Friday, 1 July 2016

Life Mirrors Life

Women these days often claim that despite all the legislation, that they are not paid a fair amount compared to men. I have often found this to not only be untrue (where in most organisations I have worked in most middle managers and above are women), but often based upon the spurious 'like jobs' idea, which compares apples and bananas, and says they should be the same values.

Pocket Money Levels Changed Since I Was A Teen, err Young Man ....

However the news that according the Halifax Banks annual survey, in the UK boys get more pocket money than girls on average, has added some ammunition to women's claims. Kids on average get £6.55 pw nationwide, a rise of 6% on last years figure, but still nowhere near the peak of £8.50 pw in 2007 (pre-recession ... who would have thought pocket money mirrored the economy?). 

Now given that pocket money rates are often determined by joint parental decision, or just the mother in one parent families, you would expect the rates to be fair and equal, but apparently boys average £6.93 pw, while girls average only £6.16 pw ... a difference of 12%.

 So why the difference .... Why does child life apparently imitate adult life?

The answer according to one of the consumer web sites, is that boys are better negotiators and ask for more.

Perhaps ladies that's the answer at work as well?

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