Sunday, 31 January 2010

Broken Britain and Broken Haiti

I have chosen to not really comment on the two big stories of the last week or so:
  1. The Haitian Earthquake and its aftermath, and
  2. The home story of the Edlington torture case in Yorkshire

The reasons for this low amount of comment is that both stories will be thoroughly covered elsewhere and in far greater detail, so I will limit my comments to the following.

If there is a more benighted country in the western hemisphere than Haiti I am not aware of it. It was founded as the the first black-led Republic in the world, when it gained independence as part of a successful slave rebellion against Napoleons troops in 1804. But from that point onwards it has been one disaster after another and the country has proved to be virtually ungovernable except by extreme voodoo inspired dictators such as "Papa Doc".

Despite the successful rebellion it remained a Francophone independent (along with Canada) country while the rest of the French islands in the Caribbean are all overseas départements, or collectivités, of France. Maybe that's where its problems lie?

Whatever the reasons, its fair to say that after political 32 coups and countless foreign intrusions, Haiti remains the Wests only truly failed state. The utter shambles of the relief program is sadly true to form with everything else that happens in that country.


The domestic story of the two children who tortured two even smaller children in Yorkshire and are suspected of other similar offences, is so depressing that I was going to ignore it, but that would be unfair on the victims. We should all cry out in horror at what monsters are being bred on the council estates across New Labour's Britain.

Just a brief description of the Manson like 'family' background that produced these two animals .... the mother had multiple partners and children by them. She fed the kids cannabis to 'quieten them down', and they were allowed to watch horror movies from a young age. These boys would allegedly often be up all night and had even set fire to their own wardrobes in their bedrooms.

This family and its scum brood were known in the Edlington area (yet another life time Labour Party constituency) and to the authorities, but as usual in "Broken Britain", where I can be arrested or sued for a politically incorrect blog comment, nothing is done to control the blight families who ruin so many lives across the country.

Don Crabtree a former police officer, described the brothers as habitual troublemakers who were "a cancer" in the local community where they were involved in incidents of vandalism and violence against animals. "On one occasion we had it reported to us that at least one member of that family was seen to pick up ducklings in the park and kill them by throwing them against trees. That is about as sad as it gets."

"About as sad as it gets" sums up both stories.

Solution To The Cane Toad Problem!

Finally a solution to the great Cane Toad problem them!

Yes finally the Chinese appetite for eating or using as medicine everything that walks, crawls, swims, wriggles or otherwise exists on the planet, may come in useful at last. This is because one enterprising businessman has finally spotted a gap in the market and the possibility of filling it with Australia's number one enemy, the Cane Toad!

Yes a representative from a Queensland meat processing firm is travelling to China next month to negotiate an export deal, to sell a large number of the estimated 200 million cane toads in Australia. It appears that in China the cane toad is a popular ingredient in a range of traditional medicines in China. Its toxins are used as a heart stimulant and as a diuretic as well a remedy for sinusitis and toothache. The animal's skin and organs are also thought to have powerful therapeutic qualities......... a bit like the Chinese views on every other living creature in fact.

Anyway, this is not the time to be churlish and despite the need to overcome various quarantine and licensing formalities before exports can begin, an end to the problem may just be in sight.

Nazi Hunter Efraim Zuroff

The fascination by news organisations with the Nazi regime appears to be limitless, with recent stories about 'Mein Kampf' on sale in Muslim countries and sixty year commemorations of the start of the second world war in recent months.

This week the BBC ran a story about the 'last of the Nazi hunters' Efraim Zuroff .... a name I had not heard of before. This blog follows these stories because it once listed the current top Nazi's who were being hunted (at that time) and got an unusual response (and I don't just mean any response LOL), and has felt obliged to follow this area ever since.

However it seems as though an end of these stories may be in sight because Mr Zuroff has admitted to the possibility that the annual report that his office publishes naming the "most wanted" among the world's surviving Nazi criminal suspects could be the last.

This because within a decade all of those under suspicion for World War II crimes will probably be dead. Personally I just feel that with very old people (both witnesses and defendants), its now impossible to guarantee the protagonists memories and therefore the fairness of the trials.

Still I suspect that this blog will be following these stories for some years yet.

The Dear Leader Plays With Fire (Again)

North Korea is back to sabre rattling again ...... this week its firing shells at the sea border with South Korea, and once again its holding a couple of US citizens for spying.

Its hard to see how one day the North Koreans are not going to misjudge one of these bouts of aggression and trigger a major conflagration.

Its also hard to understand why some US citizens appear to truly believe that they can't be hurt while crossing into this terrible regime. Its impossible to believe that sooner or later one of these idiots will not find themselves facing a firing squad or thirty years in a salt mine.

This is a very dangerous part of the world and we may wake up to a nuclear war has erupted in this region unless the madman regime of the 'Dear Leader' isn't curbed.

Zuma Loves All His Wives Equally

In South Africa, President Zuma's personal policy of mass marriage is keeping him in the spotlight. Unfortunately this 'father of the nation' is not too old to have anymore children, because he doesn't seem to be in the mood to stop, with news that on top of his official 19 children, he has fathered a "love child" last year to another woman.

When challenged at the World Economic Forum in Davos (a freebie that third world leaders appear unable to resist) about whether it was a backward step for Africa that he was practising tribal polygamy, Mr Zuma dismissed the criticism.

"That's my culture. It does not take anything from me, from my political beliefs, including the belief in the equality of women," AFP news agency quoted the president as saying. "Some think that their culture is superior to others, that's a problem we have in the world."

Its a pity that Zuma lives up to every bad stereotype for African males, with countless children, a rape allegation, and now an alleged illegitimate child as well, because South Africa needed a progressive leader, not yet another 'Big Man' politician.

The Gadfather Flexes His Muscles

Muammar Gaddafi's role as King of Kings, and head of the African Union looks to be heading for an acrimonious ending, as that little monkey known as 'rules' and possibly its cousin 'democracy' have reared their heads.

The problem is that Gaddafi is not exactly democratic by nature or inclination, or rather he practises 'one man, one vote', and he's that 'one man' with the 'one vote' in Libya.

Now that his one year reign as head of the African Union is coming to an end he is not a happy 'gadman'. His solution? Why not just change the rules so that he stays as head of the African Union? Simple! And to that end, one of Libya's Arab clients (no oil), Tunisia, has now suggested prior to a African heads of state summit next week, that Col Gaddafi stay on.

This would be fine if everyone just understood that Gaddafi is the only man for the job, but unfortunately some of the AU members don't quite see it the 'Gadfathers' way, and these 'troublemakers' are insisting that the AU rules mean that its Malawi's turn to lead the union.

"Personally I am confident that the candidature of Malawi is going to be endorsed by the whole African Union," said Eduardo Koloma , Mozambique's deputy foreign minister.

As usual with Africa, the sound of the begging bowl rattling is never far away. The AU is looking for $1.3bn for its programmes, Malawi is poor, Libya is by far the richest of the AU members (in terms of contributions), a deal is on the cards, and this blog is confident that with an exchange of cash to Malawi and the AU, our man will retain his status as the 'Big Man' of Africa.


The BBC is reporting that Gadaffi has handed over the Chairmanship of the AU to the Malawian leader but apparently with not much good grace. He is reported as having complained about being sidelined, left out of decisions and most crucially, of not being invited to represent Africa at big meetings such as the G20, G7 and World Economic Forum at Davos.

He is also said to have made a very pointed reminder about how much funds Libya has contributed to the AU and suggested that as he had been in power the longest (no mean feat in a continent where re-election is optional) he should be given a special post in the organisation ........ obviously no elections are foreseen in Libya for the next decade or so.

I suspect that the AU will still be looking for the $1.5bn after this little episode.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

"The Earth Should Swallow Me Up" Moment.

Gillian Cooke a female UK Bobsleigh team member showed the world what she was made of in one of those "Ooops, pardon my fly's" moments that we all suffer once in a while, but not normally on live TV ........

Where There's A Willy Theres A Way

In Egypt there has been a trend amongst young educated couples to use a legal devise known as the urfi marriage, which is actually not legally recognised in many Muslim countries, as a means of the boys getting pre-marital sex without the formal and legal need to get married.

Probably no real harm would be done when these teen 'arrangement's fell apart, but in the Muslim world women's rights are nominal at best and often proscribed by social convention as well as religious and legal ones. So when a child is the result of these unions, the girl is often left literally holding the baby and with a court fight to prove paternity in order to get financial support, which is by no means guaranteed.

Sadly this practise only arises in a society where intersex contact is so artificially constrained.

Nigeria, Two Countries, One State

The news that Muslims and Christians are fighting in Nigeria again (its a common occurrence in Nigeria), reminded me that the European Colonial era has not completely played itself out. By this I mean that the borders of some countries actually represent European spheres of economic influence and not real natural borders.

There are many examples of this across the globe such as the New Guinea being split between the British and Dutch empires and this has left the Island as one half a free state (albeit with strong Australian support), and the other half under the rule of Muslim Indonesia (even though Islam never actually got this far), with an independence movement spasmodically fighting the Indonesian government ever since.

Africa's Ethnic And Colonial Legacy Borders 

However its on the African continent that these issues most display themselves.

  • Nigeria is really a Muslim North and a Christian South and has been in almost constant turmoil ever since it was founded.
  • Sudan is also really a Muslim Arab North and a Christian Negro South, with warfare a constant ever since.
and a look that the political map of the continent shows a ragtag of 'artificial' states with those 'straight line' borders that cut across the natural borders of land, race, language and religion that would define countries in a natural political development.

Mind you if Africa was split amongst its ethnic and language groups, it may not have actually proved viable either as these wiki Language and Ethnicity maps show.

Islamic Disunity Games

The Islamic 'Solidarity' Games, will not take place in Iran this April, after yet another row amongst the Ummah. Not content with the violence and mayhem carried out in the name of Islam, they can't even pretend to like each other (no wonder they hate the rest of us so much).

The row this time features on whether the "Persian Gulf" should be called the "Arabian Gulf", with the medals and logo's referring to the "Persian Gulf", but all the Arab countries call it the "Arabian Gulf", so they have boycotted the games.

These games are meant to strengthen ties amongst Islamic countries have only been held once in 2005, in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

Iran has long campaigned to ensure the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula is known as the Persian, not the Arabian, Gulf.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Turkish TV Plums The Depths

Turkey is at it again, complaining that their national honour has been abused by Israel and that they must have an apology.

Now as we are aware Turkey considers that every country must acknowledge Turkey as a world power and leader, this despite the fact that Turkey continues to drift into becoming an Islamic state.

The row was over the Turkish Ambassador being made to sit on a little chair by the Israeli Foreign Minister while being asked about a Turkish TV program. This row over the seating has deflected attention from these TV shows, which is a shame because they are very telling on the state of Turkey.

First there is the fictional film and television series 'Valley of the Wolves', which is very popular in Turkey. Apart from being anti-American, and anti-Christian, it also depicts Israeli intelligence operatives running operations to kidnap babies and convert them to Judaism. And last October, Israel was forced to complain over another Turkish series, which depicted Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians. In one clip, an Israeli soldier shoots dead a smiling young girl at close range.

We are always forced to remark about what sort of Europe do the supporters of Turkeys entry into the EU want? These programs would be illegal in all the EU countries, just as TV shows showing Turks bayoneting Kurdish children, or Anti Muslim programmes would be ............

If Turkey can't meet EU norms, we shouldn't be surprised, because they are not a European country.

Hyperbole Instead Of Fact

The Saudi defence Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan, is a rather portly gentleman, much given to flouncing about in military fatigues with his stomach hanging over his belt. In this he doesn't differ much from many politicians who are lured into wearing military kit in order to satisfy some boyhood daydreams and provide a 'photo op'

So I wasn't surprised to see him posturing as the military 'big man' after a Saudi operation to clear Shia Yemen Houthi 'rebels' from one of its southern provinces. This 'victory' had taken the well equipped and trained Saudi Army a mere three months to achieve, over a bunch of ill equipped Yemeni terrorists.

No, what made me snigger was the the way he tried to portray the events of those three months, where he said that only four Saudi soldiers and "hundreds" of rebels were killed in the latest clashes, but then went on to say that actually the overall death toll of Saudi soldiers in the border conflict with the rebels now stood at 82 with 21 missing.

I always find these pronouncements of epic victories where hundreds of the enemy are killed for modest losses somewhat dubious, especially when they are made every week. Hyperbole always marks Arab spokesmen out from the rest .... remember the timeless quotes of Saddam Hussein's Information Minister, Muhammed Saeed al-Saha?

"There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"

As the tanks rolled into Baghdad ............. for more of his quotes go here!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

No Justice In Arab Lands

In an outrageous affront to justice of any kind, an Arab prince, Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, has been cleared of torturing and beating a businessman with assistance from his employees, this despite the whole episode being filmed and released onto the Internet.

The ABC news report is below.

It can be seen above and here, and quite clearly shows a uniformed official helping in the torture. The official excuse (if you can follow it), is that the court had ruled that the Prince had been drugged and so was "unaware of his actions"...... you can't make this shit up.

His lawyer, Habib al-Mulla, is quoted by Reuters as saying that the ruling had "clarified Sheikh Issa's position that he was a victim of conspiracy" over the torture and "at the same time, it's proven justice to Mohammed Shahpoor and it showed who were the actual people who were behind whole saga," He said the court had "accepted our defence that the sheikh was under the influence of drugs that left him unaware of his actions," the AFP news agency reported.

Who in the world believes this crap? Oh yes its aimed at semi-illiterates, so they probably believe this is the holy truth, instead of being what it obviously really is .... a prince torturing someone.

The court then apparently decided all by themselves, and with absolutely no coercion, that the Prince's earlier defence, which had previously claimed that Sheikk Issa had been drugged by two men, alleged to be American-Lebanese brothers Ghassan and Bassam Nabulsi (I wondered how long before Americans were blamed), who recorded the beating in order to blackmail him, was so worthy of merit, that just for good measure the Nabulsi brothers were also sentenced in their absence to five years in prison for the drugging of Sheikh Hassan.

The court also sentenced in absentia three other workers at the farm where the torture took place to between one and three years in jail, also for drugging the Sheikh (lucky that everyone was absent). The guard at the farm (who presumably wasn't in absentia) was acquitted despite being the uniformed official seen helping with the torture ... presumably he was only following orders.

These are our 'allies' in the fight against terror, and the family are friends of the Respect Party MP George Galloway who has had other recent newsworthy dealings in the Middle East.

Sometimes my sympathies lie with the Taliban ...........

Balochistan Insurgency Wants Independence

Pakistan faces many threats but not just from the Taliban or Al-Queda. Its disparate parts, that were force welded together by Jinnah, have been unravelling ever since. Maybe the largest threat is from the Balochistan insurgency which has been running for decades (since Pakistan was formed) and there are various groups (the Baloch National Front, Balochistan Republican Party and Balochistan Liberation Army) who are fighting the Pakistan army.

For those of you who are not familiar with Balochistan (and I expect that this is most of you and me) here's a map .... as you can see its about half of the country but only 5% of the population.

Why is this important?
Well should Balochistan really press for independence, then Pakistan as a political entity is finished and a power vacuum could lead to general wars across a region which includes Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Shia's and Sunni's, Taliban, Al-Queda, Drug Runners, and Warlords, as well as nuclear weapons ....... that's why its important!

Polanski Still Wiggling

The admitted child rapist Roman Polanski is still trying to avoid paying any sort of penalty for the drugging, raping and buggery of a thirteen year old girl. His latest ploy is to ask for the judge in Los Angeles to sentence him in absentia over the rape in 1977.

Prosecutor David Walgren said Polanski should not be able to fight the case "from the comfort of his Swiss chalet in the Alps", and that a fugitive should not "dictate the court's processes".... but that is exactly what is likely to happen.

I repeat, there is one justice for you and me, and another for the rich and powerful, and none for the poor

African Moral Standards

Who would have thought that in a continent where 25% of males in one country can admit to being rapists, where theft is a way of life, and where entire coach loads of footballers can fall under sustained machine gun attacks, that there would be wide ranging prudery.

But the "African Renaissance" statue in Senegal has caused a storm for many reasons, not least apparently because the bare breasted woman is showing too much leg! Yes, her breasts exposed to the sky are apparently OK, but her thighs are considered to be immoral.

Architect Pierre Goudiaby Atepa told journalists in the capital, Dakar, that he had received complaints about the woman's "naked legs". He said that he has now proposed to Mr Wade that the legs be covered with a concrete cloth.

Senegal is largely a Muslim nation but there seems not to be mobs burning Christians or attacking President Wade, because they know what would happen if they did. President Wade has only apologised once over the statue, and this was to Senegal's Christian minority after he compared the "Africa Renaissance" statue to Jesus Christ.

It's really the hopeless continent

US Airliner Attack - UK Links Confirmed

I suggested in a recent post that there was likely to be a UK connection to the bomb attack, even though the first evidence suggested that the bombers 'radicalisation' had occurred elsewhere.

It appears that Yemeni officials are claiming that the US plane bomber Mr Abdulmutallab met radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen, but only after he was recruited while living in London(istan).

Whether we like it or not, the UK is one of the hubs of radical Islamic belief's and ideas, and we nurture to our breast the very viper which will kill us.

Christianity Under Attack In Muslim Lands

As has been mentioned in this blog in the past, some misguided Christians, casting desperately around for a 'tolerant Muslim state', fall upon Malaya as, in Tony Blairs words "“having [set] a very good example of interfaith cooperation”.

However they are simply deluding themselves. Malaya is increasingly becoming an intolerant Muslim state as the "Allah" row has shown. The argument arose when the Government imposed a ban on a Catholic newspaper, The Herald, using the word 'Allah' in place of 'God' in its Malay-language edition. The paper went to, court and got the Kuala Lumpur High Court to strike down the three-year old ban on non-Muslims using of the word.

The paper argued that in the native language, 'Allah' was simply the word for 'God' and had no particular religious connotation. They also pointed out that they had been using the word 'Allah' in that context for decades. And there the matter should have rested, especially after some Muslim organisations including the Islamic political party, PAS, agreed with the decision, by indicating that the other Abrahamic religions (Christianity and Judaism) may use the word.

However, as always with Muslims, violence is never far away, and sure enough some mosques incited protests, and issued threats, with Ahmad Johari, at the National Mosque telling the Associated Press news agency "I hope the court will understand the feeling of the majority Muslims of Malaysia, we can fight to the death over this issue."

This statement was followed by three churches being attacked in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, and further attacks have since occurred, but while the government has condemned the attacks, they have also appealed against the court verdict and the High Court has suspended the decision's implementation.

On a side note, the Muslim Youth Movement, Abim, have cast the use of the word Allah as a surreptitious effort on the part of Christians to try to seduce Muslims away from Islam.

If true, it begs the question of

  • Just how many Muslims would like to change faiths?
  • Are they so easily seduced from Islam?
  • Or is it the violent little bigots who seem to control the religion, who drive people to want to leave?
  • What sort of religion or 'Allah' it it who has to threaten violence to keep people from leaving?

These attacks on Christians and Christianity occur across the Islamic world (and have virtually eradicated Christianity in Turkey and the 'Holy Land'), and on Christmas Eve in Egypt at least six Coptic Christians were killed in a drive-by shooting outside a church in southern Egypt.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Same Old Crap As Last Year

Sadly we are barely into 2010 before Islam and its violent followers force me to examine once again the threat they pose to free thought, speech, belief and expression.

Yesterday a Somali linked to the radical Islamist al-Shabab militia was shot and wounded after unsuccessfully attempting to hack danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard to death in his home. Mr Westergaard, is famous for being one of the *cartoonists in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, "Mohammed" row.

While in Pakistan a suicide bomber decided to take a short cut to paradise by killing over 90 people and injuring hundreds, by blowing them and himself up at a volleyball game.

Now if anyone can explain to me what sort of 'paradise' is it, when it's packed with mass murderers, and why any good person would want to share it with them then I would be grateful, because its obvious that I and billions of non believers, are completely missing the point. And so apparently are the 'martyrs' if this report on a fundamental translation error in the Quran is true (it was written in Syriac and Aramaic before being translated into Arabic later).

A self professed 'religion of peace' (aka 'submission'), yet its killed many thousands (mostly of its own adherents) in the last couple of years (ignoring the millions over the centuries) and says the killers are welcomed by its god..... whats that all about?

I was trawling through a list of incidents (and its a very big list but by no means exhaustive) and the sheer horror of some of the attacks is almost unbelievable, when I noticed this one.

"2009.07.02: London - A 24-year-old Danish Asian man is blinded, suffers the loss of his tongue and 90% burns during an 'honor' attack in which he was forced to drink acid and had it thrown on him by angry Muslims." - he was also stabbed twice and beaten.

I didn't remember this in the news ....... so I checked it out.

First the BBC, surely such a horrific crime would be fully reported? Actually no, barely a few paragraphs on the England news web pages. Absolutely no mention that the attackers of the Danish Asian man were of Pakistani descent and performing an 'honour' attack. No follow up stories.

Well maybe some other major news group?

Err no, to get a full report on this horror event I had to go to The London Paper which gave details of this barbaric crime. With a police warning for the safety of the young woman involved after the attack about the liklihood that her own male relatives would do the same to her.

To me this lack of coverage speaks volumes.

On any level a crime of such medieval barbarism should get major coverage, but apparently either in the UK this sort of crime is so common that its not shocking or newsworthy enough, or the UK press is now in 'Dhimmitude' and refuses to report certain 'multicultural' crimes?

I guess I know which I believe to be true ...........

* Warning: These links may offend Muslims.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Last Years Hangover!

With the start of yet another New Year I am not really in a blogging mood ....... we are in for tough times in the UK, and I find the politicians in the West singularly uninspiring and incapable.

So instead of a post on the troubles ahead, lets instead try and cure a trouble from last year. I mean of course the New Year Party hangover from last night!

Historically man has always tried to better the beast of alcohol, with varying degrees of success.

The Ancient Assyrians

Whenever they had sacked a city and felt the painful after effects of excess beer, they consumed a mixture of ground birds' beaks and myrrh ..... with the price of Myrrh, this must have been only for the king.

In Ancient China

Eating a small amount of horse brain the morning after a night of overindulgence was thought to be good for what ails you. I suspect this is sympathetic magic because Chinese Beer tastes like horse piss.

Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians swore by a drink made of cabbage water, which they passed on through the centuries to the Russians, who favour a cure of the "salted brine from pickled cucumbers or tomatoes". But they also sell Cabbage Rassol, which are cans of salted, carbonated cabbage juice. Ivan Strizhakov, deputy director of the Ochakovo brewery, said:"We would quench the thirst of the world if we had fresh cabbage all year round." ...... not round here matey!

In Ancient Greece

The drinkers of ancient Greece ("Aristotle Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle") thought that sheep lungs and two owl eggs were sure to beat the vino hangover. Catching Owls and making them lay two eggs seems a problem with this cure though .....

When In Rome

In ancient Rome a couple of deep-fried canaries were considered a good bet to get rid of a hangover (with or without secret herbs and spices), or maybe the alternative of eel steeped in wine (a hair of the dog?), but considering that they watered down their wine, a really good piss may have been enough.

In The Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages a mixture of bitter almonds and dried eel, was thought to be a certain cure all for mead over indulgence. Its a little known fact that most people drank beer instead of water from the Middle ages until the First World War because fresh water was so polluted in towns and cities. Peasants also had every holy day off (from which we get our word holiday) so this could work out that they had approximately eight weeks off a year for leisure time because of Sundays and 'holy days'...... so a lot of eels were eaten!

A Mongolian Cure

To this day Mongolian bons viveurs say that a pair of pickled sheep's eyes in tomato juice is the hangover beater that hits the spot. However this may be reserved for gullible western journalists and politicians.

The Wild West

Rabbit-Shit Tea, a concoction brewed by those lonesome cowpokes of the Wild West. With the breath this must have given them, no wonder they were lonesome.


In the 19th century chimney sweeps drank warm milk with a teaspoon of soot....... well throwing up does clear your head.

Ginger Ale

Ginger has been a cure for stomach ailments for centuries.

So why not give Ginger Ale a try to help your your stomach feel better, and when you consider the alternatives listed above, this seems a nicer way to start the New Year without a banging head!


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