Friday, 22 July 2016

Sexual Experimentation

The nature versus nurture debate over sexuality has been running for decades. The best estimates, of around 3% of the male and female populations actively engaging in homosexuality or lesbian behaviours, being far less than the claims by pro-gay campaigners of 10%+.

But times they are a changing, and it seems that the new metro-sexuality that's being promoted by advertising agencies, may be influencing behaviours.

More People Love Experimenting .....

The recent General Social Survey of 30,000 Americans has apparently (or perhaps I should say purportedly), uncovered the fact that the number of adults who admit to a gay experience has doubled since the 1990's.

Now there are some obvious flaws in the research, not least of which is that what defines as a 'gay' experience will differ very greatly between individuals e.g. a brief crush on someone of the same sex whilst a teenager, is not uncommon when hormonal changes kick in (but rarely leads to any sexual behaviour). This infatuation is often outgrown in weeks or months, was often disregarded in some studies in the past.

Nonetheless it appears that between 1990 and 2014, the number of men who said that they had at least one male sexual partner, went up from 4.5 per cent, to 8.2 per cent. Similarly women's affairs went from 3.6 per cent to 8.7 per cent. Amongst those who are aged between 18 to 29 (in the 2010's), the rates were 7.5 per cent of men, and 12.2 per cent of women claiming that they had at least one same sex encounter.

Now some of this (particularly amongst the ladies), may be a passing fashion thing, as a numerous Hollywood actresses, pop singers and models parade their latest 'girlfriend' around to great publicity. Thus making it socially acceptable (and indeed desirable), to at least try this once. Interestingly most women who tried it in the survey, did so whilst in their teens, and reportedly never bothered again. Males however, seem to be reported as less age restricted as to when they try it ....and not stopping at once so often.

What this all goes to prove, its perhaps too early to tell.

Metro-Sexuality The New Norm ....

It could be that people are just happier to admit to these encounters now than in the past, and so we are simply seeing a truer picture, or whether behaviours are genuinely changing, and more people are willing to experiment with their sexuality ..... only time will tell.

Personally I know I come from a simpler time, where you knew which side your bread was buttered on, and stuck to it .... but hey ho, each to their own.


  1. I'm not gay but the guy I sleep with is ;-)

    The fact that bisexual behaviour can be observed in the animal kingdom should persuade some homophobes, not to mention religions, to have second thoughts about their views.
    Personally I've stopped caring all together; I don't consider it any of my business what any consenting adult gets up to in their bedroom. I turn off when I hear speculation about someone's sexuality - it just doesn't concern me.

    1. Well we have had this debate to some extent before. In general we agree as I also don't care about legal sexual activity as long as its a private matter.

      Only when laws are passed or used forcing me to support lifestyles I consider to be a matter of someone's personal conscience, do I get pissed off. Whether that be bowing to a religion that respects no other, or sexual minorities who use the law or social media campaigns to attack others.

      Thanks for the comment.


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