Friday, 29 July 2016

Soaking Up All The Sunlight

When you live in a land in which creationism competes with evolution in the school curriculum then you will get strange results ....

Take the town of Woodland, which is the county seat of Yolo County, California. Its a small town with around 62% White and the rest of various races, of which Latino's are the largest minority at around 27%. The older retired generation is around 10% of the towns population. So in many ways its an unremarkable little town which mirrors southern California's general mix.

Woodland California .... No To Solar Theft ....

Twelve Is A Magic Number

When you think about it, the magic number of humanity should be Ten, or maybe Twenty, or even Eight. I am not basing this argument on any recent science, or new maths .... those things just muddy the waters, and really don't have any significance for a numbers importance over periods going back more than a century. I am discussing the number with a significance back to the dawn of time, when our limbs and digits should have been our natural base numbers.    

Yet from almost the earliest times known, it was Twelve that was the magic number. This is remarkably strange, because nowhere on the human physiology does the number twelve appear, and yet right from the earliest dawn of humanity, twelve has appeared as an integral part of the sacred and the divine.

The oldest preserved Zodiac dates from around 3,000BC, when the Sumerian's in Mesopotamia developed their calendar of the night sky, based on the twelve heavenly bodies e.g. one for each Lunar month as they counted it, and each carrying the name of a prominent constellation (This of course led to there being twelve months in a year). This suggests that religion came into being almost as soon as we could communicate our wonderment, at the universe we lived in.

The Twelve Points Of This 6th Century Jewish Synagogue Mosaic Zodiac Incorporates Greek-Byzantine Ideas ...

Spare The Rod

I have often commented on the idiocies of the practises of the religion we all love so much, so its only fair and even handed to point out, when another of the worlds belief systems performs another equally backward action. In this case its the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russian State And Church Have Nearly Always Been Close ....

Now this is a branch of Christianity (Greek, Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian flavours), that I had always had something of a soft spot for because of its resilience under the twin suppressions of Islam and Communism. A resilience that I suspect that other branches of that faith may not have been able to display for the long periods that the Orthodox Churches have shown.

A Rain Of Terror

If its not France, such as this weeks killing of a priest, then its Germany. The seemingly endless stream of attacks by Muslims, on the societies that they have claimed 'asylum' in, continues unabated ....its now raining a steady drizzle of low technology and organisation, but still effective terror attacks. This is not the thunderstorms of 9/11 or 7/7 but harder to detect.

Germany Under Assault ....

Friday, 22 July 2016

Sexual Experimentation

The nature versus nurture debate over sexuality has been running for decades. The best estimates, of around 3% of the male and female populations actively engaging in homosexuality or lesbian behaviours, being far less than the claims by pro-gay campaigners of 10%+.

But times they are a changing, and it seems that the new metro-sexuality that's being promoted by advertising agencies, may be influencing behaviours.

More People Love Experimenting .....

The recent General Social Survey of 30,000 Americans has apparently (or perhaps I should say purportedly), uncovered the fact that the number of adults who admit to a gay experience has doubled since the 1990's.

Unwanted Legacies

As part of the new nationalism sweeping the old British colonies (and also apparently some elements of Scotland as well), it is required to somehow reaffirm their 'identity', if not independence, by scrapping the Royal Family, becoming a Republic, and changing any old national flag that hints at a 'colonial' past.

Proposed New Zealand Flag Design

So New Zealand has just held a referendum, instigated by the current Prime Minister John Key's party, to scrap the old flag (which features a British Union Jack in one quarter).

No Shame In Murder ...

Qandeel Baloch (real name Fauzia Azeem), was something of an exponent of girl power in Pakistan. I say 'was', because she has paid the ultimate price of many a young woman with hopes of a free life in that backward, patriarchal society.

She was murdered by her family (her brother strangled her to death straight after the festival of 'Eid' ... he was a religious man), because she had in their eyes, offended the families 'honour' by modelling. Apparently murdering your daughters is 'honourable' in Pakistan. Thousands of these types of murders take place in the land of the pure every year .... most go unpunished.

Qandeel Baloch .. Another Voice Silenced

There are similar murders across the globe wherever south Asian communities have settled. In those places, there is slightly more chances of being arrested and convicted of murder. In this case, 'celebrity' reaped some consequences, and her parents have been taken into custody, while her brother Waseem was on the run, but arrested a day later. He was reported to have told the police that "She wasn't aware I was killing her. I gave her a tablet and then strangled her. I am not ashamed. We are Baloch and as Baloch we cannot tolerate [this behaviour]" ......

Turkey Tilts To One Party State

The failed coup in Turkey was very badly planned (which is why it failed), but it has also left the idea of a secular Turkey hanging in the balance. A process of slow erosion of the secular state and ideals of Atatürk, will now accelerate, as President Erdogan takes his revenge on the opposition.

Turkeys Ruler ....

Turkey as a secular democracy, has effectively now been hijacked by an Islamic religious party, and will now inevitably become a one party religious state. Supporters of the ruling party chanted "God is Great" (Alluha Akbar) in Taksim Square in Istanbul after the coup failed .... this should be sending shivers down the spines of the states of the European Union, because its a chant we hear too often in our own cities (usually just before an outrage).

Turkey is pressing to get access to the EU for its citizens, as part of the deal struck with Germany, err, the EU, over migrants.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Warnies World

There is an Australian sports legend formerly known as 'Warnie' aka Shane Warne. He is a leg end in his own lunchtime, because of his exploits over a couple of decades leading the Australian Cricket team to great victories.

Warnies World

Peeping Tomasina

The world of personal sexuality and turn-ons is to say the least wide ranging. For instance we occasionally hear of deaths involving plastic bags or ligatures, (David Carradine springs to mind), in which the solo participant was trying to achieve sexual orgasm via a near death experience.

Not something that the 99.99% of the rest of us can comprehend, but apparently just the extreme form of a particular strand of deviation from what we classify as the norms of sexual activity.

Male 'Princesses' Come In Many Forms .....

That area is so outré that I won't be going there, but this blog has occasionally catalogued some of the other strange things, such as the activities of Calvin E Wank, that get some men (and we have to be honest its always men), to make the news reports. So in that spirit, and because it amused me, here is the tale of a man who wants to be a Princess.

Last Of The BIG Men

I have always been surprised that Robert Mugabe has managed to cling onto power in Zimbabwe for so long (The 92 year old has governed the country since independence in 1980). But perhaps 'cling on' is the wrong simile ... he has actually retained an iron grip on the country for decades. One of my earliest posts on this blog, was on his then position, and I was very wrong in assuming that he would have fallen long ago.

Bread And Circuses have Worked For Centuries .....

Now finally perhaps his grip may be slipping .... any tyrant has to think about 'bread and circuses' .... the two key elements to keeping the mob, err population, happy. Despite his total economic incompetence and corruption, Robert Mugabe has always found money for his key support base, the Army and Public Officials. He has always managed to make sure these two groups are paid, and therefore have a feel good factor, even while the rest of the country, particularly in rural areas, suffered great poverty.

Political Death Fight

What a stramash in the Labour Party, as the vultures of the far left, struggle over the scraps on the carcass of a once big party. The loss of Scotland to the SNP and the Election to the Tories, then the loss of Labour voters in the EU referendum, has brought the party to the edge of death (again).

How many more times it can walk to the abyss, before finally tipping over into oblivion is hard to judge, but that time must be fast approaching …… 1997’s triumphalism, must seem a very long time ago now to the Labour Party members.

Vultures Are Feeding On Labours Corpse ..

So far there are three candidates declared; all with terribly similar far left wing views (how soon we have reverted back to the politics of the 1970’s and 80’s):

No More Je Suis Anywhere

The time is fast approaching when the apologists for Islam in the West, are going to have to shut up. How many deaths, how many outrages before they are forced to face up to reality, and not the happy 'multi-cultural fantasy' many of them continue to live in.

These attackers may be a few bad apples (as the excuse always is), but they have very obviously rotted the rest of the barrel. We can no longer excuse these attacks as some sort of freak event. Eighty five or more people are lying dead or dying in a street in France today, because our only response to Jihadi Islam is 'Je Suis ... ' (whatever the latest location is).  

Je Suis (Insert Name Here) ....

The current social media generation are a spineless bunch, who think disliking some event on facebook, is an actual effective action. We would all be Germans in the 3rd Reich now, if we had had to rely on this generation to defend us in 1939.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Migrant Brown

Gordon Brown was not, in my opinion (and others may well think differently), a very good politician (A leading proponent of Scottish Devolution, and of the open the doors migration policies of 'New Labour'), Chancellor of the Exchequer (he introduced the conditions for our debts by running up deficits on the 'never never'), nor indeed Prime Minister. He lacked one character trait above all the others, one which handicapped him at every turn ...... it was Political Courage.

Only In His Dreams Did Brown Take Blair On Like This .....

I'll Be Watching You

The amount of people tracking your every day movements is staggering ..... you walk down the street tracked by CCTV cameras. You go into the office and you swipe cards everywhere to get around. You drive your car and the GPS is tracking you. Your phone is talking non-stop to your Phone and Internet providers .....

Your Watched Everywhere These Days ....

So from the moment you leave the house, to the moment you go home, your every step is counted and watched by many shadowy figures ....

Modern Time Travel

John Titor is the name used on several Internet bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001 by a poster claiming to be a time traveller from 2036. He claimed to be an American soldier based in Tampa in Hillsborough County, Florida, who was assigned to a governmental time-travel project. He said he was on his way back to 1975 .... that he was using a device fitted to .... wait for it .... in a 1987 Chevy Suburban.

John Titor's Time Machine in a 1987 Chevy Suburban

The Man Who Could Have Been King

In an age littered with semi tragic political figures, you might think from the heading of this post, that I was going to talk about Boris Johnson, the coup leader and front man for the UK Brexit campaign. He of course wanted to be party leader and Prime Minister of Britain, but was knifed in the back by his erstwhile colleague Michael Gove, in a spectacular 'Et Tu Brute?' moment.

‘The World's Worst Terrorist’ - Tony Blair Defending Himself From Criticism

But no, in fact I want to talk about Tony Blair the ex Labour Leader and UK Prime Minister, who this week finally had what was left of his political and personal reputation dragged into the gutter, where it will probably remain for decades, if not forever. He was even branded by one relative of a soldier killed in Iraq, as being 'The World's Worst Terrorist’ .... you just don't survive words like that.

Politically Pulled Apart

In an American Presidential campaign, that in many ways reflects the extreme ranges of social polarisation in current US society between 'immigrants' and 'natives', rich and poor, low tax and high tax, colour and religion, etc, there is always one thread to the US story that recurs, and its the one that deals with the powers of central government (federal) control, versus local state control.

The US constitution naturally leans toward the states retaining as much local control over their governance as possible, whilst the reality of 21st century politics, often pulls power to the centre.

This dichotomy of interests is of course not unique to the USA, indeed Great Britain has, via a powerful constituent region (and the hubris of the Labour Party), started a shift to local control via devolution, that will most certainly break the country apart eventually. Whilst in Spain, similar calls for devolution are being strongly resisted by the main government, for fear of much the same scenario being played out there as well.

American Constitution Subject To Change

Friday, 1 July 2016

Mars ....The Blue Planet

One day man may Terra-form the Planet Mars ....

Mars The Blue Planet
..... its certainly a possibility if we carry on ruining this Earth.

A Little Bit Of History

When we see Aussie sportsmen's faces in the UK, its usually them beaming at some triumph or other, usually over us. The cricketers have lost that edge recently after its world dominating team broke up, but the Australian Rugby team had seemed destined to hold dominance over the England team forever (other British teams exist, and you can pick them is you want. Ireland, Wales or Scotland, the statement still applies to one degree or another).

As recently as last October, Australia had reached the final of the World Cup in England (only losing to World Number one team New Zealand). England meanwhile hadn't even got out of the group stages .... we had then entered another moment of deep national introspection.

The Sort of 'Happy' Aussie Faces We Like To See

Fiddle Mee Dee

In India, exam cheating is so endemic, that Army Examiners in Bihar made 1,000 aspiring recruits strip down to their smalls, before sitting the entrance test in the middle of a field. The precaution was taken to stop the examinees from:

(a) Hiding crib sheets in their clothes.
(b) Writing on their bodies.
(c) Having relatives pass them the answers.

Indian Exam Cheats Face Ever Tougher  Counter Measures ......

Now what has that got to do with us (apart from being funny that is)?

Life Mirrors Life

Women these days often claim that despite all the legislation, that they are not paid a fair amount compared to men. I have often found this to not only be untrue (where in most organisations I have worked in most middle managers and above are women), but often based upon the spurious 'like jobs' idea, which compares apples and bananas, and says they should be the same values.

Pocket Money Levels Changed Since I Was A Teen, err Young Man ....

The EU Wasn't Working For Us

I can't watch or listen to the BBC News at the moment. If you weren't aware of what really happened you would believe that the world has actually ended, and that Britain has single handedly broken western civilisation. Its actually pathetic that they can't accept that a fair vote took place and reflect the wishes of the majority.

Latests BBC headline 'The UK has had its credit rating outlook cut to "negative" by the ratings agency Moody's after the country voted to leave the EU.' ... read the story though, and suddenly you discover that the overall Moody's rating of "Aa1" remains unchanged ... so a non story and non headline. This is the tone of the current coverage. The BBC is acting like Chicken-licken and running around with its skirts up, screaming that "the sky has fallen in."

BBC Acting Like Chicken-licken ... The Sky Hasn't Fallen In.

The Generation Blame

Can't really avoid the repercussions of the Referendum for one more weeks posts, because there has been much muttering and out right shouting by certain sections of our society, claiming that the Referendum result was somehow a betrayal by the 'Baby Boomers', perpetrated on the current younger generation. That somehow the 'oldsters' ambushed the process, and pushed Britain (or at least the non Scottish part of it ~ and even there 2/5ths of those who voted, voted for Brexit. Which is something to mull over at a later date), out of the European Union.

The Generation Gap Has Led To The Generation Blame ...

Now I am happy to acknowledge that there was a large divergence between the voting in the referendum depending upon the age groups looked at. However this isn't actually something new ... in fact its not even linked to the 'Baby Boomers' generation.


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