Friday, 8 July 2016

Migrant Brown

Gordon Brown was not, in my opinion (and others may well think differently), a very good politician (A leading proponent of Scottish Devolution, and of the open the doors migration policies of 'New Labour'), Chancellor of the Exchequer (he introduced the conditions for our debts by running up deficits on the 'never never'), nor indeed Prime Minister. He lacked one character trait above all the others, one which handicapped him at every turn ...... it was Political Courage.

Only In His Dreams Did Brown Take Blair On Like This .....

I have detailed this in many posts from that era, but in short he proved my point time and time again ... principally when he failed to fight Blair for the role of PM (instead entering into some sort of 'agreement', that he would get given the role 'unopposed' by Tony Blair).

When he went, he wasn't missed by many in his own party and by even less people in the UK, he had after all, all but bankrupted the country ...... the Scottish National Party even took his old parliamentary seat in the last general election, which luckily he had just retired from, or he may have suffered the worst indignity of any ex-Prime minister or indeed ex-major party leader, and lost his parliamentary seat (even Nick Clegg survived the Liberal party massacre!).

Since then he has made the odd bit of news. He took some sort of big business role, and he entered the EU debate on the side of 'remain' campaign (well he would wouldn't he), but largely he has had the decency to keep out of our eyesight .... until now! He has now revealed his family back ground in a book on the EU called 'Britain leading, not leaving' .....which wasn't meant to be ironic, but which shows he was on the wrong side of the argument, again.

Anyway's, he recently took a DNA test, and was reportedly 'astonished' at the results .... No, I know what your thinking, but in fact his father was his father, and he wasn't a foundling raised by humans (mores the pity). No, he was 'astonished' to find that he wasn't 100 per cent pure Scottish beef. He claimed that he had always believed that he was descended from Picts, Gaels or some other 'Scottish' tribes who had resided there since the last ice age retreated.

Browns Raids On Our Pension Funds Are Now Explained .... Its Cultural.

So imagine his 'astonishment' when the results suggested that his forefathers had come from Scandinavia sometime in the 9th or 10th centuries, but not directly to the Firth of Forth area. They seemingly stopped off in the North of England, before moving to Scotland about a century later, possibly to avoid cattle rustlers or some such. So not only Scandinavian, but Dane Law English as well.

The bit that made me laugh most was when he was quoted as saying that everything he had assumed about his heritage, was questioned by the 'discovery of migrant roots'. Yeah, Right, the Vikings were well known 'migrants' ... they must have passed an immigration points test. Wait, no, that's 'migrants' to Australia. No the Vikings were more the Calais jungle type of migrant, using force to land here, and then using force again to make the locals to adopt their ways.

Its amazing what a selective memory can do for a politician when it comes to questions about immigration, as Mr Brown should remember all too well.

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