Friday, 15 July 2016

Warnies World

There is an Australian sports legend formerly known as 'Warnie' aka Shane Warne. He is a leg end in his own lunchtime, because of his exploits over a couple of decades leading the Australian Cricket team to great victories.

Warnies World

But since then, there are those who are beginning to wonder if his hair transplant was not the only thing to go to his head. For instance he recently appeared on the Aussie version of the TV show 'I'm a Celebrity ...' where he reportedly gave his personal views on a number of matters of world import ....

On the evolution of humanity on Earth, he offered the opinion that it was all down to ET. These Extraterrestrials had visited Earth in the past and having found only 'monkeys' (Apes presumably not being around), had experimented on those monkeys to make mankind. To back this up he argued that "If we've evolved from monkeys, why haven't those evolved? Maybe [the aliens] turned a few monkeys into humans and said, 'Yeah, it works'." ..... not much you can say to that logic.

Alien Overseers On Pyramids

Not content with that observation, he expanded his view that the pyramids were not the work of the ancient Egyptians but in fact built by those same aliens (or maybe another set?), who had created humans.

..... It appears that Australia is developing its own version of David Icke.


  1. I have removed a comment under the 'No Spam' rule, but unusually it was worth a mention because it was a rather enterprising Indian hair transplant clinic. It made me laugh, but 'No Spam' means 'No Spam'

  2. "I don't understand evolution but visiting aliens turning monkeys into humans makes perfect sense."

    1. I guess that makes two of you then ...


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