Friday, 3 July 2015

Sodom and Gonorrhea

It appears that now that the great AIDS scare is over (well you still get it, but you won't likely die of it), that the homosexual part of the Gay and Lesbian community, have returned to their old casual promiscuity, with what can only be described as, err, well 'gay abandon'.

Stewie Griffin Dancing In Gay Disco ......

I can say this because health authorities are reporting that there has been a large year on year increase in the reported number of cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases amongst the gay community for several years. The figures showed a 46% increase in syphilis infections, 32% in gonorrhoea and 26% in chlamydia in the last year alone. This despite the fall in the overall numbers of STD's (0.3% from the previous year, to 439,243 new cases), all of which comes from the heterosexual population.

The prospect of a lifetime on a cocktail of drugs to stave of death, appears to no longer hold any fear for many men, and so unprotected sex is back in full swing.

Strangely, it seems that despite some prominent campaigners always complaining that it was just homophobic stereotyping, to describe their previous AIDS risking sexual behaviour as reckless, they have now apparently confirmed those critics views, by acting to that stereo type at the earliest possible opportunity.

So it appears that perhaps a leopard can't change its spots after all.

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