Friday, 3 July 2015

Lies and More Damn Semantics

Multiculturalism is a sickness that masquerades as a fair ideology for everyone ..... after all its saying that we all are all tolerant of each others culture, and that no one culture, not even the native one, holds preference. This is particularly the case wherever a Labour or Liberal Party multiculturalist regime is in power ..... what it doesn't say, is that a minority and backward culture is to hold precedence over all other cultures ... well at least not publicly.

But as Multiculturalism is the brainchild of left-wing politicians and their councils, its often simply used to hammer the majority of the country, to make them subservient to the backward social practices of minority protest and immigrant groups. Its strange that such a fair sounding concept, can be misused in this way, but that's the way these ideologists work ..... it is after all a form of the 'newspeak', so beloved of dictatorships everywhere from Orwell's 'Big Brother' to the North Koreans Il-Jongs dynasty.

One of the most recent examples of how this 'ism' is totally abused is at the Islington Council, where in the name of 'economies', it claims that it makes sense not to serve pork in its primary schools, because of the cost of monitoring each child, in case they are religiously or culturally forbidden from eating the meat.

The explanation given was that as little children may not know what they can eat, then “Monitoring each child, every day ensuring they are avoiding pork, is an unnecessary cost at a time of tight budgets.”

To get around any criticism that this was basically pandering to Islam, they said that pork meat was not actually banned, but just had not been on catering contracts for primary schools in the borough since 2011 ..... newspeak if ever there was any.

Islington Doesn't Serve Pork ....
But here's the thing, this decision must also mean that any other meat served, such as chicken, and that they serve to all children, is also 'Halal', because otherwise the Muslim children are still forbidden to eat it ... its still haram.

So in order for this 'economic' policy to make any sense, then they either have to have sneakily made all meat supplies halal, and thus are open to animal welfare and cruelty charges. Or they are letting Muslim children eat meat that is haram ...... now we know they wouldn't do this, so logically Islington Council is forcing non Muslims to eat Halal meat, but without telling them.

Not very multicultural of them, but then its a creed that was never intended to be fair to the majority of us was it?


  1. The solution is to not serve meat which we eat too much of anyway. Students can get their animal products at home where parents can serve them according to their culture.

  2. Well chips and yet more chips are popular with non asian kids but as obesity rates show, not helpful. Where vegetarian regimes have been tried at schools, school meal eating rates have dropped off as kids voted with their feet, and headed to shops with crisps and buns added to mcdonalds etc. Healthy and popular school meals have to include some meat, and this also means it not being killed in accordance with a minority religious creed.


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