Friday, 15 July 2016

Political Death Fight

What a stramash in the Labour Party, as the vultures of the far left, struggle over the scraps on the carcass of a once big party. The loss of Scotland to the SNP and the Election to the Tories, then the loss of Labour voters in the EU referendum, has brought the party to the edge of death (again).

How many more times it can walk to the abyss, before finally tipping over into oblivion is hard to judge, but that time must be fast approaching …… 1997’s triumphalism, must seem a very long time ago now to the Labour Party members.

Vultures Are Feeding On Labours Corpse ..

So far there are three candidates declared; all with terribly similar far left wing views (how soon we have reverted back to the politics of the 1970’s and 80’s):

Jeremy Corbyn - He has pledged to campaign "on all the things that matter", saying anyone within the party with disagreements with him should "come and talk about it". He can no longer muster the support of more than 40 or so Labour MP’s, and recently lost a vote of No Confidence held by those MP’s, 172 votes to 40 – The party NEC ruled (The secret NEC vote went 18-14), that as the incumbent he can stand for election, even without the need of the backing of 51 of his parties MP’s.

He’s wounded, but no doubt still formidable inside the party as he has an election machine, built in the last leadership battle, which can rally support amongst party activists. Corbyn thinks he will win, because he believes that he is still electable as a Prime Minister, and because he still has the backing of lots of very noisy (and often aggressive) activists.

Mr Owen Smith – He is a minor shadow minister, and says he will position himself to the left of left-winger Angela Eagle, stressing his support for Mr Corbyn's anti-austerity policies, which he believes will enable him to appeal to an apparently very radical Labour Party membership. He claims he will do "whatever it takes to stop our party being destroyed" …. including wielding a knife to Corbyn apparently ….. up until now I had never heard of him.

However if he’s placed himself to the left of Ms Eagle, then he’s surely unelectable as well (unless he believes he’s more photogenic?). Oh and apropos of nothing much, but Mr Owen Smith was a BBC Journalist and was a producer on BBC flagship radio news show Radio 4's Today programme ….. now he’s a hard left MP (and the BBC claims it has no left wing bias built right in to its news system).

Ms Angela Eagles – Apparently a lesbian left winger, but she claims she should win the party leadership because:
  • She’s a woman, and it is time that Labour (a party of equality), elected its first female leader.
  • So Labour voters can “help me heal our country." …. So a saint as well as a woman!

…. again, who had heard of her until recently? She also apparently believes that stabbing Jeremy Corbyn on her way to the top, is the best way to the party's and the nations, hearts and minds.

Both Mr Smith and Ms Eagle regard themselves as the 'unity candidate' (the irony of which claims they apparently don't see), and that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable … but what makes them think that they are? They also both claim that they want to win the Labour Party back from …. well essentially the same groups they are appealing for support from right now.

For reasons that aren’t explained right now, the registered supporter status (which gives people a one-off vote if they pay a fee), will suddenly cost £25 this time round, instead of £3 in the run-up to last September's vote which Mr Corbyn won. Either it’s an attempt to thwart Corbyn’s supporters, or a chance to get more money into the party kitty (donations are drying up). However all the £3 members can pay the £25 in a two day window (if they can afford it out of their welfare benefits).

Ironically the Labour Party has become such a vicious nasty little party that ‘brother and sisters’ (as they like to call each other fraternally), now abuse each other on epic scales. Ms Eagles offices have already been vandalised, and her social media pages filled with hate and bile (from fellow left-whingers) calling her 'a dyke, a traitor, and (worse of all) A Tory'.

The Rent-A-Mob attack is now such a feature of the hard lefts politics (both internally and in general elections), that the parties National Executive Committee has banned all constituency parties from holding any meetings during the leadership election campaign, to try and prevent physical intimidation (aka violence) from breaking out. Old time left-wing MP Dennis Skinner has compared those MP's rebelling against Corbyn, to those coal miners who crossed the pickets lines during the last miners strike. When asked by a reporter if the MP's concerned were 'Scabs' he said: 'That's a matter for you to interpret - you seem very plausible'.

The Social Democrat Party Formed In Last Labour Split .....

Its going to get very very dirty, and blood will be everywhere when its over. They used to call the Tories the nasty party … well I think that particular hat fits only one group now .... and to think they actually hope to win a General Election.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we may be reliving the Labour Party's past …. Is there about to be another split in the Labour Party (like the formation of the Social Democrat Party in the 1980’s).

Update 19/07/16:

In one of those 'deals' that are so beloved of Labour Party schemers, Ms Eagle has withdrawn from the fray after discovering that she 'very narrowly' had less backers than Mr Owen. The fact that Britain may not ready for Ms Eagles as leader, had nothing to do with the decision ... no, no. So now they have their 'unity candidate' the rebellious MP's can take on the Corbynites in bloody hand to hand mortal combat....

The Corbynites Still Hold The Advantage .....

The Corbynites Still Hold The Advantage .... especially as the legal attempt to block his candidacy failed.


  1. BBC are reporting that in the past 48 hours, 183,000 people have signed up to vote in the ballot - the majority are believed to be "Corbynites" as you describe them.

    1. Well the fights on then ... Thanks for the update. I have to admit in looking forward to the bloodbath.

  2. Your Website is Blocked22 July 2016 at 13:41

    Well Its started already.

    Owen Smith has blamed Corbyn and his supporters for the abuse, intimidation and violence that has broken out .... "After all, we didn't have this kind of abuse, intolerance, misogyny and anti-Semitism in the party before Jeremy Corbyn became leader."

    Actually of course he's wrong. Anti-Semitism has been bubbling away inside the party for the last 20 years or so (the claims against Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone for example are merely the tip of a large iceberg) .... as for the rest, well the rent-a-mob are not new. They have been accompanying the left for decades (Militant Tendency, Workers Revolutionary Party et al ... the clues in the names). The difference is that they never felt free to speak out openly, or act openly, before.

    If Mr Smith wants to blame someone, blame the wrong Milliband who they made leader last time. It was his party electoral reforms that opened Pandora's box and gave the hard left the leverage to get one of its own made leader.

    1. Entertaining is not the word .... almost as funny as the Republican convention was.


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