Friday, 15 March 2013

More Labour Immigration Lies

It's laughable how the Labour Party still try to pretend that 'mass immigration' hasn't been a disaster ..... Yvette Cooper will admit that Labour 'has not always got it right on immigration' - (How about never?), and that it should be "fair for all" - (How about fair for the indigenous population, not to the immigrants?), and that her party hasn't always been "ready to talk about problems" ... not once admitting that it was actually a deliberate act of social vandalism intended to change Britain forever.

However it now says that it gets it (shutting the stable gates after the horse has bolted), and will say it knows that it "that needs to change". This will not mean a "move to the right" she argued - but will be an effort to distinguish between "immigration that works and immigration that doesn't .... as Ed Milliband has said, we know Labour got some things wrong on immigration in government."

She even claims that "We will support the government where it introduces sensible policies and we will point out where they are getting things wrong. But we won't enter an arms race of rhetoric on immigration - and we hope the prime minister won't either. That's not honest, or good for Britain." So in other words, they still want to control and set the agenda, and declare parts of the subject as out of bounds, and beyond debate.

Of course we all know that part of the current reduction in net migration by 72,000 since the election, has been caused by more Britons leaving the UK or choosing not to return, as well as a drop of 38,000 in students coming to study in the UK, is partially achieved by ever more white Britons fleeing the UK.

But she can't even be honest about that, merely adding that "Few think the answer to Britain's immigration challenges is to persuade more Brits to go away."

Laughable  ... as mentioned earlier 'white flight' is a direct result of a Labour Party decision to let rip with immigration as a matter of policy in the 1990's ..... a decision to "open up the UK to mass migration".  One that Labour Government Ministers were 'reluctant' to discuss such a move publicly, for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote". Andrew Neather, a former adviser to PM Tony Blair, and Home Secretaries Jack Straw and David Blunkett, has admitted publicly that it was a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity".

Labour Party Still Proud Of Mass Immigration

The Tory Immigration Minister, Mark Harper, responding to Ms Cooper's comments, said that "I don't think I heard an apology for Labour letting immigration get out of control while they were in power. We saw net migration of 2.2 million when they were in power." ..... many of these were semi skilled third world immigrants, many of whom actually dislike us and our culture.

UKIP waits in the wings for the wary ............

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