Friday, 16 January 2015

Political Donkeys

After the recent porkie protests against corruption in Uganda, the use of animals to make a point and caught on in that part of Africa. In Nairobi a herd of donkeys was dumped in the cities central business district in an apparent political protest ...

Donkeys Everywhere ...

The donkeys were each painted with the word "tumechoka", which is Swahili for "we're fed up", and an activist shouted from the crowd "we are tired of this leadership", so its believed that the rising insecurity in the country, as Kenya gets attacked by Muslim terrorists (the same groups that are attacking every one these days), is the cause of this protest. The "tumechoka" slogan was recently used in a street protest against a brutal bus attack in northern Kenya in November 2014.

No group came forward to claim responsibility (the driver had been merely paid cash to drop the donkeys off and didn't know who they were), especially after the police said that arrests had been made of people it suspected of this "evil act"......

'Police had a hectic time trying to control the crowd'

.... in the meantime, the police took the donkeys to their Moroto offices, and they are now being looked after by an animal welfare organisation.

The Hippo "Tumechoka" Protest Turned Tragic Quite Quickly!!

Pigs, Donkeys, whatever next? This blog is waiting with some anticipation for the first use of hippos or crocodiles in a protest.

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