Friday, 1 July 2016

A Little Bit Of History

When we see Aussie sportsmen's faces in the UK, its usually them beaming at some triumph or other, usually over us. The cricketers have lost that edge recently after its world dominating team broke up, but the Australian Rugby team had seemed destined to hold dominance over the England team forever (other British teams exist, and you can pick them is you want. Ireland, Wales or Scotland, the statement still applies to one degree or another).

As recently as last October, Australia had reached the final of the World Cup in England (only losing to World Number one team New Zealand). England meanwhile hadn't even got out of the group stages .... we had then entered another moment of deep national introspection.

The Sort of 'Happy' Aussie Faces We Like To See

Well, if you can't beat them then join them, is what they say .... So we hired an Australian coach, Eddie Jones, and instantly a team that was a shambles under an English coach started winning, and winning, and winning.  

That winning sequence is nine games, including the Grand Slam in the Six Nations competition, and culminating with a little bit of history, with a first ever series win for England in Australia itself. The series was a whitewash, with a 39-28 victory in the first Test in Brisbane, a 23-7 triumph in Melbourne, and a 44-40 victory in Sydney. To put this into perspective, Australia had only ever lost three home Tests against England before this series thrashing.

Oh and the future looks bright was well, as in Manchester, England secured their third World Rugby Under-20 title in four years .... I am unapologetic about a bit of Aussie style crowing. 

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