Friday, 1 July 2016

Fiddle Mee Dee

In India, exam cheating is so endemic, that Army Examiners in Bihar made 1,000 aspiring recruits strip down to their smalls, before sitting the entrance test in the middle of a field. The precaution was taken to stop the examinees from:

(a) Hiding crib sheets in their clothes.
(b) Writing on their bodies.
(c) Having relatives pass them the answers.

Indian Exam Cheats Face Ever Tougher  Counter Measures ......

Now what has that got to do with us (apart from being funny that is)?

Well Indian ‘doctors’, 'lawyers', 'nurses', 'IT workers' etc are allowed to arrive in the UK based upon their ‘qualifications’. Rarely (especially in IT), are any of these so called qualifications ever challenged, or are they forced to sit new exams here. This despite the fact that Indian exam cheating is so widespread and rarely prevented in India.

This lack of challenge allows these, and other countries workers, to flood certain UK employment markets, and undercut those with genuine qualifications, both natives and those from other countries ….. the same issue applies to Polish plumbers and Romanian electricians etc. So it begs the question, would you want an unqualified doctor performing a medical examination on you? Or would you risk a multimillion pound I.T. build on offshore Indian workers, none of whom may know how to write or test code properly?

…… Well, we as a country do so every day.


  1. They sound like the perfect candidates for our banking industry ;)

    1. Oddly, outsourcing well paid banking jobs to India doesn't happen Just call centres and IT work .... wonder why?

  2. The post Twelve is a Magic Number appears on my Dashboard after this post but not in the list of posts below. It looks like an interesting post, can it be made accessible?

    1. I'll put it up next Friday ... its was published in error which is why you can see it.

  3. BBC 14/02/2017: India's Supreme Court has cancelled the licenses of 634 doctors embroiled in a medical school admissions scandal in central Madhya Pradesh state. Hundreds of candidates were found to have cheated to gain admission to medical colleges between 2008 and 2013


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