Thursday, 28 April 2011

Labours Funny Bone?

This blog has often posed the question about why the feminists in the UK are happy to 'attack white males' over every perceived 'insult', but are deathly quiet about religiously endorsed 'ultra' sexism, child brides, forced marriages, 'honour' killings, and racist pedophile grooming rings, all in the one community.

And after the Labour Party (are they 'Old' or 'New' Labour these days?), was 'Harmonised' last year. So that there would in the future be a 50% quota (ability no longer has anything to do with female appointments), of female shadow or cabinet posts  in a Labour Shadow or future government, then we feared the worst ....  

So when the Prime Minister told Angela Eagle, a female Labour MP who had interrupted him during an answer in Prime Ministers Questions, to "calm down dear" (a reference to the catch line in a particularly annoying Michael Winner advert for insurance), then the inevitable happened ...... they took their chance to attack a 'repressive' white male with a vengeance.

Obviously the concept of the 'cut'n'thrust of political debate and put down' doesn't apply to Labour Wimmin ... how would they have coped with Winston Churchill's put downs to political 'wimmin'?

Bessie Braddock: “Sir, you are drunk.” Churchill: “Madam, you are ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober.”

Nancy Astor: “Sir, if you were my husband, I would give you poison.” Churchill: “If I were your husband I would take it.”

Anyway, Harridan Harman waded in and said: "David Cameron's contemptuous response to Angela Eagle MP at Prime Minister's Questions today shows a patronising and outdated attitude to women. Women in Britain in the 21st century do not expect to be told to 'calm down dear' by their Prime Minister". Hang on, are 'contemptuous' and 'patronising' really the same thing .. not in my dictionary.

Mr Cameron later told an audience in Wales: "I don't know what it is about some people on the left. It seems that when they put the socialism in they take the sense of humour out." .. he could have added courage as well given these same 'wimmins' silence on real social issues.

Too many "slags in Thanet"
Meanwhile, Payam Tamiz, a Conservative standing in Thanet for next week's local elections had to stand down after stating on a website that "Girls who comment under facebook pics boasting to their slaggy friends about guys they've fu*ked and had one-night stands with, are as low as they come!" ...... I have to admit that I fail to understand what is wrong with politicians stating a personal opinion.

If the voters of Thanet didn't agree, they would presumably not vote for him. There are many social commentators who would say that Little Britain has arrived, and that many women are as low as that, and its the 'tolerance' of their boorish behaviour that is driving our society to the dog(ging) .... but welcome to 21st century PC Britain.

I think I know what Churchill would have said to all this PCrappola

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WikiLeaks: Londonistan And The Finsbury Park Mosque Terrorist Haven

The WikiLeaks website has exposed much that needed exposing, and much that should perhaps not have been exposed ..... however I doubt that many would not approve of the Guantanamo Bay leaks.
  • Firstly it exposed the fact that a number of the internees were known to be low level or innocent of crime. This begs the question as to why they weren't returned to Afghanistan by the US interrogators?
  •  But secondly, that the UK really was a 'Londonistan' as far as Islamic Jihadists were concerned, with the UK routinely allowing them and their families 'Asylum', despite their crimes and extreme views which were contrary to all our liberal values.  

The leaks contained accusations from senior US intelligence and Military officers that for two decades, Britain effectively became a crucible of terrorism, with dozens of extremists, home-grown and from abroad, radicalised here.  The documents identified Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza, two preachers who lived off state welfare benefits after claiming asylum in the UK, as  the key recruiters responsible for sending dozens of extremists to Pakistan and Afghanistan to kill allied troops via London mosques such as the Finsbury Park Mosque (which was closed in 2003 and reopened in 2005 with a new operating board to try and clean it up).

The documents confirmed that at least 35 detainees at Guantanamo have passed through Britain before being sent to fight against Allied forces in Afghanistan. This is probably more than from any other Western nation and yet the UK Government has paid millions of pounds in compensation to these same people regarded as dangerous by the US. Qatada for example was paid compensation under the 'human rights' laws for being “unfairly detained”, yet is described in the documents as “the most successful recruiter in Europe. Hamza is accused in the documents of encouraging “followers to murder non-Muslims”.

And if you wonder where the term ‘Londonistan’ comes from? Well, so bad was the phenomenon of Islamic extremists, radicalised in Afghanistan, flowing unhindered through the UK, that the French secret service, which had apparently tried in vain to alert Labour Britain to the dangers of this blind eye policy, dubbed it ‘Londonistan’ in a sarcastic reference to this flow into London of Muslim extremists.

One set of rules for Muslim protesters, and one for the rest of us?

So why did the UK governments of the 1990's and early years of this decade, allow this to happen?  .... well most analysts suggest that three factors were at play. Firstly there was an unspoken "covenant of terror", in which UK governments turned a blind eye to the activities in the London Mosques, and swathes of the Muslim community in London, Bradford and Luton etc, and in return they wouldn't attack us or our allies.

Secondly, there was the left-wing obsession with 'Race Politics' and 'Political Correctness', which meant that it was OK to challenge Irish Republicanism's use of violence, including terror attacks, bombings and assassinations, but not to challenge Islam's happiness to accept any calls to kill 'infidels' and use suicide bombers to terrorise the 'Kafirs', for fear that they would be called "Racists" (it being better to let them kill us than be called names eh?).

And finally there was the adoption of the 'Human Rights Act' which some UK Judges take great delight in using to protect terrorist suspects from being deported, because their 'human rights' would be infringed.

Kim Howells, a former Minister for the Middle East in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from May 2005 until October 2008 and chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee, of Parliamentarians that oversees the work of Britain's intelligence and security agencies, was on BBC radio this morning. He made the following points in the interview:
  • He 'couldn't find a single Imam who was prepared to say that suicide bombers would be sent to hell'.
  • The 'discussion on allowing Islamic extremists asylum in the UK, was held back by political correctness, after 9/11, even though it was obvious that these people didn't subscribe to political correctness'
  • The 'fear of being labelled a 'Racist' stopped open debate' and
  • That 'when splinter Irish Republican groups say that they are going to kill police and civilians again, both civil and religious leaders condemn it, but when Muslim preachers say its OK to kill 'Infidels' there is complete silence from with in the Muslim community and elsewhere.'

Well 9/11/2001 and then 7/7/2005 finally proved to many (but not the far left-wing of the Labour and Liberal parties), that this approach had done great damage to the UK around the world and at home. However its now accepted that its probably too late to undo the damage .... the decade of unrestricted non EU immigration, ushered in by the New Labour government, has probably consigned the UK to decades of racial and religious strife.

Some indicators of how far down disaster road we have been driven are;
  1. ‘Sharia creep’ - the rise of a parallel justice systems within the UK's Muslim communities has been well documented - women are being driven back in to 7th Century subservience inside the UK. This is helped by 'well meaning' Christian fools calling for some sort of incorporation of Sharia in to mainstream UK law, saying its inevitable.
  2. Islamic 'extremist' speakers appear unchallenged regularly at British universities, which block 'unbelievers' attending the talks.
  3. Iranian and other 'propaganda' TV shows are freely available in London and elsewhere, as well as extremists CDs and DVD's which despite being illegal are found in many 'Islamic' stores.  
  4. Islamic banking: The US fears that this is an umbrella system for financing and hiding terrorist funds.
  5. The subversion of the human rights laws, to defend known terrorists and and then reward them with hundreds of thousands of pounds of public funds to stop them plotting and carrying out attacks on us.
  6. The western security services are aware that many terror groups have chattered that a 'nuclear bomb' has been planted somewhere in Europe, and the British security services have warned that a 'dirty bomb' attack will be attempted in the UK sometime ... 1 + 1 =?   

Oh, and one other thing to ponder ... the WikiLeaks documents revealed that several of the worst of the Guantanamo Bay suspected terrorists were all found to possess a phone number at the BBC World Service ... fanciful mischief making maybe, but you won't hear the BBC reporting that part of the story.

Update: The attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque by Darren Osborne from Cardiff on the 18th June 2017 may well be influenced by its former notoriety as a *hot bed of extremism. Oh, and the local MP is one Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, who helped set this Mosque up in 1994.  

*The radical Abu Hamza al-Masri became the Imam of the Mosque, while both Al Qaeda operatives including "shoebomber" Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui attended the mosque. In 2002, The Guardian newspaper reported that weapons training had taken place inside the building ... it was closed in 2003 after a police raid, and only reopened in February 2005, when a new board of trustees supported by the Muslim Association of Britain turned it around.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

You Know Your Getting Old When ....

There are lots of jokes about knowing when you old when ..... 
  • "I just can't drink the way I used to", replaces, "I'm never going to drink that much again".
  • A £4.00 bottle of wine is no longer "pretty good stuff".
  • A 'late night' now ends at 11 pm.
  • All you want for your birthday is to not be reminded of your age.
They go on and on ....... personally I was talking this over with a mate (who is ageing as disgracefully as me) over a beer or eight this week, and one of the things we concluded was that it was when people you knew were more likely to be dieing, than getting married or divorced!

I was reminded of this conversation with the announcement of the sudden death of the punk singer Poly Styrene (apparently after cancer) ...

I remember seeing her and her band X Ray Spex's in 1977 or 1978, and buying their album 'Germ Free Adolescents', in 1978 .... I still have that album ( .... nearly mint), and the single from it "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" .... I was only a young(ish) punk fan then.

Sadly I am not young, or even much of a "Punk" now ... but I still have the Sex Pistols om my MP3 play list and will be adding "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" today as a little homage .... 

The world will be a tiny bit more boring now.

The Shape Of Things To Come?

With the turmoil in the Arab world apparently still flaring up, we may have to face a future where the Mullahs hold sway from Pakistan in central Asia to Morocco on the Atlantic .... a sort of 21st century version of the 8th century 'Caliphate'.

The "Caliphate" covered much the same lands
where the Mullahs could hold sway
This has been the dream of many Islamists since it collapsed .... Bin Ladin and others are still striving for its return and even to expand it in to Europe and beyond. At the moment its fair to say that the 'revolutions' could still produce a more 'democratic' Islamic world, but then again, a prudent man would look at what normally erupts from these deserts and consider the possibility that it will actually be more repressive.

As examples of what I mean, lets take two cases, Libya and Jordan .... one is fighting for its very existence as one state, and had laboured under what was generally acknowledged to be, a very corrupt and repressive regime under Gaddafi, while the other is generally reckoned to be governed by a benign (for the Arab world) centralised monarchy under King Abdullah, but which has also seen 'democracy' demonstrations.

In Libya, there has been some talk of restoring the old ineffective Royal family which came from the al-Sanusi blood line. This was nearly eradicated by Gaddafi but as it was also a religious order/sect in Islam it survived. As you may have guessed the direct descendants of King Idris went to 'Londonistan' in exile, but the current head of the religious movement is one Sheikh Mohammed Sanusi .... who is still in Libya. Now some people would describe the Sanusi (aka Senussi) movement as humanitarian and 'moderate' but a recent BBC interview suggests that there may be another Khomeini lying wait.

He is quoted as starting the interview with a statement of his position:

"I'm angry with Christians and Jews, because the Christian and Jewish holy books have been changed many times over the centuries," he says. "The Koran has been *unaltered for 1,400 years. You should read the Koran, become a Muslim and earn your place in paradise."

The Man Who Would Be King (maker)
He then goes on to expound his biggest concern about all the fighting in Libya, this is that 'if the violence in the region continues, so many men will lose their lives that the ratio of women to men will increase to 50:1 and this will lead to outbreaks of lesbianism and same-sex marriages that will represent a real problem for Muslim society.'  ... remember this man may well influence where Libya goes next.

Meanwhile in The Kingdom of Jordan, the demonstrations have not been so violent as elsewhere, but are a concern to the ruling family nonetheless, particularly as they have attracted the participation of the small but growing Salafist Jihadists in the country .... these are violent and extremist men, who ultimately want the 'Caliphate' restored, and will kill to achieve it.
This Salafist is one possible future for Jordan
There are groups like this around the Arab and Muslim World .... they rule by terror, and by simply claiming that anyone who denounces them in a mosque isn't a Muslim, and should be killed. This is why no moderate Islam ever develops, it is killed at its inception by bearded extremists and a 'fatwah'.

The jury is out on what all this will mean for the Muslim and wider world, but prudence says we should plan for this worst case scenario and hope for the best case .....

* Note: This claim is not actually true ... while modern Muslims often assert that the current Koran is identical to that recited by Muhammad, some earlier Muslims were more flexible. 'Uthman, A'isha, and Ibn Ka'b (among others) all insisted that much of the Koran had been lost. Even in the 10th century (after standardisations of the text had been achieved, under the influence of Ibn Mujahid he admitted that he knew of at least fourteen versions of the Koran, which were not merely differences in recitation; they were actual written variations.

Monday, 18 April 2011

New British Crime?

Today marked a new era in UK legal jurisprudence, when a judge apparently decided to introduce a new crime in to the UK ......  "Theatrical Bigotry",  for which the sentence seems to be 70 days (in reality the 70 days was probably for other offences, but for some reason that was not mentioned ), when a non Muslim burnt a Quran ... apparently we are now 'entitled to protest, but not in that manner' ...... I seem to recall that in former times  it would have been classed under the name of "Free Speech" or "Freedom of Expression" (whether you agreed with that opinion or not), but has now been ploughed underground in favour of the 'feelings' of a foreign creed, that itself tolerates no other in its own lands.

Of course this begs the question, will burning a Bible (or a Poppy) now attract a jail sentence? To-date the evidence is that Islamists who offend our sensibilities, do not go to prison no matter what the nature of the crime they commit is. As to any offence burning the Quran may have caused, as I have pointed out before, Muslims apparently care little about when its Muslim blowing up Mosques and Qurans ..... only when an 'Infidel', in a non Muslim country upsets them, is there any offence apparently violently taken.  

Burning Books Has Been Seen Before.
Now it seems to me that the actual worrying thing about this sentence, is that this appears to have set some sort of a precedent, one that any government would do well to be worried about .... what about burning Bibles or Torah's or any other "Holy Book" (Jedi 'force' manuals?) .... how about us atheists, are our rights to be proscribed the by the feelings of religious nutters? Does any book qualify for this new sentence of "Theatrical Bigotry", or is it only those that some delusional being considers 'Holy'.

When the Labour Government tried to bring in "Religious protection" laws, there was a liberal backlash, and they were dropped ... but now some PC minded judge has introduced the legal concept that Islam is due special consideration .... Can I assume that from now on, any Muslim burning Poppy's or Bibles, or Skinheads burning Torahs, will also now get 70 days in prison, or will it vary according to some undefined level of offence taken?

Maybe not .... 

Sunday, 17 April 2011

BRIC's Float On UK Aid Money

The BRIC countries are those whose economies are considered to be some of the world's fastest-growing second world economies - China, India, Brazil and Russia ...... they have called for Russia (where the rule of law is non existent, as BP and many other companies have found to their cost), to be allowed into the World Trade Organisation (WTO), where no doubt like China, they will steal industrial secrets at a national level, and ignore all copyright laws. Oddly, South Africa, which is not one of the world's fastest-growing second world economies ... rather more third world in fact, has started attending these summits .... obviously there are 'geopolitical reasons' for this, but even seasoned pundits were unable to work out why.

However they are marked by one other common factor .... They nearly all are, or were until this year, recipients of foreign aid from the UK ... you can't make this up. We are actually helping to create the countries that will displace us in the world, while our own economy grinds through yet another major recession (what ever happened to the end of "Boom and Bust" in Britain?).
  • China, India, and Russia all have bigger space programs than the UK
  • China, India, and Russia are all nuclear weapons holders
In fact when you look at the UK's aid program generally its surprising who we give lots of money to:

Its interesting to note that:
  • Misspending on the Military instead of their own people (Pakistan stands out in this regard, where education spending is pitiful, but military spending is huge - but Burma must also be a dubious aid recipient in this regard), is not a deterrent to UK taxes being passed over.
  • Nor is rampant corruption (Pakistan has this as well), but virtually all these countries features at the wrong end of the world corruption index tables, and finally
  • Democracy ..... most of the aid countries have very poor democracy and human rights records, but we reward them with aid money.
It seems to me that there is no coincidence in these facts, and that the West has got this issue utterly and fundamentally wrong  ... and that in fact we are giving aid for the wrong  criteria and we should only give aid to countries with:
  • Good democracy records,
  • Low levels of security spending, and
  • High levels of Education / Health spending  
In other words as an encouragement to achieve the standards we want and a disincentive to acting badly .... the Corruption and Democracy Index tables should be the criteria for determining UK and Western Aid.

Peace Campaigners or Hostages To Fortune?

Following hot on the murder of the UN workers in Afghanistan ..... last week in the Gaza Strip, some radical Islamists abducted and hung an Italian 'Peace Campaigner' i.e. he was very Pro Palestinian and very Anti Israeli, called Vittorio Arrigoni.  The reason? (as if they needed one), they were in dispute with the ruling Hamas terror group about not being radical enough and wanted to 'bargain with them' .... They posted a video on 'YouTube', showing a beaten Mr Arrigoni with his eyes covered with thick black gaffer tape.

A caption on the video read: "The Italian hostage entered our land only to spread corruption" and the video called Italy "the infidel state".  In the end they didn't bother with negotiations, and he was killed within hours of being abducted. Italy denounced the "barbaric murder", calling it an "act of vile and senseless violence" .... this is the same Italy which urges inaction in Libya. "He came from across the world, left his country and family and his entire life and came here to break the siege, and we kill him? Why?" asked one of his friends.

Why indeed? ... You would think such casual violence and barbarism would finally open a few left-wing eyes to the regime that would be ushered in if these radical groups ever seize power outside of Palestine .... but as sure as day follows night, the next 'blockade busting flotilla' will be full of yet more delusional left wing 'peace campaigners'.

The NATO Myth

The NATO myth is that they are a group of 28 independent member countries, united in a common defence and interest. The truth is that when push comes to shove its just the US, Canada and the UK - with occasionally the French (when it suits them) who take any action and defend the rest ....

These few countries have to spend their money, risk their citizens lives, and take the political flak from a largely brutish third world, and the equally brutish (ex) communist block. The rest cower behind these three or four countries and do nothing. Some even actively campaign to do nothing - as if this is a valid political stance, while some others such as Turkey take a 'religious' stance of saying we can't pursure regime change in Muslim countries, but are happy to urge such actions against non Muslim countries (such as asking NATO to attack 'Christian' Serbia, when 'Muslim' Bosnia was attacked).

Frankly, the campaign against Libya (called Operation Unified Protector) has proved once again that we should collapse NATO, then reform as a UK / US / Canadian 'Northern Defence Alliance', and tell the rest they are on their own ...... they deserve each other.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Zuma and the Tyrants

"The brother leader [Col Gaddafi] delegation has accepted the roadmap as presented by us," Mr Zuma has declared, in support of his plan to keep Col Gaddafi and his family in power in Libya.

He also supports Mugabe in Zimbabwe, against the democratic winner, and Laurent Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast, against the recognised democratic winner ...... in fact he apparently supports all the old style 'Big Men' of African politics.

Is this what the 'democratic' rainbow nation has become, apologists and supporters for Africa's worst tyrants and dictators?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lazy Bones

Finally this week .. the man who is currently hiding his face the most, has to be that member of the Singapore defence forces who having received his call up papers, had his maid carry his kit bag to the boot camp.

The picture was all over Facebook, and is now viral on the web .... the soldier has not been named, but you can bet your life he will be .... in the meantime, the web has been full of jokes from men, and outrage from women in equal measure.

A raft of parodies of Singaporean soldiers storming into battle, followed by their maids, has appeared, including one of SAF troops marching in their serried ranks, followed by serried ranks of domestic helpers carrying their bags.

Here's a couple of the funniest ....


There are others ..... and the red face of the squaddie who has caused this loss of face to the Singaporean  Armed Forces command, will be something to behold when its finally unmasked.


Our 'Friends' In The Middle East

While the 'West' has its attention turned to Libya, the Saudis and their surrogates in Bahrain have been given a free hand in their suppression of the Shia majority in that small kingdom. Now I am not a conspiracist and I don't believe that this is 'deliberate' or because its the mad 'Shia's' who are being suppressed we turn a blind eye.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that the condemnation has been muted at best ... and if you are wondering what I am talking about, well its this ...

The man on the floor being openly tortured, is handcuffed, hooded, and has already been beaten .... he is a Shia. These forces have tortured British and other Western workers in Saudi Arabia (although not US citizens) ....

Remember, the people who authorise these beatings are 'our friends', because you can bet your life the family and friends of the men on the floor will!

The Two Faces Of Northern Ireland

Ireland has always had a Jekyll and Hyde personality ..... on the one hand its all Leprechauns, Shamrocks, Pubs, "The Craic", 'Smiling Irish Eyes', Guinness, 'St Paddy's Day' and New York Band Parades, but on the other, its Northern Ireland, Sectarianism, Bombings, Assassinations, Mass Murder, Irish 'Traveller' invasions, Marching Seasons, IRA, Republicanism, Orange Orders, Derry, and 'London' Derry ....

There have been very worrying signs that the darker side is coming to the fore again .... there has always been low level violence in Northern Ireland. Even during the 'Peace Process' brokered about a decade ago, the republican gangs have operated as low level criminal enforcers ... allegedly certain sectors of the economy are run by former terrorist gangs, some of whom have drifted into completely criminals endeavours such as bank/post office raids, protection rackets and of course the ubiquitous drug trade (which now finances violence in large areas of the world).

Now however, despite the political and economic gains that have been part of the peace dividend, some sections of the 'Republican' movement have now apparently decided to resume the terror campaigns of the 1970's, 80's and 90's .... their aims are even less coherent than in that last campaign (where even the  southern Irish state didn't want what they were proposing  ... as it would simply have transferred the violence from Belfast to Dublin).  Apparently they don't want Catholics to join the police so they are sending death threats to Catholics who have joined, and have just assassinated a Catholic police officer (after other attempts last year). They also have attempted to place bombs on roads and town centres .... bombs which would kill Catholics as well as Protestants,

This shows how twisted the 'logic' of terrorists becomes ... in order to 'protect' the Catholic community they kill and terrorise members of the same community ..... try and explain the rational behind that. Of course in reality the only 'threat' to the Catholic community now comes from their 'protectors' in the 'Republican' movement. This has led to the strange sight of the former leaders of 'the struggle' as they termed it, having  to condemn terrorism from another generation of 'Republicans'  .... Martin McGuinness has urged the Catholic community to support the police, and others have also had to make political statements which they may otherwise never have made.

Ironically, while this has been happening, another face of Northern Ireland is being beamed to the world, as Rory McIlroy  is trying to win one of the major events of golf, on the final day of the US Masters. So lets finish this post with an image of hope, and not one of terror.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Strange Comment By Dictators

Over the last few weeks, as regime after regime in the Arab world has come under pressure from protesters, there have been strange utterances from each of the dictators who have been threatened. In  nearly every case they have said that the protesters were being misled by outsiders, or "armed gangs" of foreign-backed militants...... but also they are "drunk" or "drug addicts".

Libyan Drunks Marching ..... 
The Libyan woman lawyer who was gang raped by Gaddafi's men in Tripoli, and who in her distress went to the foreign press hotel to complain (before being bundled away by secret police, to not be seen again), was also described as "a drunk, a prostitute and a thief" by regime spokesmen.

Now, apart from the ludicrous nature of these statements, which are the same claims that these regimes have made against opponents for the last thirty or forty years, there is the strangeness that alcohol is illegal and prohibited to the Muslim faithful in any of these paradises on earth ..... alcohol is actually one of the principal rewards (along with sex) that is given to the faithful when they die (men only - women get nothing), so they only get to drink an alcohol beer when they are dead (which many of the regimes have tried quite hard to arrange).

All The Taste ... But None Of The Fun!
In fact alcohol is not sold anywhere openly in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen where these protests broke out - only non alcoholic beers .... so just where are all these 'Drunks' coming from? 

I just can't work out where these dictators think all these are gangs of drunks were actually hiding for the last thirty years, nor where they were getting their drinks from to become 'Drunks'?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ten Wasted Years

The UN mission in Afghanistan has been trying to help the people of Afghanistan for a decade .... part of the brief is to help the transformation from a backward, feudalistic, violent nation of Islamic nutters. Kieran Dwyer, director of communications for the UN mission in Afghanistan described their roles as "These are civilian people, unarmed, here to do human rights work, to work for peace in Afghanistan."

Yesterday, in response to rumours or reports that a Christian fundamentalist had burnt a copy of the Quran, a mob was quickly rounded up in the town of  Mazar-i Sharif, marched to the UN compound, where the UN guards apparently were overwhelmed, and then killed fourteen UN workers. They did so, because whether local afghan or 'foreigner', they were all classed as 'Infidel Crusaders', and therefore can be killed whenever a Mullah orders it, by 'responsible Muslims'.

Rent A Mullah Mob on the March
At least two of the 'foreigners' were 'beheaded' as enemies of the "Religion of Peace" (aka 'Submission') and included at least one woman .....  Norwegian Lieutenant Colonel Siki Skare, a 53-year-old female pilot, another named victim of this Muslim atrocity is Swede Joakin Dungel aged 33 and  four of the seven foreigners killed were former Gurkha's working as private security guards, with a Romanian also known to have been killed.

Zabihullah Mujahid  the local Taliban spokesman said that "The Taliban had nothing to do with this, it was a pure act of responsible Muslims."  ..... I'll repeat that 'a pure act of responsible Muslims'.  Incidentally, while burning a Quran is apparently worth killing men and women for, blowing up mosques and burning hundreds of Qurans in the process, doesn't even raise a mini protest in the Muslim world ..... hypocrites.

Mosque Bombed - many killed and injured - Qurans despoiled
..... No Mobs Protesting the Qurans being Bombed.
You can keep telling me that there is such a thing as a 'moderate responsible Muslim majority', and I will say show me this mythical state, because I can show you one hundred instances of the opposite, and it seems to me that many of the rest are just one sermon away from killing someone.  
We are wasting our time and money, and most of all risking good peoples lives, in trying to help these people ... they actually want to be a backward feudalistic nation of violent followers of Islam.


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