Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mad Dogs and March Hares

The threats contained in North Korea's Pyongyang statements about a state of war now being in place with South Korea are nothing new from a state where madness reigns fact they have regularly threatened violence and often backed this up with physical attacks.

Background Maps Show Fanciful Plans To Attack The US.

In fact once you look up the history of its violence, you have to be amazed at the restraint of the South Koreans, Japan and US (the three main targets of the violence). I suspect that other neighbours would have smashed this lunatic state decades ago. As it is, its deliberate showing of maps with US cities  Austin, Washington, and other sites as targets for a nuke strike, indicate that its trying desperately to get the world to take it seriously .... so the fact that its being mocked as foolish seems to be just winding it up to more desperate measures.  

Kim Jong Un - Good Reasons To Target Austin Texas

But the fact is that, like Iran, the attempts to stop its nuclear and missile ambitions via sanctions have failed, it has a 7 kilotonnes weapon, and missiles that theoretically can reach the US coast (but based on progress in the past decade, in another decade will be able to cover the whole of the US).  To put the weapons into perspective, in 2006 it was under 1 kilotonne, 2009 2 kilotonnes, and now 7 - the US bomb on Nagasaki in 1946 was 21 kilotonnes.

Estimated Range Of North Korean Missiles

So those who dismiss this as all rhetoric and blister are ignoring the fact that North Korea will commit acts of war against its neighbours to ensure that the rhetoric is listened to. If they think that everyone is ignoring the words, they will be tempted to back them up by some action calculated to be just short of forcing the US to attack them .... but if this misfires, then China may wish it had removed the regime in the North a decade ago.  

Friday, 29 March 2013

Criminals Miracle Cures

Remember when Ronnie Biggs was let out of prison because he was dying .... 'Not long to live', they claimed, 'compassionate grounds' they said, doctors have said there is "not much hope" ..... that was June 2009. Well surprise, surprise, he's still alive, and although frail at 83, he still has enough wits to give the newspapers a quote, and two fingers, while attending at the funeral of another of the Great Train Robbers, Bruce Reynolds who he described as 'a good man',

Ronnie Biggs - Still Alive And Giving Two Fingers To The World.

Kinda reminds me of the only man in the world to have recovered from pre-senile dementia associated with  Alzheimer's disease (a disease which has so far proved incurable to every other sufferer in the world), the ex chief executive of Guinness, Ernest Saunders, who avoided most of his two and a half years jail sentence, by getting a compliant doctor and even more compliant judge, to accept that he was too ill to stay in prison.

He even wangled a 'full parole' so that he couldn't be recalled when, miraculously, he made a full recovery from the symptoms, and he went on to later be appointed chairman of the executive committee of a US-based multinational petrol credit-card company, Harpur-Gelco .... his reputation apparently unblemished by his jail time, nor his unusual 'recovery' .... and more importantly, still able to pass the any fitness and probity test for these roles. You have to wonder what planet the judiciary are on ..... actually you don't. There are just two types of justice in the world, the one that the wealthy and powerful get, and the one that you or I would receive.

Shaman Had Great Insight into Human Nature

But worse than the injustice of all this, as criminals escape punishment, is the sheer bloody incompetence of the doctors involved .... they are medical quacks, and are no better than shaman (and maybe worse, shaman's at least understand human psychology), or just stupid fools, who can be hoodwinked by any dishonest man .... I know which I think.

The Great Escapes

In Canada, two prisoners made a daring escape from St-Jerome prison, near Montreal, by climbing ropes into a hovering helicopter ...... Police later said they arrested one of the prisoners and two other men. The second escapee was detained several hours later. And that was that .....

Helicopter prison breaks are always reported by the press ..... they are spectacular, they are loud, they are almost dashing (in a spy break derring do kinda way), and are not a guaranteed recipe for success. I say that because its actually hard to think of one that's totally succeeded if the aim is to escape and never end up back in prison ... I give you this random selection from the web.

The thwarted:

Many make the plan too complicated and find that the plan collapses or is uncovered. In the United Kingdom, in 2010, a murderer had plotted to escape by helicopter from HMP Parkhurst Prison, using helicopter flights at the Isle of Wight Festival as cover.The plot was uncovered before it could be implemented.

The Recaptured (sometimes, eventually):

Many are recaptured within hours, or rearrested in a few months at most (they just can't seem to stop returning to the same life and area where they carried out their crimes) .... I suspect that this proves that actually for 95% of criminals, crime really doesn't actually pay, and that only the big family gangs, or drug traffickers who have the sense to get out after a few big scores, have enough money to 'retire' from crime.


February 2009 saw a helicopter escape by two criminals including bank robber Vassilis Paleokostas and Albanian Alket Rizaj, who were both recaptured from a prior helicopter escape from the same Korydallos prison in August 2008..... the helicopter used in the second escape, was found by a highway in the northern Athens suburb of Kapandriti. The pilot was found bound and gagged, and had a hood over his head. He was later arrested as an accomplice 

Escape From Korydallos Prison In Greece

Bank robber Vassilis Paleokostas and Albanian contract killer Alket Rizaj had escaped from the same prison using the same helicopter method 20 months earlier. On that occasion the guards failed to react, because they thought it was a visit by prison inspectors. Paleokostas himself was recaptured in August 2008 .... the whole thing was masterminded by his brother Nikos Paleokostas, who was Greece's most wanted criminal and who himself had escaped from Korydallos prison in 1990 and was on the run for 16 yrs until recaptured in 2006.

Nikos Paleokostas - Criminal Escape Mastermind.


In 2007, Belgium's the "Jailbreak King", Nordin Benallal masterminded a spectacular prison escape using a helicopter to free him from Ittre prison.  Something of a prison escape specialist (although he might think about not getting caught so often),his previous escapes had seen him, run from a prison van, walk out of jail wearing a wig and sunglasses, and scale a prison wall with a rope ladder. He may have had inspiration from another helicopter escape by another prisoner from a Belgium prison in April of 2007.


In 2002 in Brazil, a hijacked helicopter landed inside the Jose Parada Neto Penitentiary in Guarulhos and lifted two prisoners to freedom.The helicopter landed in the central yard where prisoners were queuing for their lunch and two of the inmates scrambled aboard.The two men were serving sentences for murder and bank robbery.

France and Corsica

In 2001, Louis Carboni a drugs trafficker, was winched to freedom from the French jail at Borgo, in a dramatic escape by using a hijacked an emergency services helicopter. This was the second helicopter escape in France in 2001, when in March, three prisoners escaped from a jail in one of a series of Helicopter escape attempts in France that year.

In 2001 in Draguignan, in the south of France, three prisoners described as "dangerous" escaped via a helicopter after it was hijacked from a nearby airfield.The helicopter landed in a courtyard of the prison that had no protective netting overhead and they just climbed aboard.

Also in 2001 there was also a botched helicopter escape from the high-security Fresnes prison, south of Paris. Accomplices in a hijacked helicopter attempted to winch the two convicts from the jail's roof but the rope was too short.They gave the prisoners guns and they tried to shoot their way out before seizing hostages.

In 1999 five men escaped from the high-security Beaumettes prison in Marseilles .... one was killed by guards fire, with his body seen dangling on a rope hanging from the hijacked helicopter as it flew to its base. Three were recaptured soon afterwards following a gun battle with police. The last was hunted by 500 soldiers.It was the third time in eight years that a helicopter has been used in an escape bid at this prison.

Escape from Beaumettes Prison In France

In Argentina, a President, Fernando de la Rua, resigned in 2001 amid riots triggered by one of Argentina's most serious economic crises ... it wasn't deemed safe for him to drive away from the Presidential Palace,  and a helicopter dramatically took him from the roof of the palace. Even this Presidential flight from the Palace failed to ensure freedom for this Argentine President ......

President Fernando de la Rua Flees The Presidential Palace
...... he was arrested for bribery in office over the securing of legislation to remove workers rights. Now the 74-year-old former president is in court in Buenos Aires.

The other point of interest about this particular method of escape is that they cluster .... if one is fairly successful i.e. There is an attempt that gets the prisoner(s) away for longer than 48 hrs (the usual recapture time-scale), then there are further copycat attempts.

If however the first attempt at this type of escape fails, then they are rarely attempted again locally ..... it seems that nothing breeds success like success, and that copycatting is the greatest form of flattery, even in the criminal underworld.

All Tarred With The Same Brush

In previous reports I have commented on the extreme Muslims attacking Christians, and Hindus, and extreme Jews attacking Christians and Muslims, and now we have reports from Sri Lanka and Burma of extreme Buddhists attacking Christians and Muslims ..... its hard to put a price on the cost of lives and misery that this all results in.

What struck me particularly was the reasons for the attacks as formulated by the Buddhist monks most responsible "Muslims are trying to convert people, building too many mosques" .... that Muslims had put out the idea that Sinhalese families should become smaller and all the while "Then they started to increase their own population," they argue. "This is the only country for the Sinhalese." .... one leading light of the campaign of violence came up with a world view that echoed that of a radical Imams view of 'Muslim lands' in a recent posting .... "Look around the world - Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others, they were all Buddhist countries - but the Muslims destroyed the culture and then took over the country. We worry they're planning it here too."

Buddhist Fighting Monks - A New Phenomenon

The argument that religion is a source for good in the world is sometimes a very frail one .... it may look like it is, from some three quarters empty C of E Church in the home counties of England, but from the raw edge battle zones of places like the Middle East, Asia, or even some of our small towns north of Watford in the UK, its a very different perspective.

So far, the least offensive minded of these groups in most of these places are the Christians, who have attacked no one and slaughtered no one (probably because in most of them they are already an endangered group)..... but maybe that's next?

They are all tarred with the same brush, in my world view.

Herod's Colourful Past

Further to my post last week comes the revelation (if that's the right word), that doubts have been raised that Herod actually built the second temple .....

Now I was under the impression that all archaeological excavations on the temple mount were banned by the Arabs (they claim its sacrilege, but its believed to stop Jews uncovering the sites of the 1st and 2nd temples) - although there is suspicion that they have been actively tunnelling underneath, and destroying anything not 'Islamic' that they find. Personally I would have said, 'to the victors the spoils', and evicted the Arabs from the mount in 1967, making it a secular free site (like the Sophia Hague in Constantinople) ... after all, the Arabs only took it by conquest themselves.

However, all that argument aside, apparently archaeologists have found a Roman coin under the walls which was dated from a Proconsul 20 yrs after the death of Herod, and working the on the basis that whatever is built on top of a coin, must have gone up later than the date of the coin, this suggests that the wall was built during or after that Proconsuls service. So maybe I was giving him too much credit ..... still, out of curiosity, I have tried to find out whether the walls of the second temple and the surrounding complex would have been painted (as so much of antiquity was ....).

Its seems inconceivable that they were just white (in an age when every other building and temple was painted but ......) ... it may have been white walls of marble, and resting on pink coloured stones ........ but while the inner temple and the temple veil are described in detail by the Jewish historian Josephus, who would have been familiar with the Temple before the destruction in 70 CE, the rest of the building isn't..

The Second Temple - Jerusalem

What he said in 'Wars of the Jews, Book 5', was that .... "it had golden doors fifty-five cubits high and sixteen broad. Before these hung a veil (katapevtasma) of equal length, of Babylonian tapestry (Babul!nioÍ poikilto;Í), with embroidery of blue,and fine linen, of scarlet also and purple, wrought with marvellous skill. Nor was this mixture of materials without its mystic meaning: it typified the universe. For the scarlet seemed emblematical of fire, the fine linen of the earth, the blue of the air, and the purple of the sea; the comparison in two cases being suggested by their colour, and in that of the fine linen and purple by their origin, as the one is produced by the earth and the other by the sea. On this tapestry was portrayed a panorama of the heavens, the signs of the Zodiac excepted. . . . The innermost recess measured twenty cubits, and was screened in like manner from the outer portion by a veil (katapetavsmati). In this stood nothing whatever: unapproachable, inviolable, invisible to all, it was called the Holy of Holies". (J.W. 5.5.4 §211–5.5 §219 LCL).

But no one really described the complex buildings outer appearance in such detail .... although the Temple itself is described as a building of shining white marble and gold, with bronze entrance doors. It was said that you could not look at the Temple in daylight as it would blind you. It even had gold spikes on the roof line of the building to prevent birds sitting on the Temple and soiling it. Josephus also speaks of the doors being “covered with variegated veils”, which may not be a reference to the main temple veil on the 'Holy of Holies' and refer to other doorways and walls.

The Second Temple Would Have Been Colourful

Personally I suspect that outside of the inner sanctum (which as described above, was white and gold), that the rest of the complex was painted much like the palaces of Herod and temples in Rome, Greece and Egypt, but there is no proof of this.

Herod's Palaces - As Grand as the Emperor Augustus

Friday, 22 March 2013

Herod The Great Builder

While Israel worries about what to do about its growing population of the ultra orthodox, who harp back to an earlier era in Jewish history, using religious practise as an excuse not to work for the state, or anybody else. Ironically, all the latest archaeological evidence is that long before the advent of 'socialism', and the welfare benefits that allow the ultra orthodox to not work, ancient Judaism was place where hard work was the norm for all but the elite.

Recent archaeological work has uncovered more from the time of the leader known by the title "Herod the Great", and a man who against all the odds managed to rule in peace for 33 years (he ruled between 37 and 4 BC). A period of time almost unprecedented in length for the majority of history, up until the post 1945 era in Europe. He also managed the economy well, and under his rule there was prosperity and work for everyone.

Herod The Great

He managed this miraculous feat by using great public infrastructure projects to keep employment up, and generate secondary wealth via taxes on workers, and those businesses that grew up to support his projects.

Many of his projects have survived the millennia - the Second Temple complex in Jerusalem, which he expanded, still has the Western Wall standing (the main complex was accidentally destroyed by the Romans in the rebellion of 70AD) ... He also developed water supplies for Jerusalem, built fortresses such as Masada and Herodium, and founded new cities such as Caesarea Maritima (now known as Caesarea). Sadly his palaces in the desert (including several in what is now the occupied West Bank) at Jericho, ancient Cypros and Herodium have not survived the ages.

The Second Temple Complex in Jerusalem - Rebuilt By Herod

He would not however have identified with the Ultra Orthodox of today's Israel, with whom he would have had little in common (and in fact he was a very hedonistic man), but in spite of his enlightenment on many matters, he would certainly have sorted out in no uncertain manner, any one who said they were too religious to work.

Close up of 2nd Temple

Oddly despite this success as a ruler who died in charge of his country (again no mean feat in a world dominated by Rome), and the moniker he earned at the time of "The Great" .... He is now mainly remembered for a few rash acts ....

...... that's history for you ....

Ultra Lazy

I once wrote about the ultra Orthodox Jews who were exempt from National Army service and lived off welfare benefits in Israel ... they were the fastest growing group in the country and threatened its very existence (with predictions that they would make up 20 % of the population by the end of the decade) .... well in one of those strange quirks of fate that seem to haunt 'peoples of destiny' they may be in for a very rude awakening.

After decades of being in government (as part of various coalitions and alliances), the recent election has thrown up a centre right alliance which is largely secular, and has excluded the 'ultras' their say in government .... one of the new parties who have joined the alliance, insisted that the ultra Orthodox exemption from the Army be revoked and that they no longer be eligible for state handouts if they don't want to work.

Ultra Orthodox Jews Argue With Non Orthodox Jews

Many middle-class Israelis support the change. "We have a growing sector in the Jewish majority who are not productive economically, they do not take part in civic operations and even have an ideology of looking after themselves not the state," says Dan Avnon, a politics professor at Hebrew University. This echoes the comments of Yair Lapid (leader of the centrist Yesh Atid party) who has said that "This has generated a lot of resentment. It came to a crisis point because Israel has financial strains. Now this is something that will change, it seems, over the next few years."

Apparently this change will start with the state subsidies to Jewish seminaries being cut and ultra Orthodox schools forced to include non-religious subjects in their core curricula ..... hmm we will see about that last part.

As we have remarked before these ultra groups are hardline, violently noisy (with accusations of physical assaults on women), and they are not going to take this lying down (which is ironic for a group who won't work) .... they have already issued statement condemning the alliance partners and the terms underpinning it ..... MP Rabbi Nissim Zeev of the 'Shas' party said that "The reason they got together was just to remove the ultra-Orthodox parties from the coalition. This is really very ugly." ... however its not likely that he and his hat wearing friends will have to wait long ..... the coalition is unlikely to be as stable as the last one (In power for four years) with many predicting that it will not last for more than two years.

Then the Mad Hatter will shout 'time for tea', and all the seats will be rearranged, with every possibility that the ultra's will be back as 'King Makers', and back on welfare again.

Sinful Compassion

When an Iranian politician shows some compassion to a woman, who also happens to be non Muslim and not related to him, he runs risks, and this is what happened to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He was photographed partially embracing the mother of Hugo Chavez (a political friends and ally), at his funeral in non Muslim Venezuela.

Natural Human Compassion or Islamic Sin?

So what looked like simple human kindness and compassion to most of the world ..... is condemned as 'sinful' and 'un-Islamic' in Iran, where all hell broke loose with photo shop claim, and counter claim, made. They even blamed the 'The Daily Telegraph' newspaper for faking the picture at one point, while publishing a faked one of him kissing some Iranian politician (who they claimed was one of Chavez's uncles .... you can't make this stuff up).

Which is Photo-shopped?

However what I took from this story is what it said about those Muslims, who complained that he was 'Un-Islamic' and had 'committed a sin' by comforting a woman in her grief ....and they believe they are superior.

Weird Anniversary

In a damning milestone in a nations history .... Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has completed its full five-year term in office - the first time a civilian government has managed this feat in Pakistan's 66-year history ... Of course the army are actually a government inside a government and so technically the civilian government has no power over vast tracts of the economy, foreign policy and law and order. In particular, the I.S.I determines the policy towards India and Afghanistan - both of which are troubled by the ongoing support towards the Taliban in Kashmir and Afghanistan ... a policy which breeds terrorism at home.

An attempt in 2008 by the government to place the maverick ISI intelligence service under civilian control was rejected by the military and that set the scene for the weak regime ever afterwards. Strangely, they now have an interim government until the elections expected in May, so plenty of time for an upset, but its still thought that they may well manage to do the first ever civilian to civilian regime change in its history as well ..... although once again, judicial activism threatens to destabilise matters.

Credit to the politicians for actually getting this far, but their inability to finally get a grip on the military means that that there is no guarantee that the country will do nothing but slowly slide into chaos .... the country is actually breaking up, but in a glacial manner, with no one able to take decisive action on the several crisis ... the Baluchistan separatist insurgency is not dampening down, the economy (where virtually no one pays taxes - leaving the country reliant on US 'aid'), and the energy situation (power Blackouts are a daily occurrence), have generally worsened. All of this is exacerbated by a population growth that is out of control.

Democracy In Pakistan - Only Skin Deep

The military could tackle the internal militancy, stop the running sore that's Afghanistan and Kashmir, and improve relations with India and other neighbours at a stroke, but refuses to do so .... this means that the other issues can't be addressed either. The Asian Development Bank has warned that Pakistan faces a severe balance of payments crisis and has to borrow at least US $9bn (£6bn) from the IMF before the year is out ... it may not get it and the country's foreign exchange reserves have fallen to cover only two months of imports.

All the mainstream parties are fiddling while Rome burn .... many of them actively support the terror groups who destroy the country in an orgy of sectarian ethnic cleansing.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Sad Day For Freedom and Democracy

Yesterday was a sad day in British history, as for the first time in 200 years, the politicians (and a lobby group in favour of curbing the press), decided in secret negotiations in the middle of the night, that we should reintroduce legislative controls over the British press. We have now joined such countries as Russia where the courts and state prescribe what can be published or not, and we are not so far different now from an African regime such as that in Kenya or Zimbabwe.

What makes this all the worse, is that despite the politicians spending hours on it, they have devised such poor legislation, that we have ended up with 'the law of unintended consequences' being promoted,  because apparently 'Blogs' will very likely be included, and so if someone dislikes or objects to your blog opinions, you could be open to unlimited damages (and have to pay the *legal costs for all sides). The political parties are trying to claim that this isn't the case, but once a lawyer is involved, then it will be the courts, and not a government department, which will determine if the 'Royal Charter' (for such is the device they have used to execute the new 'laws') regulations have been breached. *If you don't join the regulation scheme, then you could face damages if you lose, and will always have to pay both sides legal costs, even if you win the court case ..... very, very, bad news for democracy.

The criteria to be caught up in all this is merely publishing 'news content' in the UK, and to to be aimed principally at British readers. So even before this pernicious bit of left wing inspired social control makes the statutes, we are already heading into the gagging of bloggers and small regional papers. I don't think that British public realised that the changes were not just for the major national dailies, but would impact blog-sites, celebrity gossip magazines, regional and local papers. This is not the first time, that we at this blog have raised the spectre of freedom being crushed, indeed we have done so on more than one occasion ....... including mentioning attacks on bloggers in the UK, and when the Labour Party was considering censorship laws to protect religion(s) against attack ....... But what should prove to everyone on the Left as well the Right, that this really is a very dangerous moment is that the editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop, has called the proposals "worrying".

How Long Before The Courts Act Against The First Bloggers?

Let's make something very clear ... the press hacking of phones, bribery of police, doorstepping and harassment, etc, etc, were all criminal offences under the current laws. The failure to stop these crimes rests fully with the Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), and the Courts, but responding to these failure by suddenly removing press freedoms, to somehow right these wrongs, is totally stupid. Lord Justice Leveson's inquiry into press ethics was misused as an excuse to gag the press, and not to correct the failures in the Justice System. None of those abuses would have been stopped by this new law against the Press, and so its nothing more than a political sham led by that chancer Ed Milliband .... he may well live to rue the day he scored a petty political triumph by removing a British freedom.

The last time the government and courts had control over the press and written word, was in the days of the freedom champion John Wilkes, and the North Briton newspaper, who won a legal case against the Government in 1763, against the use of 'general warrants' to arrest writers, printers and publishers of 'anonymous works' ...  in other words, the 'blogs' of the day.

John Wilkes with the Cap of Liberty,
and the copy of the North Briton Newspaper

Maybe this blog (and others far more influential than this could ever hope to be), will be closed down for fear of imprisonment, if they can't pay the fines and legal fees of those they have offended. Maybe we can bring back the Debtors Prisons of Wilkes day for non payers? But the government, in a bout of back pedalling, has said that the new criteria that will determine whether a 'publisher' is liable under the charter regulator, protects "a single blogger", however many commentators say that it won't ..... we shall see.

But I fear that Caesar has now crossed the Rubicon, and can never turn back.


In further back tracking, as the enormity of the cock up they have engineered starts to dawn on them, the 'three amigos' have tried to clarify the position further.

Bloggers and Tweeters will fall outside the Charter they said. Three criteria (not two as previously stated), will now be applied.

  1. The 'publication' must be a business.
  2. It publishes news related material by a range of authors
  3. It is subject to Editorial control.
It will be up to the courts to determine which sites meet all three criteria.

The author of the political gossip website best known as 'Guido Fawkes' has said that they will have to "prize the keyboard from his cold dead hands" before he will submit ..... the shade of Charlton Heston stirred for a moment.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Cane Toads Forever

The cane toad story is one that we have followed with much interest and not a little amusement for a number of years .... whilst I am aware that the cane toads are not really a laughing matter .. the fact is that toads are essentially funny (toad of toad hall et al) in the Western culture.

So the latest cunning plan, which is to reintroduce the tadpoles of a small green frog, into the breeding ponds of the cane toads is mildly amusing ... apparently the tadpoles of this frog (a native to Australia), are better competitors for the food supply in the ponds than cane toad tadpoles, and it means that less cane toads reach a size big enough to leave the tadpole stage .... the green tree frog spawn can't actually eat the cane toad tadpoles, but the restriction in the food supply they cause, cuts their overall numbers.

Its been party time for Cane Toads

However I can't help thinking that a toad that migrates 40 km per annum, has so far crossed every barrier except total desert, and conquered the north east of Australia, is not going to be beaten back by some competitive tadpoles ..... so we won't hold our breath.

More Labour Immigration Lies

It's laughable how the Labour Party still try to pretend that 'mass immigration' hasn't been a disaster ..... Yvette Cooper will admit that Labour 'has not always got it right on immigration' - (How about never?), and that it should be "fair for all" - (How about fair for the indigenous population, not to the immigrants?), and that her party hasn't always been "ready to talk about problems" ... not once admitting that it was actually a deliberate act of social vandalism intended to change Britain forever.

However it now says that it gets it (shutting the stable gates after the horse has bolted), and will say it knows that it "that needs to change". This will not mean a "move to the right" she argued - but will be an effort to distinguish between "immigration that works and immigration that doesn't .... as Ed Milliband has said, we know Labour got some things wrong on immigration in government."

She even claims that "We will support the government where it introduces sensible policies and we will point out where they are getting things wrong. But we won't enter an arms race of rhetoric on immigration - and we hope the prime minister won't either. That's not honest, or good for Britain." So in other words, they still want to control and set the agenda, and declare parts of the subject as out of bounds, and beyond debate.

Of course we all know that part of the current reduction in net migration by 72,000 since the election, has been caused by more Britons leaving the UK or choosing not to return, as well as a drop of 38,000 in students coming to study in the UK, is partially achieved by ever more white Britons fleeing the UK.

But she can't even be honest about that, merely adding that "Few think the answer to Britain's immigration challenges is to persuade more Brits to go away."

Laughable  ... as mentioned earlier 'white flight' is a direct result of a Labour Party decision to let rip with immigration as a matter of policy in the 1990's ..... a decision to "open up the UK to mass migration".  One that Labour Government Ministers were 'reluctant' to discuss such a move publicly, for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote". Andrew Neather, a former adviser to PM Tony Blair, and Home Secretaries Jack Straw and David Blunkett, has admitted publicly that it was a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity".

Labour Party Still Proud Of Mass Immigration

The Tory Immigration Minister, Mark Harper, responding to Ms Cooper's comments, said that "I don't think I heard an apology for Labour letting immigration get out of control while they were in power. We saw net migration of 2.2 million when they were in power." ..... many of these were semi skilled third world immigrants, many of whom actually dislike us and our culture.

UKIP waits in the wings for the wary ............

War Machines

In most Sci-Fi movies these days, the humans face at least one android or robot in combat (usually the human wins) e.g. 2001 - A Space Odyssey (HAL 9000), 'The Terminator' series, 'Attack of the Clones', 'Cyborg', 'Screamers', 'Universal Soldiers', 'IRobot', and 'Soldier' to name but a few. There are also the mandroids (part organic intelligence, in machine bodies), with villains such as the 'Daleks', 'Cybermen', and the 'Borg'

Well it appears that the days when this may come true are getting ever closer, with the use of war drones in Pakistan / Afghanistan, and pilot-less war-planes being trialled as I write. In fact, apparently over 70 countries world wide now have some sort of military drone or robot developments under way, and this includes Iran and North Korea.

This has worried some anti war campaigners, who rather strangely believe that this development is somehow more terrifying, than what's currently going on places such as Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan .... that somehow being killed by a robot or drone, is somehow more terrible than when a human does the killing face to face (so to speak).

Daleks Invasion of Earth - who needs the Terminator?

I beg to differ with this viewpoint ... robots are not cruel 'per se', they simply follow the orders they were programmed with .... the human killers operating in places like Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan, will not just kill, but will torture as well .... and worst of all, they also enjoy it.

Buddha, Barbie and Bart

Its always a surprise that the militant religion of peace, is so insecure ..... it never allows proselytising by other religions for fear of losing adherents. In Iran it generally recognises Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism - which was the native religion in Persia when invaded by the Arabs, and which now is almost eradicated in Iran, whilst demanding the right to heckle and preach in non Islamic countries.

However its only when you see what's been banned in Iran, that you realise that they will never feel safe until there are no alternative ideas left ..... apparently 'Buddha Statues' have joined 'Barbie Dolls' and all the characters from 'The Simpson's' on a list of banned items. In 2010, several statues depicting prominent Iranians disappeared from Tehran city’s streets and squares. Their disappearance was blamed on an unnamed group, with a strict interpretation of Islam that bans the depiction of the human form in art and that felt that the statues of Iranians were actually a short step from idolatry ..... 'Barbie' and her multicultural friends are apparently promoters of western imperialism and values!

Hijab Barbie - Banned.

.... not sure what's wrong with the Simpson's, except Homer drinks too much.

Homer Meets The Middle East .....

However, poor old Buddha is actually deemed a threat to the whole edifice of Islam in Iran, even though it appears his likeness is considered just a 'good luck' statue in most of Iran. Reza Sanaei, a shopkeeper who sells the statues said that ‘As I understand, none of the customers cared about Buddhism, they only bought it for decoration’. One of his customers, Marjan Arbabi, said she personally did not like the statues. ‘But my parents have set of five Buddha’s statues at their home simply because they think the statues are beautiful’.

Bhudda in Persia

An Iranian government spokesman said that Buddha statues are symbols of "cultural invasion" .... a bit like the Arab invasion of Persia 642–644 AD .... Oddly Buddhism in Iran goes back way before Islam, and in fact is not a 'cultural invasion, whereas Arab Islam is.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pope Francis I - Jorge Bergoglio

A new Pope has emerged from a conclave .... leader of the Roman Catholic world, and the most powerful figure in the Christian world.


"I bring you news of great joy ..... we have a pope" 

Pope Francis I - Jorge Bergoglio

A momentous day for South America, Argentina, and the south, and the first time the old pope has witnessed his on successor being enthroned in hundreds of years.

No doubt reams of press and coverage will be about, but this is one of the first posts .... 1.2 billion Catholics and the world are expectant. He takes over at a time when the Christian world is under assault by another 'world religion', and where in the developed world, belief in religion has fallen (except where immigration has brought Islam lapping at the door), in fact to the point where Western governments (including the UK), legislate against Catholic beliefs ..... indeed Argentina is one of these countries where the secular law has clashed with those church teachings e.g. Gay Marriage.

A time of change for the Church in the West, but not in the South ..... maybe the centre of the church is about to move away from Europe for ever, as this Popes age means that there will likely be another conclave inside the next decade, and that may mean another South American or African Pope.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Batman Forever

Ah, how we at PC towers love these 'superhero' stories .... I thought that they had all but disappeared, after a spate of them a few years ago, and then suddenly, faster than you can say "Pow, Chop and Splat", the caped crusader springs back into action, and in Bradford of all places.

Batman - "Pow, Chop, Splat"

He appeared in the dead of the night (well in the early hours of the 25th of February), at Trafalgar House Police Station and has handed over a wanted man at a Bradford police station before disappearing into the night.

The Bradford Batman

The man was charged with handling stolen goods and fraud offences, while in true comic book style, the police were left saying ..... "Who was that masked man?"

Well, they should ask the woman at the Joke(rs) shop, she said on radio that she knew who he is, but wasn't naming him. However sadly the mystery was revealed and mystique of the event was somewhat diminished, it was 'Stan Worby', who was dressed like this because he had just got back to Bradford, after going to Wembley to watch Bradford lose to Swansea in the league cup final. He had agreed to accompany his friend to the police station, because he was handing himself in, because the police were looking for him in connection with a number of offences.

It was just a little 'in joke' between friends which went viral .....

Its Just Not Cricket

A young man develops a serious drug habit, being described as a habitual cocaine user .... he then drives his car at night, after at least a heavy drinking session, and possibly after taking cocaine as well. The inevitable happens and the police spot him. He drives off and after a chase he then abandons the car. Finally he then runs down some railway lines in his efforts to evade the police, where he apparently steps on the electrified middle line and is either killed outright, or blacks out, in any event he is then run over by a train and dies.

This is not an terribly uncommon tale around the public housing ghettoes of our inner cities, and in the normal run of these things most of us would not spare more than a moments thoughts for some druggies death - especially if the man was black. Certainly you wouldn't expect anything more than a very brief local press coverage ... maybe local TV, radio and newspapers .... not the national coverage on TV, Radio, the Press and the Web, it actually got. So what brings this on?

Well the young man was White, Middle-class, and a vaguely promising Surrey county cricketer. A sport which is possibly the most 'upper middle-class' of UK 'national' sports, and the only sport I can think of, which with virtually no crowds at club level, and little public interest outside the international level, manages to somehow maintain a vast press coverage. County cricket is almost a relic of empire, when the middle-classes had the time to support public schoolboys and their sports ... the 'press' who cover it are invariably ex-players or ex-public schoolboys who played the sport, and their 'social interests' are almost entirely limited to that closed world ... hence the sudden national coverage when one of their own dies, no matter how sordid the circumstances.

Cricket and Drugs

How hypocritical the world can be ....... the death of this man, which should maybe only have prompted sympathy only to his family and friends, has somehow elicited waves of public regret in the media community, and yet virtually no comment in the general public, certainly nothing on the level the self absorbed media have accorded it. You could actually believe that this man was a national hero.

To most of us, he was a drunk drug addict who died in slightly peculiar circumstances, but to the the middle-class cricket press, its an excuse for acres of national press coverage and 'where did we go wrong' cries.

The terrible truth is that if he had been a different skin colour, and or from a different class background, the story would likely never have made it past the local press.


UKIP Ammunition

It's rare that anyone ever tells us exactly how many people from abroad live in the UK ..... but the BBC has provided the figures via the Office of National Statistics.

The Number Of EU Residents in the UK (possibly)

The reason for all this honesty is that UKIP are on the rise ..... and the Politically Correct chattering classes of the left and the media are suddenly fearful that instead of the tame Tories, they will get the wild card UKIP party, pushing an agenda that they find anathema  .... leaving the EU, and stopping immigration. So we can expect lots of attempts to prove that immigration from the EU is good for us all.

England and Wales British Percentages - 2011

David Cameron's speech vaguely promising a referendum on EU membership, appeared to be sufficient to stop UKIP by taking away one of its two pillars of support .... but it hasn't. This meant that instead of a mid-term by-election victory in Eastleigh, the Tories stalled, and they lost to a Liberal Party that should be rights have lost its seat.

But with the news that only 44.9% of Londoners are white British, that 7.5million residents of England and Wales were foreign-born in 2011, 5% are Muslim and less than 90% of country is white, the rise of support for UKIP seems inevitable.

Social Engineering

The Left Wing spent many years in trying to ensure that the UK ceased to remain a 'white' European nation .... this self loathing for their own nation and ethnic group has almost certainly led to issues that will wreck their dreams of  Britain free of white males ..... because this sort of ethnic social engineering, has consequences, and most of them apparently total surprises for the self styled 'Left Wing Intelligentsia' ....
  • We now have Jihadists, and Islamic terrorists, brought up in the Muslim ghettos that litter our northern towns, and London.
  • Muslim women in the UK, risk forced marriages, denial of education (many girls simply 'disappear' from schools), honour killings..... which oddly we were told we had sent soldiers to Afghanistan to stop.
  • Estimates suggest that there are as many as 10,000 'slaves' in the UK, most of them Black or Asian (Muslims) ..... although not all, as the recent conviction of Irish travellers for having slave workers proved.
  • The population of the UK is predicted to raise to 78 million (almost all attributed to immigration decisions), just at at time (2050) when being able to feed ourselves would be very useful as the world reaches mass starvation time ... We will need another planet to resource us by 2030.
  • Migration Watch estimates 550,000 extra school places will be needed by 2015 at a cost of £40bn because the number of children born in the UK to parents from abroad has more than doubled in 10 years and is expected to keep rising, just when we need to cut public spending.

Social Engineering

All this is a social disaster on a massive scale for the UK, but not one word of apology from the architects of mass non European immigration, who are still leaders of the Labour Party.

Why do I suspect that I will never hear a real one either ....... just some semi justifications, couched in terms like 'we didn't get everything right'  .... 'we have to be fair to immigrants' etc etc.

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Curious Ape

Apparently we are curious because our great ape ancestors were curious creatures. Scientists at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire set up tests, and found that Chimpanzees enjoy trying to solve brainteasers, even when there is no obvious rewards. In other words the challenge and the satisfaction of meeting it were the reward in themselves.

They set up a game for six chimps that involved moving red dice through pipes until they fell into a container, and they played it whether it was dice or using Brazil nuts, and they did not receive advance training on how to play the game.

Clever Chimps Share Our Ancestors

Once they had mastered a simplified version the, researchers created higher "levels" of challenge by connecting many pipes together, and making them opaque so the dice or nuts could only occasionally be glimpsed through small holes drilled in the pipes ..... and just like humans, the chimps were even more stimulated to try and solve the game ..... kinda like a computer game for us.

The Curious Ape - We Inherited The Same Genes

If nothing else, it just proves that our common ancestry with another ape wasn't so long ago as some of like to think.

We Are Wot We Speak

Keeping on the language discussions .... it appears that the language you speak, and how well you speak it are indicators of your likelihood to save, exercise or even smoke.

Doesn't sound plausible does it? But according to Yale University behavioural economist, Keith Chen languages can be split into two groups: strong and weak Future-Time Reference (FTR) languages. Examples given in each group are:

Strong FTR languages: Chaha, English, French, Fula, Gamo, Hausa, Igbo, Italian, Moore, Russian, Tigrinya, and Tamil.
Weak FTR languages: Amharic, Dyula, Estonian, German, Malay, Mandarin, Oromo, Sidamo, and Yoruba.

Being a member of a strong FTR language means that you are more like to differentiate or disassociate between the present and the future e.g. 'I will go, am going, or have to go to the pub', whereas a weaker FTR may say 'I go pub' or 'morgen regnet es' - it rains tomorrow.

So? Well apparently our old friend statistics show that speakers of languages which only use the present tense when dealing with the future i.e. Weak FTR languages, are more likely to save money, than those who speak languages which require the use a future tense i.e. Strong FTR languages.

He offers figures which seem to show that weak FTR users are:
  • Likely to have saved 39% more by the time they retire.
  • 31% more likely to save in a year.
  • 24% less likely to smoke.
  • 29% more likely to be physically active.
  • 13% less likely to be obese.

And the reasons according to Professor Chen are that "If your language separates the future and the present in its grammar that seems to lead you to slightly disassociate the future from the present every time you speak. That effectively makes it harder for you to save." ... or give up cigarettes, or exercise etc etc.

All Languages are either FTR Strong or Weak

Of course economists, linguists and social anthropologists are already arguing against his findings, saying that there are a number of cultural, social, or economic reasons why different language speakers behave differently .... and yet I find this argument superficially compelling. The English speaking world is generally poorer at saving, and long-term planning etc than the German speaking world. However on the negative side, our CHAVS are renowned for not being able to get tenses correct - the classic is "Can you borrow me some money" .... so you would think that they would save more than the rest of us .... which of course they don't.

In fact you could argue that the fact that the UK faces winters of blackouts and other infrastructure issues is down to the fact that our politicians find it easy to disassociate the present from the future when its only the future that benefits. Tony Blair was aware of the need to set the nuclear reactors building programme in motion to save the UK from issue 25 yrs later .... but he flimflammed and kicked it down the path .... now we still haven't started the building and face an energy gap in which we may have to reopen coal and gas fired generating plants, to stop us huddling in the dark.

Who would have thought it was partially down to language, and not just political cowardice .....

Chai Boys - Afghanistan

The BBC have reported this week on the corruption in the Afghan security forces in Helmand province and elsewhere in Afghanistan ..... in particular they were apparently shocked that young boys are taken by force for the personal pleasure of police commanders .... They are known colloquially as "chai boys" and the practise as 'bacha bazi', literally “boy play". Gosh, Muslim homosexuals everywhere, in a land where its illegal .... who would have thought it after reading the Quran and Hadiths.

Young boys in paradise as one of the rewards all Muslims receive (*72 virgins 'Houri's' plus 12 boys 'servants'). Chapter (76) sūrat l-insān (Man) - "There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls". No big guesses what this means .....

What it makes it stranger is that the stories have been circulating for years ... I reported on a similar story in September 2010 .... it takes the BBC three years to catch up to the reality of what's going on in the criminal state we have created.

"Chai Boys" - An Afghan Tradition

We have wasted years, and hundreds of our and Afghan lives, on a war that could never serve the purposes we expected - they are a backward nation and happy with it. We should have never stayed after the bombing of the Taliban ..... the replacements are actually worse than the Taliban - they at least were an advert of what we all could face one day - the current regime, is too much like the regimes in too many places we have 'liberated', or will have to liberate (Iraq and Pakistan springs to mind).

*The number of virgins is not specified in Quran, it comes from a quotation of Muhammad recorded in one of the lesser known Hadith.


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