Friday, 10 July 2015

The Home Front

With once again the memories of Islamic attacks on the UK fresh in all our minds, after this weeks one minute silence on the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks,  its perhaps worth reflecting that despite all the huggy feely nonsense spouted by Tony Blair and his multiculturalist government at the time, the problem has actually got worse, not better.

Since then the Muslim population has probably doubled, but those numbers have merely swelled the ranks of the would be Jihadists in the UK, as illustrated by this map ...... 

The Home Front Is More Active Than Ever .....

In all, 18 have been convicted in the UK of offences related to Jihadist/Terrorist offences, while 42 are believed to be in Syria or Iraq. Also there are believed to have been 41 UK Jihadists killed fighting in Syria or Iraq, mostly for Jihadist groups. These figures were good as of June 2015 but since then more 'families' have migrated to the IS Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and there are likely to be even more over the next few months.

Strangely, although the government talks about more needing to be done, at work, we are constrained about talking about the issue because 'Human Resources' would likely sack you if you did. The Muslims in the office never mention it, ever, no matter what outrages are in the news. 

The rest of us discuss it only with the most trusted of colleagues or our friends ..... and therein lies the reason why the problem continues to get worse. Political Correctness may well result in many deaths because we can't say what we really think, to the one group who really need to understand our disgust.

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