Friday, 29 March 2013

All Tarred With The Same Brush

In previous reports I have commented on the extreme Muslims attacking Christians, and Hindus, and extreme Jews attacking Christians and Muslims, and now we have reports from Sri Lanka and Burma of extreme Buddhists attacking Christians and Muslims ..... its hard to put a price on the cost of lives and misery that this all results in.

What struck me particularly was the reasons for the attacks as formulated by the Buddhist monks most responsible "Muslims are trying to convert people, building too many mosques" .... that Muslims had put out the idea that Sinhalese families should become smaller and all the while "Then they started to increase their own population," they argue. "This is the only country for the Sinhalese." .... one leading light of the campaign of violence came up with a world view that echoed that of a radical Imams view of 'Muslim lands' in a recent posting .... "Look around the world - Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others, they were all Buddhist countries - but the Muslims destroyed the culture and then took over the country. We worry they're planning it here too."

Buddhist Fighting Monks - A New Phenomenon

The argument that religion is a source for good in the world is sometimes a very frail one .... it may look like it is, from some three quarters empty C of E Church in the home counties of England, but from the raw edge battle zones of places like the Middle East, Asia, or even some of our small towns north of Watford in the UK, its a very different perspective.

So far, the least offensive minded of these groups in most of these places are the Christians, who have attacked no one and slaughtered no one (probably because in most of them they are already an endangered group)..... but maybe that's next?

They are all tarred with the same brush, in my world view.

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