Friday, 15 July 2016

Peeping Tomasina

The world of personal sexuality and turn-ons is to say the least wide ranging. For instance we occasionally hear of deaths involving plastic bags or ligatures, (David Carradine springs to mind), in which the solo participant was trying to achieve sexual orgasm via a near death experience.

Not something that the 99.99% of the rest of us can comprehend, but apparently just the extreme form of a particular strand of deviation from what we classify as the norms of sexual activity.

Male 'Princesses' Come In Many Forms .....

That area is so outré that I won't be going there, but this blog has occasionally catalogued some of the other strange things, such as the activities of Calvin E Wank, that get some men (and we have to be honest its always men), to make the news reports. So in that spirit, and because it amused me, here is the tale of a man who wants to be a Princess.

The gentleman concerned is a resident of Ellesmere Port, although as he has been named and shamed as Ian Qualters, he may not be any more. His particular turn on is to dress as a woman, and then spy through house windows at real women ... his 'disguises', if that's the right term, included a 'Disney Princess', women's swimwear, and just 'leggings'.

Once he had got the women's attention, he would laugh, jump or caper about, and make lewd remarks before finally running away.

When he was eventually caught, he put up one hell of a struggle. It took six police officers armed with CS gas to restrain him, and in the process he at one point lifted two officers off the ground. That's one very very 'big princess' (see the ugly sister in Shrek III). This account reminded me of the new reports some years ago of an ex-SAS soldier (occasionally known as Joanna), who while dressed as a lady, was arrested on a railway platform. As I recall that took a large number of police officers (four or more?), several of whom were hospitalised in Kent.

When Mr Qualters appeared in the court in Chester, he admitted harassment, various public order offences, and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to ... 24 month community order, plus restraining and behaviour orders (like these are going to stop him ...), but the Justices of the Peace also banned him from wearing 'fancy dress' in public, as well as touching his genitals in public. As you can't keep a strange man down, one suspects that next time he will just skip the Princess's outfit.

A Lot Of Men Like To Dress As 'Princesses'

Once I started looking at 'man dressed as woman' stories on the web, there were literally hundreds of them .... Whilst Mr Qualters was described in court as being of very low IQ (which is why he escaped imprisonment), but this is apparently a very common fantasy amongst many men who don't have that excuse.

Oh well Vive La Différence .... I think!

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