Friday, 15 July 2016

No More Je Suis Anywhere

The time is fast approaching when the apologists for Islam in the West, are going to have to shut up. How many deaths, how many outrages before they are forced to face up to reality, and not the happy 'multi-cultural fantasy' many of them continue to live in.

These attackers may be a few bad apples (as the excuse always is), but they have very obviously rotted the rest of the barrel. We can no longer excuse these attacks as some sort of freak event. Eighty five or more people are lying dead or dying in a street in France today, because our only response to Jihadi Islam is 'Je Suis ... ' (whatever the latest location is).  

Je Suis (Insert Name Here) ....

The current social media generation are a spineless bunch, who think disliking some event on facebook, is an actual effective action. We would all be Germans in the 3rd Reich now, if we had had to rely on this generation to defend us in 1939.

France has been hit in attack after attack, by Muslims who were born there, or entered the country as 'refugees'. The latest attack in the town of Nice was apparently carried out by a local Muslim thug of Tunisian descent, who got the Jihadi bug and decided to kill westerners. This could happen just as easily in Preston, Luton or London, as in France. In fact it very likely will.

Let me make myself very clear. While Muslims live in Europe or the USA, these mass killing attacks will continue to sporadically occur. It is simply part of the religion, and if you don't believe that, just look at every corner of the globe, and Islamic attacks are taking place as I write.

If these attacks continue, then sooner or later a nationalist government from either the right or left, is going to decide that enough is enough, and determine that only no Muslims is going to work. Once that red line has been crossed, there will be a scramble by others to do the same and expel them, while the other nations in the region will close their borders to those being expelled.

Maybe that's what the Jihadist groups really want. Many of these groups think Muslims shouldn't live under the rule of non Sharia states, especially 'Christian' ones .... the House of War (Dar al-Garb .. House of the West), is what they call us. But whatever their aims, they are pushing the western world towards ever more violent responses, by ever more outrageous attacks.

We live ever more in the shadow of the 1930's ...


  1. You're right, coming down hard on Muslims would suit the terrorists. Most Muslims are law abiding citizens and consider Daesh to be contrary to their religion. There is obviously a problem with Islam and we need to tackle it with intelligence and not react counter productively.

    The sort of attack that Nice suffered is not sophisticated, or difficult; all that is needed is one very sick individual and a flawed ideology. I'd be surprised if Daesh knew anything about this attack before it happened, all they did was commit atrocious acts of barbarism in the name of Islam and hope that some insecure and mentally unstable patsy would act out their anguish in this way. Considering how many of these there must be, they're not doing a very good job, or we're doing an excellent job of convincing them otherwise.

  2. Unfortunately whether most Muslims are law abiding citizens and consider Daesh to be contrary to their religion is not enough ... even 75% is too little. A number of polls in the UK show that between 20 and 30% of the UK's Muslims believe in some or all of the beliefs held by Daesh.

    This means we are not 'convincing them otherwise' and its only a matter of time before the next attack, and the next and the next. As I pointed out, violence is inherent in the religion. Everywhere on the globe where there are Muslims there is currently terrorism and there will be point when the rest of the world will not tolerate it.

    Morality will have little to do with it, survival will be the driver ... whether this is what IS and others are driving us to, will be irrelevant. We will be faced with a decision as to whether we will tolerate these outrages as the price of allowing Muslims to keep coming to Europe.

    In case you think I am exaggerating about survival. Have you ever bothered to ask what happened to the millions of Christians in the middle east and asia minor when Muslims conquered? there are now less than 2% of the populations now Christian, and they are still persecuted by the local Muslims ...they don't apparently find that persecution contrary to their religion, probably because it isn't. Turkey is heading in that direction and is wanting to join the EU ... not a happy prospect for the EU.

    1. Francois(Currently Londres)18 July 2016 at 09:00

      Mr Sarkozy said "Democracy must not be weak, nor simply commemorate. Democracy must say 'We will win the war'." The French people are being warned they are going to have to live with terrorism for a long time to come. 'Liberte' is under threat and must be redefined to meet the challenge of an age of insecurity .... all in the name of accommodating Islam. Is it a price too high to pay?

    2. Well I guess that's for the French and others to decide for their own countries. My guess is that soon someone will say it is. Thanks for the comment Francois.

  3. There is a story on the BBC which mirrors some of these concerns. It finished with the following statement.

    The next stage in the descent is one that few will talk about - but which is certainly in the minds of both jihadists and government. This is the moment when the attacks become so outrageous they provoke a backlash. A mosque is burned to the ground. Some white youths go on a rampage through a banlieue (suburb).

    This is what IS desperately wants to happen, of course, because France could then be on course for a truly bloody civil conflict. The head of France's DGSI internal intelligence service gave just such a warning in recent testimony to a parliamentary committee.

    The greatest danger, warned Patrick Calvar in May, was that one or two further attacks triggered violence from far-right groups which - he said - were increasingly preparing for the eventuality. "Then what you will have is confrontation between the far right and the Muslim world. Not with Islamists, let me be clear. With the Muslim world."

    1. Yes, that's part of my discussion ... one has to wonder where this is all going to end.

    2. À Backlash would certainly play into the terrorists' hands, that's why we must not attribute every atrocity to a targeted terrorist plot :

      "The news media's and politicians' aggrandisement of Mohamed Bouhlel's rampage in Nice as a "terrorist" attack is to grant this outrage more logic and ideological basis than it deserves. Angry, mentally disturbed individuals do, from time to time, seek to cause havoc as a form of thrashing out against some hurt they mistakenly perceive. As a delivery man he knew the weapon his behicle could become. Just as Andreas Lubitz did when he crashed his plane into the French Alps. Bouhlel is no more a terrorist than Lubitz. Awarding him that title unnecessarily supports the terrorist cause."
      Professor David Canter

      As we know, Andreas Lubitz was initially labeled a terrorist and subsequently found to be simply deluded with no terrorist connections.

    3. Francois (Currently Londres)20 July 2016 at 14:00

      Australia has already opened up this debate

      The idea that the Muslim communities can just carry on as before after every mass killing, is not going to hold up for much longer, as western public opinion decides that they as a group pose more of a risk than any supposed benefits they offer our communities.

      The more the attacks, the more the likelihood of a backlash. Many believe that they will never integrate while they can pour in to the West via arranged marriages or posing as refugees. Soft liberalism will never defeat those who kill in the name of their god. France could well have a Front National government in the next couple of years.

      This simply because the politicians elsewhere can't formulate a response to the attacks that people can believe in. Just ascribing the attackers the motive of being mentally disturbed, or attention seeking will not be accepted.

    4. Francois I tend to agree that soft liberalism is not going to hold sway for much longer in this matter and indeed the Brexit campaign indicated that patience with mass immigration has come to an end across Europe. What happens next is anyone's guess but mass murder will trigger a response in France and elsewhere.

      Vroomfodel, whilst you are right that a backlash would play into the terrorists hands, I fear that is irrelevant as it will also play to local politicians hands inside both France and Europe. Marie le Pen may well indeed win the presidency in france, especially if there are more incidents (whether you would attribute them as 'terrorist' or not)

      I guess we will have to see how it plays out .... maybe calmer heads will prevail.

  4. A French priest has his throat cut. The madness of Islam just keeps rolling on.

    1. Yes, sadly the reign of terror just keeps coming. Euro-Liberalism is under strain unless it can find an answer. Thanks for the comment.


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