Friday, 8 March 2013

Social Engineering

The Left Wing spent many years in trying to ensure that the UK ceased to remain a 'white' European nation .... this self loathing for their own nation and ethnic group has almost certainly led to issues that will wreck their dreams of  Britain free of white males ..... because this sort of ethnic social engineering, has consequences, and most of them apparently total surprises for the self styled 'Left Wing Intelligentsia' ....
  • We now have Jihadists, and Islamic terrorists, brought up in the Muslim ghettos that litter our northern towns, and London.
  • Muslim women in the UK, risk forced marriages, denial of education (many girls simply 'disappear' from schools), honour killings..... which oddly we were told we had sent soldiers to Afghanistan to stop.
  • Estimates suggest that there are as many as 10,000 'slaves' in the UK, most of them Black or Asian (Muslims) ..... although not all, as the recent conviction of Irish travellers for having slave workers proved.
  • The population of the UK is predicted to raise to 78 million (almost all attributed to immigration decisions), just at at time (2050) when being able to feed ourselves would be very useful as the world reaches mass starvation time ... We will need another planet to resource us by 2030.
  • Migration Watch estimates 550,000 extra school places will be needed by 2015 at a cost of £40bn because the number of children born in the UK to parents from abroad has more than doubled in 10 years and is expected to keep rising, just when we need to cut public spending.

Social Engineering

All this is a social disaster on a massive scale for the UK, but not one word of apology from the architects of mass non European immigration, who are still leaders of the Labour Party.

Why do I suspect that I will never hear a real one either ....... just some semi justifications, couched in terms like 'we didn't get everything right'  .... 'we have to be fair to immigrants' etc etc.

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