Washington was offered 'the throne' of America before becoming 'second' President (after President 'Hancock' ... the first president of congress, not general Washington) ... had he accepted the crown, the current King would be 'Paul the First', a retired manager of a building-supply company based in Valley Forge.

Locally, many of these political families have regional power bases in one or two states (which are akin to the barons land holdings in some counties in 'Ye Olde England') ... these dynasties include the Rockefeller family who have been elected in New York, West Virginia, and Arkansas; and the Udall family who first became prominent in Arizona and still holds several state roles there.

Nationally, the Kennedy's (who have been out of the main power job for a long time now) were the first of the dynasty families, with bases in New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, and California, then came  the Bushes in Ohio, Connecticut, Texas and Florida, and also maybe the Clinton's of New York and Arkansas (if Hilary gets the democratic nomination as is expected) ... so definite signs that the US is developing a political royalty ....

We Three Kings - US Presidential Royalty.

But back to the 'Grand Ol Party' ... demographically they shouldn't really win national elections anymore as they don't appeal to black or Spanish speaking voters, but somehow they do (a bit like the Tories in the UK), however it has to be said that they handicap themselves with the way their party selection process is structured. Perhaps its time for the establishment of the GOP to politely, but very firmly, kick out the Tea Party (and the religious right), the likelihood then is that it would then become a 'moderate', in US terms, party. In the US fiscally conservative, socially moderate parties are very electable, and if nothing else would likely win every Presidential election.

Possibly not taking the House or the Senate every time, but the Presidency practically every-time .... the pity for Jeb Bush (as it was for Mitt Romney), is that they won't do this, and so electorally damaging compromises have to be made to gain the nomination, which virtually destroy the successful Republican candidates as they have to try and win non Republican votes.

Apologists For Silence

We in the West live in a civilisation, in which women are declared as equal to men, in which we are free to not bend to any religious dogma, where freedom of expression is or should be an absolute imperative, where freedom of thought should be be non-negotiable, and the freedom to speak out against tyranny or threats is a baseline.

So while no one is suggesting that everything Charlie Hebdo drew, or wrote was funny (especially outside of France, where most French humour falls flat) ... but defending their freedom to say, draw and write what they wanted, is fundamental to what we are, or rather were, until we were asked by many to change our way of life, to accommodate one new group migrating into our civilisation .... but now "the danger within" (as one German security source has described Islam), is likely to force us to either react, or submit (accommodation is simply not an option).

A senior leader of Yemen branch of al-Qaeda (AQAP), Sheikh Harith al-Nadhari is reported to have said "some in France have misbehaved with the prophets of God .... " and that "God's faithful soldiers" had taught them "the limits of freedom of speech".
Of course some of the left liberals in the west, such as the Liberation newspaper in France, are still trying to pin the tail on the donkey of criminal 'terrorism', rather than the creed that nurtures these acts .... "All republicans... will identify the adversary as terrorism not Islam" and see their Muslim compatriots as "the first victims of fundamentalism, who are with us in this ordeal". Really? Was it a liberal or left-wing satirical Muslim newspaper under attack?

Raif Badawi ~ 10 Years And 1000 Lashes For Blogging

If there were any doubts left about what 'freedom of speech' actually means for the Islamic world .... in Saudi Arabia, the blogger Raif Badawi, was the co-founder of a website called the Liberal Saudi Network, which was banned, he was arrested in 2012, and later found guilty of a range of offences including cyber-crime, and insulting Islam, in an anti-terrorism court. Part of his sentence was 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail. His first public lashing was carried out recently after Friday prayers in Jeddah, when he was whipped 50 times. He will get 50 lashes a week until he dies, or has received 1,000 in all .... so let no one pretend that they don't know what will come if we let this creed win .... but I hear none of the semi-apologists for the violent responses to cartoons, acknowledging this truth.  

TV showed Storming Of Supermarket In Paris in Second Siege...

We also constantly hear that every attack and outrage was carried out by people who don't represent Islam, but if not Islam, what is it, or who is it, that the terrorists do represent? They come out of the same mosques in Europe that all the others come out of, they listen to the same sermons .... so why are they so different .... why is their version of Islam not any more valid than any other version? After all early Islam spread out of Arabia under the sword, so why not the gun?

How have we allowed a situation to develop in Europe, where veiled and not so veiled threats, grenades and bullets, are the reply to satire or mockery ... where people are killed simply for drawing a picture?

What annoys me most, is that when asked by the press for a comment, the various Muslim Organisations or individuals replying invariably 'condemn the violence' as 'un-islamic', and then also invariably say 'but' ..... its the 'but' which is their slippery escape route. The 'but' in this case is that 'but you shouldn't insult, criticise or mock' the religion of peace or its prophet, with the unsaid threat that 'or else bad things will happen' ... which of course is not in the spirit of Islam'.

Around the world its reported that some Arab newspapers such as 'Al-Atan' in Egypt, have even blamed France for having "contributed to the growth and spread of terrorism", that "could strike at any other country and is hitting Arab countries every day" .... ah, so its our 'liberalism' in allowing millions of Muslims to live here freely, that's to blame for IS, Boko Haram amd Al-Shabab.

Another London based Arab newspaper (why are they based in London ... oh, no free speech in Muslim lands ... I forgot), 'Al-Quds al-Arabi', apparently fears the possible "persecution of innocent Muslims" during security measures, not to mention an "expected wave of racist attacks on mosques and Islamic centres", while another Iranian paper suggests that the incident "will help strengthen right-wing extremism ahead of the 2017 elections and heat up the debate against Muslim immigration to Europe".

Of course the real nut jobs of the Islamic world, have already turned this attack into evidence of a 'global Zionist conspiracy' to 'defame Islam', as if it doesn't defame itself every week (they made much the same claims about 9/11 and all the other atrocities since) .... for example in Iran, the religious paper, 'Hemayat' questions how the attackers left the scene "so easily", and sees this as "important evidence", of co-operation between the extremist group Islamic State, and Israel in pursuit of "that regime's goals throughout the world."

And, somewhat ironically, the Iranian newspaper 'Sharq' asks "how the terrorists could reach the centre of Paris with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons in their hands", and advises the West to avert similar incidents by "reviewing its policies towards the Islamic world and the Middle East" ...... a review many of us would like to take place as well, but possibly not in the same way they are thinking.  Obviously they mean, don't upset Muslims anywhere, and maybe they will let us live under just the threat of attack.

Just to remind ourselves of how far the unrepresentative Islam has spread, in the very same week as the Paris massacres (because of course another Islamic gunman and his female accomplice killed a police woman, and then another four Jewish hostages at the very same time as the police killed the first two jihadists in raids on both siege sites), the following events were also in the news:

  • In Nigeria .... Boko Haram assaulted the town of Baga again .... so far this islamist group have displaced at least 1.5 million people, while more than 2,000 were killed last year alone. ~ they are fighting to create a caliphate in West Africa. 
  • In Somalia .... Islamist sect Al-Shabab claim to have executed four 'CIA and Ethiopian spies' who were just African soldiers fighting under the UN umbrella ~ they are fighting to create a caliphate in East Africa.
  • In Iraq .... Islamist sect Islamic State militants have attacked Iraqi security forces in the central city of Samarra, killing two people and injuring 28 others ~ they are fighting to create a caliphate in the Middle-East. 

So remind me again ... who exactly is not representing true Islam?

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

The Blood soaked altars of Islam claimed some more sacrificial victims today, when twelve more brave men and women were murdered by Islamic Jihadists, this time at the offices of the left-wing and secular satirical magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' in Paris France.

But, in the week in which thousands have marched in Germany under the banner of the name 'Pegida', against the 'Islamisation' of Europe, it has also brought into sharp relief, the debate the between the Western European concepts of 'Freedom of Speech', and the concept of 'Freedom of Religion'. Does the right of people to practise their religion (no matter how odious), outweigh the rights of those of whose who think they are either deluded, or dangerous, or both?

Of course ironically, the left-wing in Germany counter marched to 'support' the Muslims .... how many will do so next time?

Charlie Hebdo had been attacked before by petrol bombs, however on that occasion no one was hurt, but this time it wasn't just the ten men and women of the editorial staff, and the two policemen outside, who have been killed, it was also a bloody assault on core European Values.... the very same values that allow those Muslims who detest the West, to spout their hatred, and yet still live here in safety (certainly compared to the treatment of non Muslims in Islamic societies).

Once again the Gates of Vienna are being pushed by the forces of backwardness .... its up to us all not to blink, or our cowardly politicians will appease these barbarians in the name of 'cohesion' .... the only real response would be for every publication in Europe to publish the Mohammed cartoons again on their front covers, and let Jihadists see that the days of being able to force acquiescence from our press are over.

Tribute By Oriol Malet

When last they were attacked, the editor Stephane Charbonnier (who died today), said that Islam should not be excluded from 'freedom of the press' to comment in the West. He added that "If we can poke fun at everything in France, if we can talk about anything in France apart from Islam, or the consequences of Islamism, that is annoying."

He bravely added that "This is the first time we have been physically attacked, but we won't let it get to us" .... to my shame I suspected that it would get to them editorially ..... they proved me wrong, but at a terrible price.

Charlie Hebdo RIP

Friday, 2 January 2015

Seeing Is Believing

"Life, but not as we know it Scotty" ..... The words attributed to Captain Kirk whenever they found something they couldn't explain. Well here's one for you:

1). Down load this picture from the NASA site ...

2). Open it up fully using a photo-viewer that allows close-ups and ...

... well an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) is apparent if you look closely.

Or, if you trust me not to have Photoshopped it, then look at these examples from the picture ...

I Have Ringed The Object For Clarity - Original Image On Link
Closer View
Much Closer

Of course the uncritical part of the web goes wild .... but look more carefully ......
A Trail Is Clearly Visible

With no atmosphere on the Moon to leave 'a trail', the line beneath and to the left of the 'UFO', suggests something a little more prosaic .... a bit of lens dirt, aka lens specks, the curse of cameras since their creation. Probably a pollen speck with a tail, or maybe something like lint from the polishing process on Earth.

"Seeing is believing" as they say, but more often than not, we "see only what we want to see".

Wasted Hot Air

Apparently, the 113th Congress of the United States approved more legislation in the last week it sat, than it had done in many preceding months ~ Most of these laws passed were temporary extensions of existing tax measures, lasting just two more weeks (until the end of 2014), when the 'negotiations' to try and approve some 'sensible' taxes will resume.

So this makes 113th session one of the least productive of Congresses in modern history.

The legislative body approved far fewer bills than the group of lawmakers former President Harry Truman called the “do-nothing Congress.” Those legislators, serving from 1947 to 1949, passed some 900 laws, which is positively speedy compared to this current Congress.
Trueman's do-nothing Congress ...

...... this one was actually proud to declare that it passed more than 200 bills into law during the past two years .... which was well short of the worst before it. According to a Gallup Poll released in August 2014, the 113th Congress had the highest disapproval rating of any Congress since 1974, when data first started being collected: 83% of Americans surveyed said that they disapproved of the job Congress was doing, while only 13% said that they approved of what it had done .... another low.

Now there are those who think 'less government' is 'good government', but usually that doesn't include passing no laws at all. During the entire two-year term, the House was in session just 34 weeks, and was deadlocked over 'Obamacare' for most of that .... but that was passed anyway, so the whole exercise was a vast waste of money, time and lots of hot air.

There's a moral in this somewhere ...perhaps that 'its an ill wind that blows nobody any good?'


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