Sunday, 29 August 2010

The 700

There are only 700 wild Mountain Gorillas left in the world, and they will likely be extinct before my death ..... Mankind is eating them, stealing their habitats, and nothing can stop this now.

We have charities and NGO's constantly but illogically asking us to 'save children', or give 'clean water', or 'food aid' etc etc, all of which are intended to bypass the last controls on the breeding of the human race.... Disaster, Famine, War and Plague.

Now I know how this sounds, but I think its the way its always been. The human race has always over bred, but historically this has been controlled by localised famines or plagues, which meant that the survivors of these events had land and food etc .... so they bred like rabbits, and eventually another famine or plague came along to control events.

Now though, we fight the epidemics, or the natural disasters, or famines, and in percentage terms very few actually die, but the birth rate is as high as ever (only starting from a higher base number than should have been the case), so when the next controlling event comes along, more people are at risk, and the efforts to save them are even more strenuous and so it goes on ........ until the fall.

At some point in the future there will be no way to feed, clothe or house all the people in some disaster or another. More people will die, than ever would have done before we interrupted natures only controls over the threat that we are.

There will be a cataclysm of violence at some time in the future (2050 AD is the date of choice for me) over water, food, land and the West will have all it can do to defend itself and its borders (as well as feed itself) from those attempting to enter, without trying to 'police' the rest of the world.

The human race is showing no sign of slackening its birth rate, and every disaster such as those in Pakistan or in China are fuelled by the tree felling for fuel, which allow floods to develop that would never have been so severe if the tree lines had been maintained. 

So the '700' will become the '300', then the 'extinct', as surely as day follows night ...... how sad it is to be living in a world in which the human race exterminates all the wild things, before eventually killing ourselves.

Labour Really Are A Busted Flush

The Labour Party bankrupted the UK by recklessly  spending money we hadn't got, and mortgaging our future to ensure a 'Labour Legacy' ...... now many of us thought this was a deliberate 'slash and burn' economic politics, directed from Brown's bunker, as a deliberate 'Gotterdammerung' revenge on the British people for failing the leader.

Now we find that rather damningly, in was in fact just plain economic incompetence on a scale that its hard to image ..... Two Jags Prescott, the court jester of the Labour Party throughout the Labour years (my how we all laughed at his fighting, womanising, and social ladder climbing), has revealed that as well the country, Brown and his cronies left the Labour Party on the verge of bankruptcy.

In a question and answer session last week, he admitted that:
  • Labour is almost £20million in debt and broke
  • That Party membership has fallen dramatically since the election defeat.
In other words they are in the same economic state as the country .... so it was just a basic failure to understand basic home economics (aka 'the money tree syndrome'), that led them to bankrupt us.

He of course is campaigning for the post of party treasurer ....   "We want a strong treasurer who's involved in the membership drive, putting a proper financial account into the party, and is an active political person in making that accountable to the constituencies" ..... no need to guess who that would be then.

But, he also said "The treasurer has got to say to the central body, in this case Number 10, you cannot keep on spending, we damn well haven't got it" ..... it appears that no one has told him that they lost the election and its a conservative in 'Number 10'.

Pakistan Cricket Under The Microscope (again)

Pakistan is a corrupt country, and its cricketers are products of that society, so the allegations that once again their players have been involved in activities that bring the probity of the game into serious doubt, don't raise eyebrows.

They are now accused of betting scams, on such things as 'no balls' (I can't even begin to explain this to non cricket countries .... but its not terribly important, usually), but not actually match result fixing. The accusation is that Pakistani players were secretly paid to deliberately bowl the no-balls so gambling syndicates could spread bet on them and make money.

The reason why the Pakistanis are here in the first case are because no one wants go there to play cricket, for fear of being attacked.  And on a previous tour of England, the Pakistanis were accused of tampering with the ball ..... a row which almost split world cricket..... it wasn't the first time these allegations had been made either.

The Pakistani cricket team are poison to the world game, but such is the fear of 'losing the subcontinent's' money in a split, that I won't be surprised if they bury this event, and after some bans (which will be overturned a few months later), business as usual will resume.

Comedy EdFest Fringe 2010

Well I am back from the Festival ....... slowly detoxing, after a few beers catching up with friends such as Mr Dixon.

We ('Big Kenny' and I), saw a number of shows which I have listed and linked below:

They were a mixed bunch of shows ....... with one standout, Henning Wehn "My Struggle"..... performing stand-up in a second language is 'a right old struggle' according to Henning Wehn ...

His show was a sell out (along with the One Man Lord Of The Rings) and was very funny. I had seen him last year as part of a double act, but he was far funnier on his own and there are a number of videos of his previous shows on YouTube

Here I have extracted one of the "German Comedy Ambassador's" tourism guides to Germany ..... he dishes it out to them as well as us.

Oh and the worst show ....... without a doubt "Betrayal of Penguins - Don't run with scissors" which was absolute 'Merde' .... if you will pardon my French. The review in the fringe magazine suggested that they had been a roaring success last year with essentially the same show .... only if it was the casts friends and family in the audience for a fortnight.

They also found it a "right old struggle" ...... to raise a laugh in an audiance.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Gone Fishin .... sorry Festivalling

Yep, its that time again, when all good Blogger's head to the Edinburgh festival, mainly for the comedy fringe, but also a few beers, catching up with old mates (and enemies LOL) .... so no Blog posts for this week and its end.
This kinda announcement is probably how I will bow out, when I get fed up of being a prophet of doom without a following .... but not this week.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Winds Of Change

In Syria there is a wind of change blowing, well a light breeze anyway, and some freedoms are being allowed in the radio at least .... in 2005, the government passed a law allowing private stations to be set up.

Sham FM's daily talkshow Hiwar al-Youm (Today's Discussion) regularly focuses on local government issues, with phone-ins and interviews with politicians, including ministers.

Honey al-Sayyed, who presents the morning show on al-Madina FM, says there's more freedom to speak out now.

"We tackle a lot of topics from sex education to child abuse. We can talk about everything - except politics and religion." 

And Ministers agree, "The fact in itself that Syrian media has all the freedoms it needs to openly criticise the government, is a tremendous improvement in Syrian society," says Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Dardari

However lest we get too excited, there are still imprisonments for anyone deemed to have gone too far, and analysts suggest that the owners are not interested in freedom of speech. "The majority of them are businessmen. They have no cause to defend [so] they run very easy, non-problematic programmes."

Mysteries Still Surround Us

There are still some mysteries, and the language of the Picts of Scotland, who thrived from the 4th to the 9th Centuries, is one of them ....

And now a row has broken out after a research team, led by Professor Rob Lee from Exeter University in the UK, examined symbols on more than 200 carved stones, and concluded that the Pictish carvings were "symbolic markings that communicated information" - that these were words rather than pictures.

But French linguist Arnaud Fournet opened up the mystery once again by suggesting that this was not true and that the methods used to reach this conclusion were flawed.

Mr Fournet said that, by examining Pictish carvings as if they were "linear symbols", and by applying the rules of written language to them, the scientists could have produced biased results.

"It looks like their method is transforming two-dimensional glyphs into a one-dimensional string of symbols. The carvings must have some kind of purpose - some kind of meanings, but... it's very difficult to determine if their conclusion is contained in the raw data or if it's an artefact of their method."

Mr Fournet also suggested that the researchers' methods should be tested and verified for other ancient symbols.

Personally I find it hard to believe that they were using pictographs when surrounded by writing from the surrounding kingdoms, even if it was just a few monks and clerics at local royal courts.

No one lives in  isolation from the trends and ideas of their neighbours, and the Picts came from tribes that must have been exposed to Latin for centuries.

To me these are stories in pictures, but not words ..... they tell of events, but possibly just as prompts for well known stories ..... if you look in medieval churches, they often had pictures and stories from the Bible painted on the walls as prompts for the illiterate peasants, but the words were still wriiten in Latin in the Bibles.

Prison For African MP's Corruption

If the most a prisoner has to complain about is the breakfast (or lack of one), then it ain't all that bad ....

An MP jailed in Zambia for 60 days has complained that prisoners in the country get no breakfast...... mind you as he was in for issuing a cheque on an insufficiently funded bank account, maybe we could take some lessons from Zambia.


US edukashun shure ain't wot it ewes tobee! ...... although this luucked awriht to me!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Animals On Parade

Ralph Moat, the chav gunman was buried last week and guess what, the white trash of the UK turned up to praise him as a 'legend' ... why is anyone surprised?

We spend 50 yrs of 'Socialism', creating council estates where *80 % have never worked, and who live off welfare benefits, with prostitution, theft, shoplifting, and drug dealing, as the preferred methods of benefit supplements, and then you end up with the sort of inbred retards, who consider murderers 'legends'.

The stupid cow who said this was unemployed mother of eight Theresa Bystram, 45, who took three of her chav brood on a 300-mile coach trip, so they could 'pay homage' at his graveside.

She said: "Raoul was a legend, a hero. I absolutely loved him. I never met him but we followed his plight and prayed he wouldn't get caught. We're not related but something in my head told me to come today. I'm glad I did. He kept them coppers on the run all that time. Fair enough, people died. But they must have deserved it."

We have to break up the benefit dependency culture in the UK before we end up with a sizeable population of those claiming benefits being fit people, who just are bone idle, stupid, and menace to our very society.

Where else but the UK could this useless woman, breed and get paid for it?
  1. The first step is to stop the free house syndrome, where girls just get pregnant to get a guaranteed house ..... Bystram would never have got going on her breeding programme if not for this stupid welfare rule. This would go a long way to stopping teen pregnancies in the UK, which are the highest in Europe.
  2. Then bring in 'work fare' for all non incapacity benefits
  3. And finally, slash the numbers who are classified as 'disabled, or sick' - at least 50% of them are either reasonably fit, or wholly fit (I used to administer these benefits decades ago and they were a joke even in the late 70's)
Feral Street Gang, in Uniform, waiting for a crime.
Until we do, this underclass will thrive like cockroaches in the sewers of our society until they finally take over whats left. No wonder our best and brightest emigrate to countries where these 'untermensch' are not given state aid to proliferate.

*In the early 1970's about 65 -70% of council tenants worked, I had friends who lived on these estates and whose parents worked, now I'll bet its nearer 85% on most estates who have never worked .... that has to be wrong, and its why the UK is falling apart at the seams.

Wheres The Justice?

Buried on the UK North / Manchester pages of the BBC web site (its too obviously a race story that the PC brigade don't want to have publicized) is this tale of Pakistani men ... grooming, beating, gang raping and drugging a 13 yr old girl .... on the BBC radio this story was related with only a small reference to the race of the victim and the men.

The BBC is truly pathetic when it has to deal with stories that it finds uncomfortable to deal with .... especially ones that suggest that Muslim males don't act nicely, or may be targeting white girls for racially motivated sex attacks.

Until the BBC start reporting facts as they are and not as the PC brigade would want us to pretend that they are, they will continue to slide into disrepute .... the local press, and local people in the North have complained about this thing going on for years, and even the odd local labour MP have raised it, but the BBC ignores or denies its happening because
  • Its the North (and their all stupid racists, aren't they), and
  • its not happening in London, so it not real is it. 
The saddest part is the claim that "well it happens to other communities" form of denial .... the difference is that its not Muslim girls when white paedophile gangs do it, its only the Muslim Asian males who consider white girls to be worthless and therefore acceptable to attack.

The other thing about this terrible crime is that for some reason, even though this was a 13 yr old, its still not described as a paedophile crime .... just forced prostitution, but if it was a white gang it would be a paedophile  ring and they would get double the sentences and be on the sex offenders register .....

Nine men convicted at Manchester Crown Court in connection with the abuse were:

  •  Aftab Khan, 31, of Tarporley Avenue, Fallowfield pleaded guilty to one count of controlling a child prostitute and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. This was later reduced to seven years on appeal.
  • Abid Khaliq, 30, of Shrewsbury Street, Stretford was sentenced to eight months in prison after admitting perverting the course of justice.
  • Noorzai Ahmed, 29, of Royce Court, Hulme was sentenced to four years in prison after he was found guilty of paying for the sexual services of a child.
  • Mohammed Anwar Safi, 29, of no fixed address, was sentenced to 31 months in prison after admitting paying for the sexual services of a child
  • Mohammed Khan, 26, of Royce Court, Hulme was sentenced to four years in prison after he was found guilty of facilitating child prostitution.
  • Najibullah Safi, 33, of Reabrook Avenue, West Gorton was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to sexual activity with a child.
  • Asad Yousaf Hassa, 28, of Rivington Street, Rochdale was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting two counts of sexual activity with a child.
  • Mohammed Basharat, 28, of Prospect Street, Rochdale was sentenced to two years in prison after he pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child under 16.
  • Mohammed Atif, 29, of Rivington Street, Rochdale was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to sexual activity with a child.
This blog has reported on this issue before and this is the second such story this year, and in both cases the punishments have not reflected either the crimes, nor been commensurate with the same crimes committed by white males. These men should be on the sex offenders register but instead, despite the young age of the victim, they are treated as though its an adult vice ring.

Wheres the justice?


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