Friday, 22 March 2013

Weird Anniversary

In a damning milestone in a nations history .... Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has completed its full five-year term in office - the first time a civilian government has managed this feat in Pakistan's 66-year history ... Of course the army are actually a government inside a government and so technically the civilian government has no power over vast tracts of the economy, foreign policy and law and order. In particular, the I.S.I determines the policy towards India and Afghanistan - both of which are troubled by the ongoing support towards the Taliban in Kashmir and Afghanistan ... a policy which breeds terrorism at home.

An attempt in 2008 by the government to place the maverick ISI intelligence service under civilian control was rejected by the military and that set the scene for the weak regime ever afterwards. Strangely, they now have an interim government until the elections expected in May, so plenty of time for an upset, but its still thought that they may well manage to do the first ever civilian to civilian regime change in its history as well ..... although once again, judicial activism threatens to destabilise matters.

Credit to the politicians for actually getting this far, but their inability to finally get a grip on the military means that that there is no guarantee that the country will do nothing but slowly slide into chaos .... the country is actually breaking up, but in a glacial manner, with no one able to take decisive action on the several crisis ... the Baluchistan separatist insurgency is not dampening down, the economy (where virtually no one pays taxes - leaving the country reliant on US 'aid'), and the energy situation (power Blackouts are a daily occurrence), have generally worsened. All of this is exacerbated by a population growth that is out of control.

Democracy In Pakistan - Only Skin Deep

The military could tackle the internal militancy, stop the running sore that's Afghanistan and Kashmir, and improve relations with India and other neighbours at a stroke, but refuses to do so .... this means that the other issues can't be addressed either. The Asian Development Bank has warned that Pakistan faces a severe balance of payments crisis and has to borrow at least US $9bn (£6bn) from the IMF before the year is out ... it may not get it and the country's foreign exchange reserves have fallen to cover only two months of imports.

All the mainstream parties are fiddling while Rome burn .... many of them actively support the terror groups who destroy the country in an orgy of sectarian ethnic cleansing.

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