Friday, 25 May 2012

The Yellow Peril

Do you remember when James Bond villains such as Dr No or Goldfinger, or, well every one of them really, had plans for total world domination?

Invariably they had some cunning scheme about inserting a microchip (or radio control device .... simpler days) into all the Intercontinental and air defence missiles, tanks, planes and computers in NATO, or the continental US, and then threatening to turn them off, thus leaving said countries vulnerable to a take over by their enemies, such as China or the USSR, or even SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) ... or was that SMERSH (СМЕРШ)?

We Can Sell You Parts - Wholesale ....

Well in another of those fiction becomes reality (well almost) moments, the US Congress has discovered that major areas of the US defence industry have been sourcing machine and computer parts from the 'fake' market ..... and that most of these fake parts came from Red China (as well as Europe).

So could there be someone secreted deep in the bowels of the forbidden Palace, who has a small remote control, one touch of which renders all US military might inoperable? Will the Yellow Peril of Edwardian fears, rise and conquer?

The Traditional View Of The 'Yellow Peril'

Will the final epitaph be "and that's how the war was won Chairman Ziu, with all their weapons systems disabled, total surrender was inevitable!" ... makes a good final few lines on the last James Bond book.

The Cockpit Of All Terrorism

This story tells you all you need to know about whose side Pakistan is on.

Doctor Shakil Afridi was charged with treason, and sentenced to 33 years in jail under the 'tribal courts' system. Apparently he wasn't even allowed to defend himself in court while he was prosecuted for gathering information for the American Central Intelligence Agency, used in order to track down Osama Bin Laden in his hiding place in Abbottabad Pakistan.

Doctor Shakil Afridi while still free

The Americans, who later confirmed that the good Doctor had aided them, said that he "was not in any way treasonous towards Pakistan, ... he was somebody who was helping to go after terrorism".

Our governments are liars when they claim Pakistan is on our side, its not, it supports the bad guys, and always has. we should cease giving them any aid, and watch them crash and burn when the terrorist topple their corrupt military and ISI.

Addendum: In a bizarre twist the Pakistani authorities now state that Dr Afridi was in fact only convicted for having links to a banned group, by providing support and medical treatment to members of the militant group, Lashkar-e-Islam.

NB: To-date no one in Pakistan has been charged or investigated for aiding Osama Bin Laden in his long stay in Pakistan, yet there was obviously much 'official' as well as 'unofficial' connivance in his ability to live in Abbottabad. 

The Missing Link

The hunt for the Yeti (aka "migoi" in the Himalayas, "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" in North America, or "Almasty" in the Caucasus mountains) is back on .... I ignore the "orang pendek" of Sumatra because the habitat is so different that its likely to be another beast entirely - perhaps a survival of Homo erectus, or maybe Gigantopithecus (a giant ape that once inhabited the forests of East Asia). A UK-Swiss team will use DNA testing to investigate the origins of remains claimed to be from the Yeti and Bigfoot ... mostly hairs.

Images of Yeti and Gigantopithecus

Its interesting to note that even though there will be rigorous DNA sampling taken, there is still a hint of disdain in the mainstream scientific community over the possibility that there is as yet another undiscovered human (oid) species left on Earth .... but you won't know until you do the science. However its interesting to note how similar Gigantopithecus was to descriptions of Yeti ....I'm just saying!

A Rose By Any Other Name But Not .....

In another of those seemingly endless spats that the Iranians appear to love getting into. They have turned their ire onto Google, who have omitted the label 'Persian' from the body of water that separates Iran from Arabia ..... to be honest I have heard it described by either the term Arabian or Persian, and not thought much about it, but of course, in the lands of the perfect religion, well these things matter.  So they are suing Google (although in what courts is not not clear) for what it calls "serious damages"

Gulf Of Fools

The bit that made me laugh about this story was that  in 2010, the second 'Islamic Solidarity Games' were cancelled, after Arab and Iranian organisers failed to agree on whether to describe the Gulf as Persian or Arabian on medals. The Iranians even organised a search intercept to display this message when anyone searched for "Arabian Gulf" during an Internet offensive in 2004.

You just can't make up how loony the Iranians and Arabs really are.... so in a spirit of helpfulness, let me rename it the "Gulf of Fools". That should satisfy both sides.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Every Picture Tells A Story

Sometimes a picture, doesn't just paint a thousand words, it tells you a whole story ....

Comic Chase, or Social History?

..... this 'arresting' picture, ostensibly shows a rather funny scene with policeman or security guard, chasing another man, who is dressed in a strange costume, and pulling a funny face. But of course its much more than that.

The man in costume is obviously Jewish. He is wearing a Kolpik, which I believe is a traditional Slavic headdress (which in some Jewish traditions is worn by the unmarried sons and grandsons of Rebbes on the Sabbath). So this event could well be something that happened on a Saturday. The coat is what's called a Tish Bekishe (sometimes called a "Jewish kaftan"), and many Hassidic Rebbes of the Hungarian lineage will wear Tish Bekishes in various colours, usually either, blue or silver, as a contrast with the black clothing and white socks.

So his costume indicates that he is ultra orthodox and probably in one of the Hassidic sects. The reason why they dress like this was that the sect was founded in 18th century Eastern Europe by Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, and this was the clothing of the Jewish quarters in the Austro-Hungarian Empire towns of 'Mitteleuropa'.

Its safe to say that as the police officer isn't armed or shooting at the Jewish man, that this isn't in the Palestinian West-bank, or in Europe. Therefore its likely to be inside Israel proper. So why is the man being chased? Well in Israel the Hassidic Jews are a growing social problem, and they campaign, often with a lot of noisy aggression if not actual violence, on social issues such as segregating women from men. So they are often in conflict with the Israeli security forces.

This fact, coupled with the fact that these men's families invariably live on state welfare payments (the men claim that they should never work because they are spending their time in 'prayerful contemplation', but in some cases the women work), and combined with their high birth rates (very large families are the norm), mean that whilst at present they are about 10% of the Israeli population, they are expected to be 20% inside the next two decades. So this means that not only will the other Israelis have to support 20% plus of the population on welfare benefits, they will also be faced by the fact that these sects will be the largest one issue block on the voting register.

This will forever change Israeli politics. How, its hard to say with certainty, as many ultra orthodox don't believe that the state of Israel should exist, but its safe to say that they are very socially conservative (some might say they are actually socially backward). And if you think that this is purely a Jewish or Israeli issue (as if that isn't bad enough, in one of the two places where the next nuclear conflict is most likely to erupt), think again. They are the fastest growing group in all of the Jewish worldwide diaspora, and its thought that they may even split the Jewish traditional support of the Democrats in the USA over the next decade or so.   

So while that picture, seems to just show a comic chase between 21st century law enforcement, and the 18th century religious belief system, in fact it illustrates a social struggle both in Israel and in Judaism world wide, that could have consequences for us all one day.

Age of the Dinosaurs Returns

Everyone loves dinosaurs, and TV programs and films about them are always popular, especially with children ... however we never really understand how big they truly were.

Tyrannosaurs Rex  .... bath time

This picture, makes you realise just how truly massive these beasts were  ..... one snap of the jaws, and the man on the ladder would simply be gone.

There are a number of theories about why they got so big. But its likely to be a combination of a much warmer earth, with higher CO2 levels, which allowed for fantastic plant growth, which in turn provided more Oxygen, a combination which meant plant eaters could grow bigger, and the meat eaters in turn were forced by evolutionary pressure to get bigger as their prey grew larger.

Oddly, the world is now warming up, plants will grow bigger and ......... well while we are here, nothing. But should we disappear, then who knows. Maybe the age of the dinosaurs is nearer than we think.

La Dolce Vita or Curriculum Vitae

In a sign of the times, globalisation has reached parts, we maybe thought that it would never reach. But not everyone is very happy about it.

Milan's Politecnico di Milano - For English Speakers Only.

The 'Politecnico di Milano', a prestigious Italian University has announced that from the 2014 semester, its going to switch most of its degree courses - including all its graduate courses - to the English language.

They say that in a global market they need to compete for foreign students, especially from Asia (where Italian is all Greek to the majority of students), and to prepare their own students for the employment market, in which English is the 'lingua franca' of commerce, sciences, I.T., engineering, and communications. Ironically, Italy was of course the birth place of the worlds last great global language Latin.  

Milan, the city, is already partly equipped for the transition because on the local metro and railway, announcements are in Italian and English, and so there is already an element of 'Globalisation' in the city.

Needless to say, this eminently sensible response to the facts of the world has not met with universal approval, and 'The 300' are a group of professors and assistant professors who have signed a petition against the change, but it seems in vain. Professor Azzone the Chancellor said "I would have preferred if Italian was the common language, it would have been easier for me - but we have to accept real-life".

I know only that all things being equal, that given a choice between a cold wet northern university, or a sunny Mediterranean one, Milan is on a winner.

Hollandaise Sauce

With the news that the new French President Francois Hollande's first act was to hot tail to Berlin to try and get the German Chancellor to change her plans for Europe  ..... uncomfortable memories were evoked of other French Presidents and other German Chancellors meetings in the not so distant past.

"You Can Go Left - But I Am Sticking To The Right Path"

If you believe in auguries, then the fact that he had to return back to Paris and get a second plane after his first flight was apparently hit by lightning, doesn't augur well for the success of his mission. Mayhap, like Neville Chamberlain he will return with a bit of paper to flutter in Paris, but probably nothing substantive will change.

Visits To A German Chancellors Don't Always End Well

The French President should perhaps remember that Hollandaise Sauce is always eaten cold, by all German Chancellors.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mayan Calendar Art

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, 2012 has seen an explosion of 'mockumentaries' which claim that the Mayans predicted the end of the world. Now any reader of this blog will be aware that we at PC towers are as keen on the word 'Apocalypse' as the next 'Forteans', but also that we prefer it to be just far enough away, as to not ruin the weekend.

Its doubtful if any evidence to the contrary will crush the greatest hopes of the end of the world 'New Agers ' etc, which is of course for the end of the world to come, and as the final catastrophe occurs, and they board the 'alien mothership' on a French mountain top, they can finally triumphantly shout "Told You So!". But sadly for them, another discovery in Central America suggests that they are just going to have wait until the year '2050' like the rest of us.

The building, uncovered in the still largely unexplored Maya ruins of Xultun in Guatemala, includes a room with scribes calendar calculations on a wall, that show that the Mayan calendar cycles were predicted to go on forever (and not 'end') ..... the Mayans actually wanted to prove the eternity of the cosmos, not the end of the cycle.

Mayan Scribes Calendar Calculations Go Past 2012 AD 

The archaeologists have also uncovered high quality murals on the walls of the sites temples.

Xultun Mayan Temple Murals were high quality

But they have also uncovered a wall which has the first known instance of Mayan art painted on the walls of a dwelling rather than a temple.

Mayan Wall Murals Xultun

They are not as high quality as the sites temple murals, but they show that the Mayan cities had private as well as public art .... and were more like the earlier Roman Empire cities than was previously thought.
NB. I have cleaned the pictures up for the post ... there are more missing sections on originals.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Dual Standards

An interesting thought ..... in the US and elsewhere, much has been made by the chattering classes of the fact that one of the US military colleges had a one day course, that apparently advocated a possible idea of adopting a "total war" against Islam in response to the 'total war of the Jihad ideology'. Many of the commentators are 'anti American' , and certainly have not read the course material being shown on the web, and which the US military have confirmed is real. 

I can say that because I have just taken page 7 of the material to display ...... 

Page 7 of the Lt Col Matthew Dooley Course Material.

Now I may not be everyone's idea of intelligent life, but I was aware that military training has to think the improbable and impossible, in order to train for all eventualities, but this seems to be something of a shock and awe idea for left-wingers. 'Oh my god, some nasty military people think Islam is a violent creed!!'

However, I suspect that even they would have to concede that the first point on this page clearly states that ... "The purpose of this model is to generate dynamic discussion and thought. The concepts considered herein are not the Official Policy of the United States Government or the DoD, nor are they in any part listed within the current NSS, NDS, QDR, QDDR or any official DoD document."... seems clear enough to me, its a theoretical discussion but that won't stop a witch hunt of the good Lt Colonel.

Oh and just a thought, if in Muslim countries, 'Jihad' is taught as a legitimate concept to be used against the West in mainstream Islamic teachings, then why is it not OK for the West's last defender to discuss the same concept being used against the Islam?

Rape Sentences Not Long Enough

When the sentences were handed down to the eight Pakistani men and one Afghan man who systematically drugged, raped, and trafficked up to forty seven under-age non Muslim girls in Rochdale, Lancashire. England, there were three things that stuck most people.
  1. Firstly the lightness of the sentences, which ranged from a mere four to nineteen years.
  2. Secondly, the fact that once again south asian rapists of children are not classed as paedophiles (when white males would have been), and 
  3. Finally, that the crimes were not officially classed as 'race crimes' despite the judge stating that this was a factor, and which should have increased the length of the sentences.
Eight of the Convicted Men - One Mans Identity has been withheld by the courts.

For the record those named were sentenced as follows (only half of the time will actually be served because our prison system gives 50% remission):
  • Adil Khan, 42, received eight years. 
  • Mohammed Sajid, 35, was jailed for twelve years and will be deported back to Pakistan.
  • Mohammed Amin, 45, received a five-year jail term.
  • Hamid Safi, 22, was sentenced to four years. He will be deported to Afghanistan. 
  • Abdul Qayyum, 44, was jailed for five years.
  • Kabeer Hassan , 25, was sentenced to nine years for rape.
  • Abdul Aziz, 41, received a nine year sentence. 
  • Abdul Rauf, 43, received six years.  
  • The unnamed man (The ringleader) got 19 yrs

I'll repeat once again, imagine what riots on the streets there would be if this were non-asian men systematically raping Muslim girls ..... how heavy would the sentences be for those men. The justice system fails when its seen that one group consistently are dealt with in a special manner.  We are on the precipice of street problems, and yet even now our PC left-wing and liberal justice system flirts with disaster.

Asians make up under 5% of the population, but 28% of convictions

All the convictions have been endangered, because the stupid leader of the far right BNP, Nick Griffin, tried to be 'clever' (a hard trick for an idiot to pull off, and one he has never managed ), by tweeting about convictions before the results were announced. In fact he was just taking a good guess, but the defence lawyers are all lodging appeals on the grounds of trial compromise, and that the men couldn't get a fair trial unless from a Muslim majority jury. Griffin is the reason why the right in the UK will never get the success it gets in Europe.

As for the politically correct Greater Manchester policeman, who still insists that despite this being just one of many such trials inside the last few years (and with another large Pakistani rape ring uncovered in Oxford), and the evidence of well researched statistics, the case was not about race, but just "adults preying on vulnerable young children" (in which case why were they not convicted as paedophiles?) ..... there are no words to convey my contempt.

Oh, and as I write this post, police have uncovered and made a number of arrests on yet another rape ring in Rochdale .... they are saying its a separate group of men (who are assumed to also be Muslims of Pakistani origin, but details not confirmed yet). If this is just one northern town, how many more of these rape rings are operating in the neighbouring towns?

The Marked Decline Of The West

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) are a way of comparing like with like across international educational systems. Sadly their biggest attainment has been to expose the West's decline into mediocrity ......  and the rise of Asia.

In the West generally and the UK in particular we have constantly chosen the lowest common denominator as our bench marks for educational standards, and boy is it now showing on our streets. Of course one measure of this is our relative economic performance, and all this is reflected now in the international educational performance leagues. Our last leader in any of the key fields was plucky Finland.

In the triennial Pisa tests, those taken by 15-year-olds are in reading, maths and science. The previous leaders in these subjects are:
  • 2000: Finland, Japan, South Korea.
  • 2003: Finland, Hong Kong, Finland.
  • 2006: South Korea, Taipei, Finland.
  • 2009: Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai.

The Leaders Of Tomorrow (or is that Today?)

This years results are expected to reinforce the dominance of China, with more evidence that all over that nation the educational system is producing the scientists and engineers of the coming century. All this in the space of little more than twenty five years.

So what are we doing about it? Nothing, which is why the UK will disappear as a nation of any worth inside the next twenty five years. When my generation, which was educated in a different more rigorous system, is gone, or senile, the lights may well be turned off in the West.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

France Turns To The Left

Early reports suggest that France has turned to the left and elected Socialist Francois Hollande as the new President .... if this turns out to be true, then not only is the first defeat of an incumbent president in France since 1981 when Valery Giscard d'Estaing was beaten by socialist Francois Mitterrand and who went on to have  two terms in office.

Pres. Hollande - End Of Eurozone?

But this time it may signal the end of the Euro dream, because Pres. Hollande has publicly pledged to reverse or reduce many of the policies of debt reduction being carried out by ex Pres. Sarkozy and which had been agreed by Chancellor Merkle of Germany. This could lead to a split between France and Germany over the Euro currency and this may be the final trigger for some countries such as Greece, and Spain to leave the Eurozone.

Coincidentally, the Greeks also gave a crushing rebuke to the main political parties in a general election, and its likely that the hard worked agreements between Greece and the IMF and European Central Bank, will now collapse.

Where this leaves the Euro project will no doubt be debated for months, but for the Eurozone, another bout of instability is extremely likely in the coming weeks, and its one that it may not survive.

As the old Chinese proverb is said to go .... we live in interesting times

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Blasted Beef

In the US there is still a vast rural community (in fact its only comparatively recently that majority of US citizens weren't from rural rather than urban communities), so its perhaps not a surprise that stories often come from the country rather than cities.

So when reports came out that a group of stray cows had frozen to death had been found in the Colorado mountains near 'Conundrum Hot Springs', there was nothing unusual in this. But when forestry officials said that they must be 'blown up' or set on fire to avoid water contamination, then it becomes news worthy. The plan is to remove the dead animals before they begin to thaw, and a US Forest Service spokesman said "Obviously, time is of the essence because we don't want them defrosting".

Blowing Up A Dead Cow

The options apparently include letting the cows decompose and closing off the area, or setting off explosives to break up the animals and thus speed up the decomposition process, or finally setting the corpses on fire. But its the idea of blowing them up that caught my imagination ... because it has been done before as this video shows.

Do they not realise what a TV (and very Monty Python'ish) moment they could have on their hands, if they choose that option?

When Cultures Clash

There has been plenty of evidence from the UK and elsewhere that for some Pakistani men, young non muslim girls are fair game for sex, and there are currently a large number of these men awaiting trial for rape, and various paedophile crimes.

However as the news from Brazil shows, this not solely a Pakistani cultural thing, but rather its an Islamic one. There, an Iranian diplomat was accused of molesting and inappropriately touching girls aged between 9 and 15 years old, at a private swimming pool in Brasilia. The 'diplomat' was almost killed by parents who wanted to harm him, and he was only saved by security staff intervention.

Brazilian TV illustrated the scenes from the pool.

When the police arrived he invoked his diplomatic immunity and drove off. What makes this story particularly interesting is that the Iranians later issued a statement claiming that the allegations were false, and said they were the result of "a misunderstanding resulting from differences in cultural behaviour".

So touching up other other peoples little girls is OK in Iran?

Or are they claiming that this man thought that it was OK to to do this to non muslims children?

Either is unacceptable in civilised societies, but apparently one of them is acceptable in the Islamic Republic of Iran ... The reports have made it back to Iran (where incidentally the 'diplomat' has now fled), and many have wondered that while pools are segregated in Iran (probably for good reason, if he's an example of Iranian male behaviour), the diplomats are going to mixed pools while abroad.

But last word to Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota who said that "Personally I would consider it unacceptable if any Brazilian diplomat conducted himself in this manner in the country in which he was accredited".

Lest They Forget

Even now, thirty years after the events, trendy little lefties like to flaunt their total historical and political ignorance, and support Argentina's claim to the Falklands .... The singer Morrissey's comments in support of Argentina for example, follow those of such luminaries as the US actor Sean Penn and the Pink Floyd bass player Roger Waters ... intellectual giants one and all.

Many of them no doubt *marched in support of the Military Junta when the original invasion took place ..... but then the left has never cared much about truth, or justice, just ideological or class propaganda. So maybe this is a good time to remind those who prefer to ignore the truth of the regime that they supported.

Leftwing Human rights groups estimate that in all, more than 30,000 people were kidnapped and murdered by the Junta and its supporters during the period they ruled, which only ended after the failure of the invasion of the Falklands.

Even now, most of the victim’s bodies have never been found. The 'Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo' have been marching every Thursday for 35 yrs to remind the Argentines (including their nasty little president) that these crimes were never adequately investigated nor resolved.

Soon these old ladies will be gone .... justice will not have been served, and the leftwing myth, that supporting the Argentine invasion and its subsequent attempts to bully the UK into handing the Islanders over to Argentina is 'just', will be left unhindered by any inconvenient facts, or a mothers tears.

Oh, and for the benefit of Mr Penn ..... here's some 'inconvenient historical facts' ...
The Time Lines of The Falklands and Guam
Falklands Guam
Uninhabited when discovered by Europeans.

Indigenous Chamorro peoples.

1st British Landings - In 1690 Captain John Strong of the Welfare. 1668 to 1898 – continuous Spanish Rule and colonists.
French (1764), then British Colonies (1765). Occupied By US 1898 after seizing them from Spain in a trumped up war during US 'Empire' era.
Spain gained control of French Colony 1767 following war, and attacked British colonists 1770. Occupied By Japan 1941.
1774 – British withdrawal during war but left behind a plaque asserting our continued claim. Re-occupied by US 1944.
Spain maintained its governor until 1806 who, on his departure, also left behind a plaque asserting Spanish claims. Occupied ever since.
The last Spanish settlers were  withdrawn in 1811. In the 1980s and early 1990s, there was a significant movement in favour of the territory becoming a 'commonwealth' i.e. Self-government similar to Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands.
Islands now unoccupied by any colonists. However, the US federal government rejected the version of a commonwealth that the government of Guam proposed.
1820 – US Privateer ‘Colonel D Jewett’ raised the ‘Republic of River plate’ flag on Falklands BUT while anchored there (and incidentally aided by British ships) he found some 50 British and U.S. sealing ships already on the Islands. Still occupied US territory.
1833 – British Fleet arrives and expels various nationalities including a by now illegal ‘Argentine garrison’

Lt Henry Smith became the first British resident 1834.

Governed as a naval station until 1840 when the British Government decided to establish a permanent colony.

 Invaded 1982 Argentina.

Invaders beaten 1982 – Argentine surrender.

Still British Colony.

.... So who are the colonialists with a "ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology" Mr Penn?

* Update: A case in point is John O'Farrell the Labour Candidate for the Eastleigh by-election in 2013, who has previously stated that he was "disappointed" that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was not murdered by the IRA and that he wanted Britain to lose the Falklands War to the Military Junta of Argentina.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Reaping What You Sow

The Labour Party encouraged the entry of Islam into the UK in large numbers, in the mistaken belief that the followers of this cult would be forever beholden to them and vote for them. They reckoned, that like their foolhardy decision to open up independence for Scotland via devolution, there would never come a day when they didn't control and own this communities votes or loyalty ..... wrong.

And at what a price to what is now Britain (but soon to become England), because the doors to political Islam taking over swathes of the country, have just opened a whole bit wider this week.

The Rise Of Islamic Politics In Britain

Yes, the 'Islamic' party led by the ex Labour MP, Mr George Galloway Esq, have now won five council seats in his Bradford constituency, including that of the now ex-Labour council leader. This could be the start of a very disturbing trend in Muslim majority wards across the UK, that I fear doesn't augur well for British democracy .... because how long before the 'no go areas' the Bishop of Rochester reported are truly a force in 'Muslim' lands in Bradford? Or perhaps the start of ethnic voting in the UK?

Will the Labour Party 'thinker' still claim that its a lot of 'ex Big Brother watchers just voting to have an ex contestant (Galloway) in their midsts'?  Historically immigrants groups in the UK have always gone mainstream ...... the Jews joined the Labour Party in droves (see Millibands, and Kaufman's etc), the other groups went into different parties in lesser or greater numbers .... but the Muslims now have a hardcore who want their own religious party.

Its hard to see where this Pandora's box can lead to in the long run, except strife.


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