Friday, 1 July 2016

Mars ....The Blue Planet

One day man may Terra-form the Planet Mars ....

Mars The Blue Planet
..... its certainly a possibility if we carry on ruining this Earth.

It may well gain oceans, and then it will be a number of desert continents (like Australia) surrounded by blue seas. The great central land mass in this stunning Hubble image is appropriately named 'Arabia Terra'

Of course these aren't seas or oceans, its just that by some chance of processing, the image has a blue hue that happens to mimic or hint at the possible future of a Mars with oceans.

Still, its a lovely sight to behold and we are lucky to be able to see these sights ....


  1. Amazing image! Solid surfaces are rare in the Solar system and even rarer are those which meet Goldilocks' capriciousness.

    1. So no little green men then? Maybelittle green bacteria though!

    2. Bacteria is a possibility, life may be an inevitability in our universe and the conditions on Mars may have met Goldilocks' approval, before it didn't any more.


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