Friday, 22 March 2013

Sinful Compassion

When an Iranian politician shows some compassion to a woman, who also happens to be non Muslim and not related to him, he runs risks, and this is what happened to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He was photographed partially embracing the mother of Hugo Chavez (a political friends and ally), at his funeral in non Muslim Venezuela.

Natural Human Compassion or Islamic Sin?

So what looked like simple human kindness and compassion to most of the world ..... is condemned as 'sinful' and 'un-Islamic' in Iran, where all hell broke loose with photo shop claim, and counter claim, made. They even blamed the 'The Daily Telegraph' newspaper for faking the picture at one point, while publishing a faked one of him kissing some Iranian politician (who they claimed was one of Chavez's uncles .... you can't make this stuff up).

Which is Photo-shopped?

However what I took from this story is what it said about those Muslims, who complained that he was 'Un-Islamic' and had 'committed a sin' by comforting a woman in her grief ....and they believe they are superior.

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  1. They are scum. They believe that women are sub humans ....


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