Friday, 31 July 2015

Monkey Love

A twenty three year old woman, has claimed that she was sexually assaulted by two Barbary Macaques (a form of small ape) which live on the outcrop of Gibraltar.

Barbary Apes Quite Big Boys ..... Apparently

Better Late Than Never

The Monty Python movie 'Life of Brian', a movie now often shown on afternoon TV on Sundays, was originally banned in 1979 in many parts of Britain for its 'blasphemous content'.

Monty Pythons 'Life Of Brian' ... Satirical Not Blasphemy

Beggars Can Be Choosers

The news that only 199 out of 1002 police arrests (and that's a low amount of arrests given how widespread the problem is), for begging, were actually found to be homeless, is hardly a shock .... this fact has been exposed a number of times, with even waged workers taking up begging at the weekend and evening, as a tax free earner.

Modern Beggars Are Seldom Poor Or Homeless ....

Boomerang Effect

I have not followed the Cane Toads in Australia story for quite a while .... last time I looked, they were still expanding their range, but it was hoped that natural obstacles such as deserts, and mountains, would mean that even if man couldn't halt them, natural geography would. This would mean that the south and western parts of the continent would (barring accidental introductions via cars, trucks, trains, or crate packages), remain free of the pest.

There were also programs on-going to:
  • Cull the toads.
  • Harvest and sell the toads to China and Vietnam as delicacy (strangely if they were native to China they would likely be endangered, given that countries propensity to eat anything that walks or crawls or swims).
  • Find some commercial use for them in medicine.
  • Stop them breeding via neutralised females.
  • Protect the native species that their presence endangers.

..... and even some talk of toad leather for shoes etc ..... in fact anything at all, that might put the brake on this creatures expansion. But none of the suggestions or actions seemed to be a definitive solution, and their numbers just kept growing.

No, Not This Common Toad .....

Friday, 24 July 2015

Stupid Selfies

The newest way to show that you are stupid, is to endanger both yourself and wild animals, by attempting to take photo 'selfies' with them. I am not talking about being photo bombed by some animal popping up unexpectedly in your pictures, nor the sort, where the animal is way, way, behind you, but I am talking about the sort where its furry, scaly or leathery face is right next to yours, or as close to that as possible.

The latest set of idiots to be warned about this are the tourists in the US Yellowstone Park reservation, located in north-west Wyoming, who have taken to getting up close and personal (well, within 18ft -5.5m - of the animal) with 2,000 pound (900kg) Bison's and other assorted critters.

Predictably the Bison etc, don't always react well to this personal space invasion, and can charge at about 30 mph .... park rules say that you stay at least 75ft (23m) away from the very large animals, and even further away from predatory animals such as bears or wolves!

Bison 'Selfies' Can Go Wrong .....

Soapy Tales

According to market research firm Mintel, 87% of Britons regularly buy liquid soap, against the 71% who buy solid soap, a product which has fallen behind liquid soap sales for the first in the UK. I have to admit that I stopped using soap bars about a decade ago, so I have long since nailed my slippery colours to the liquid soap mast, but there is an interesting history behind soap of both sorts.

Somewhere in my dim and distant past, I seem to recall being taught the idea that soap wasn't invented until the late middle ages (or even post industrial) period. This is why after the Roman Empire bathing period (when they actually used olive oil and a scraper, to clean their bodies down), the peoples of Western Europe suddenly apparently became very dirty, and very smelly, and that this situation lasted well into the Victorian era for the average citizen.

Roman Bathing Practises Were Not Matched For Centuries ....

Push Button Warfare

The future of warfare may well be cheaper in manpower terms, as budget cuts bite, but it will probably be smarter and more hi-tech ....

 US Army Video Of Laser Tests

Renta-Mob Rules

During the last election, there was an event which wasn't picked up as widely as it may have been, or perhaps should have been. This was the emergence of what I can only assume were left wing bullyboy tactics, who attempted to subvert democracy by threatening political opponents to stop them campaigning.

This intimidation process has been practised in the past, but only against 'far right' politicians, usually from the British National Party, who were often prevented from holding rallies, and or, were physically hounded by thugs. This behaviour was apparently agreed with in some imperceptible way, as being 'OK' for some reason. Other far right groups though, such as the English Defence League, were largely immune from this threat, because they had built in thug protection at the rallies (in the form of their own 'boys'), although the sudden resignation by its leader Tommy Robinson was allegedly after threats to his family, although this was not publicly given as a reason.

However during the election, this renta-mob tactic turned against more mainstream targets. For instance it was the leader of Ukip, a right leaning, but mainstream political party, who was hounded  ..... Nigel Farage was blockaded in his party offices in Rotherham by union led protesters, who claimed that Ukip weren't wanted in Rotherham. A statement refuted by the simple fact that Ukip already had 10 councillors in Rotherham.

Sarah Champion MP - Not Champion Of Free Speech

Friday, 17 July 2015

Nearly, But Not Quite Gone

When I was a kid, or if I was a German, then the word 'Puttertogetherers' would not have seemed odd. The Germans for example love these combined words, and as recently as 1999, in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, they came up with the word 'Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz' - meaning "law delegating beef label monitoring"  .... it has since been made redundant, after a change in EU laws removed its need, but the Germans have plenty more examples. We however rarely ever use this method of word formation, which makes 'Puttertogetherers' fairly, if not completely unique.

'Puttertogetherers' make these

Mummified Treasure

When they used to show those hammy old Vincent Price movies on TV, one which always caused a shiver when I was a young teen was his 1953 classic House of Wax.  In it a disfigured sculptor (Price) repopulates his destroyed wax museum, by murdering people and using their wax-coated corpses as displays. This was of course following in a line of such movies, starting in 1924 with Waxworks and continuing on as recently as Wax in 2014.

The main point was usually either the murder and embalmation, or even the embalming of living people inside the wax, to be kept for eternity as mannequins on display in Waxworks and Museums ..... of course one likes to hope that this is just a writers fancy, although there are enough sickie's out there these days to never be sure.

Mr Price Liked A Wax Embalming ....

To Pluto and Beyond

With the successful flyby of Pluto this week, the human race has now visited all the 'classical' planets. Of course technically Pluto ceased to be classed as a planet, as it was just too small, especially after the discovery of Eris and Orcus alongside it in the Kuiper Belt. This fate was compounded when other similar size bodies such as 'Makemake' and 'Haumea' and 'Sedna' were found, with a real prospect of even more being found in the same size range .... so in 2006, Pluto was demoted from the classification of planet to that of 'dwarf planet'.

Pluto and Charon Show Exactly Why They Are Dwarf Planet and Satellite ....

The Mexican Wave

There are outsiders, and then there are rank outsiders. The US Presidential party primaries are probably the best place on earth in which to see hopeless optimism and ego, completely overwhelm any common sense, or even just simple political reality. Politicians, who frankly are not even legends in their own households, push themselves forward for the office of the 'Big P'.

Just Some of The Republican Party Hopefuls .....

Friday, 10 July 2015

Seeing Is Disbelieving

Life's just an illusion .... and seeing is believing, or maybe not.

Just Stare For A Moment At Each Image ..... Perspectives Alter.

Work Place Scams

"I'm working from home" .... has there ever been a more untruthful statement in the English language?
Maybe there have been others that at the time also seemed so, like 'Marshal P├ętain was a true patriot', or 'The Russian press is the freest in the world', but hardly one that has been so misused or so abused by the many, when said to the few.

It rarely conjures a up an image of someone clocking on to their laptop at 09:00 am, then diligently working non stop (except for a 45 mins lunch break, and the odd coffee making moment), until weary from a full day away from the office distractions, they clock off at 05:00 pm with all their projects completed. No, its normally accompanied by a sly look around at the others who also have this 'privilege', while those who are not granted this facility, stare stony faced at the latest to get a free day off.

At best, they will catch up on some emails, and then a veritable blizzard of impossible instructions will fly from their machine in the morning, sometimes accompanied by telephone calls ... all of which will be clarified the next day when they come in. Noticeably these emails dry up suddenly around midday, and nothing more will be heard from them.

Working Skivving From Home - Extreme.

The Home Front

With once again the memories of Islamic attacks on the UK fresh in all our minds, after this weeks one minute silence on the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks,  its perhaps worth reflecting that despite all the huggy feely nonsense spouted by Tony Blair and his multiculturalist government at the time, the problem has actually got worse, not better.

Since then the Muslim population has probably doubled, but those numbers have merely swelled the ranks of the would be Jihadists in the UK, as illustrated by this map ...... 

The Home Front Is More Active Than Ever .....

Don't Mention The War

The ever ongoing 'Greek Crisis' has thrown up some bad politics, worse economics and an awful lot of bile ..... but one has to hand the prize red ribbon for the bile to Mr Yanis Varoufakis, the now 'Ex' finance minister of Greece. He hardly pulled his punches when it came to insulting those whose money he wanted to get hold of.

"Germany must be proud of the fact that Nazism has been eradicated here", he said on a visit to Berlin, and he then carried on and brought up the economic depression in Weimar Germany that brought Adolf Hitler to power ..... hardly tactful, and as he then went on to mention the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece, the inference was plain and brutal to his hosts.

Images Much Like This Are Circulating The Web ....

Friday, 3 July 2015

Land Of The Not So Free

In the land of the not so free, there is often a delusion that they are as free as anyone .... this is an age old phenomena, but was far more easily enforced before smart phones opened up the Internet to the globe ... a change that is so revolutionary in its potential to change the world, that we have not yet begun to see its full impact play out.

For instance, in North Korea, most people probably half believed for years, that the rest of the world was at least as poor as they were (although clandestine contacts with South Korea would have ensured that equally they half suspected that this was nonsense), but that is unlikely to be the case now.

Internet Usage Was Restricted To One Screen And One Mouse Driver ..

Painless Parker (Wild West Dentist)

I remember Bob Hope playing the part of Peter "Painless" Potter, a barely trained itinerant dentist in the wild west. He was cast opposite Jane Russell in 'The Paleface'. A role that was so successful that they reprised the roles to a large extent in 'Son of Paleface' and this time with the addition of the singing cowboy 'Roy Rodgers' and 'Trigger' the wonder horse. Ah they don't make them like that anymore.

The Painless Movies

Sodom and Gonorrhea

It appears that now that the great AIDS scare is over (well you still get it, but you won't likely die of it), that the homosexual part of the Gay and Lesbian community, have returned to their old casual promiscuity, with what can only be described as, err, well 'gay abandon'.

Stewie Griffin Dancing In Gay Disco ......

Lies and More Damn Semantics

Multiculturalism is a sickness that masquerades as a fair ideology for everyone ..... after all its saying that we all are all tolerant of each others culture, and that no one culture, not even the native one, holds preference. This is particularly the case wherever a Labour or Liberal Party multiculturalist regime is in power ..... what it doesn't say, is that a minority and backward culture is to hold precedence over all other cultures ... well at least not publicly.

But as Multiculturalism is the brainchild of left-wing politicians and their councils, its often simply used to hammer the majority of the country, to make them subservient to the backward social practices of minority protest and immigrant groups. Its strange that such a fair sounding concept, can be misused in this way, but that's the way these ideologists work ..... it is after all a form of the 'newspeak', so beloved of dictatorships everywhere from Orwell's 'Big Brother' to the North Koreans Il-Jongs dynasty.

One of the most recent examples of how this 'ism' is totally abused is at the Islington Council, where in the name of 'economies', it claims that it makes sense not to serve pork in its primary schools, because of the cost of monitoring each child, in case they are religiously or culturally forbidden from eating the meat.

The explanation given was that as little children may not know what they can eat, then “Monitoring each child, every day ensuring they are avoiding pork, is an unnecessary cost at a time of tight budgets.”

To get around any criticism that this was basically pandering to Islam, they said that pork meat was not actually banned, but just had not been on catering contracts for primary schools in the borough since 2011 ..... newspeak if ever there was any.

Islington Doesn't Serve Pork ....


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