Friday, 29 March 2013

Criminals Miracle Cures

Remember when Ronnie Biggs was let out of prison because he was dying .... 'Not long to live', they claimed, 'compassionate grounds' they said, doctors have said there is "not much hope" ..... that was June 2009. Well surprise, surprise, he's still alive, and although frail at 83, he still has enough wits to give the newspapers a quote, and two fingers, while attending at the funeral of another of the Great Train Robbers, Bruce Reynolds who he described as 'a good man',

Ronnie Biggs - Still Alive And Giving Two Fingers To The World.

Kinda reminds me of the only man in the world to have recovered from pre-senile dementia associated with  Alzheimer's disease (a disease which has so far proved incurable to every other sufferer in the world), the ex chief executive of Guinness, Ernest Saunders, who avoided most of his two and a half years jail sentence, by getting a compliant doctor and even more compliant judge, to accept that he was too ill to stay in prison.

He even wangled a 'full parole' so that he couldn't be recalled when, miraculously, he made a full recovery from the symptoms, and he went on to later be appointed chairman of the executive committee of a US-based multinational petrol credit-card company, Harpur-Gelco .... his reputation apparently unblemished by his jail time, nor his unusual 'recovery' .... and more importantly, still able to pass the any fitness and probity test for these roles. You have to wonder what planet the judiciary are on ..... actually you don't. There are just two types of justice in the world, the one that the wealthy and powerful get, and the one that you or I would receive.

Shaman Had Great Insight into Human Nature

But worse than the injustice of all this, as criminals escape punishment, is the sheer bloody incompetence of the doctors involved .... they are medical quacks, and are no better than shaman (and maybe worse, shaman's at least understand human psychology), or just stupid fools, who can be hoodwinked by any dishonest man .... I know which I think.


  1. "There are just two types of justice in the world, the one that the wealthy and powerful get, and the one that you or I would receive". Never a truer word spoken.

    1. I have had no reason to change my view since then.


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