Friday, 29 July 2016

Spare The Rod

I have often commented on the idiocies of the practises of the religion we all love so much, so its only fair and even handed to point out, when another of the worlds belief systems performs another equally backward action. In this case its the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russian State And Church Have Nearly Always Been Close ....

Now this is a branch of Christianity (Greek, Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian flavours), that I had always had something of a soft spot for because of its resilience under the twin suppressions of Islam and Communism. A resilience that I suspect that other branches of that faith may not have been able to display for the long periods that the Orthodox Churches have shown.

However, the Russian variant has recently become more and more reactionary, and in many ways reverted back to its old position as a supporter of the state (a position it regretted after the Tsar's were overthrown), and backer of Putin's new nationalist Russia.

However its not just politically that its showing this new found conservatism, its also reacting to any 'progressive' legislature that the Russian Parliament, which comprises of the State Duma, which is the lower house, and the Federation Council, which is the upper house, passes. For instance the lawmakers have recently passed a law banning parents from exercising corporal punishment on young children.

Its Not Known If Putin Is A Spanking Fan .... But

The reaction of the Russian Orthodox church authorities was not encouraging .... they condemned the law as being both 'sinful' and against the 'holy rights' of parents to snack their offspring. Now I don't know the exact nature of the law, but I would guess that mild a proportionate chastisement is allowed (you can't always reason with a three year old), and that this refers to tougher forms of control.

Still its interesting to note that the response to this kind of legislation differs so much between Eastern and Western churches.


  1. Physical chastisement of children is wrong and it doesn't surprise me that a religion thinks it isn't.
    It's more about releasing one's own frustration than disciplining the child.

    "I've [smack] told you before, [smack] don't [smack] hit your [smack] brother!"

    1. Hmm ... I am a little ambivalent on this matter as I was occasionally smacked and survived it reasonably well. But equally it was hardly a beating with a rod (that came later, in Senior school), so I can see both points of view. Saying 'NO' to a child who ignores it is neither discipline, nor setting boundaries.

    2. Saying 'NO' would be enough if the parent had the child's respect which a lot of people fail to earn by being unreasonable ('cos I said so..) and inconsistent (don't tell your father I let you do that). Parents provide all the child's needs and so have the option to control behaviour without violence. Children can survive physical punishment well enough but those who have not been smacked can grow up to be good people too.

    3. No doubt equally those who have been smacked can grow up to be bad people too ... there is no hard and fast result to either method which is why I sympathise with parents who use occasional light chastisement. It should however be a largely personal matter, as long as its a symbolic light slap and not anything harsher.


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