Friday, 23 January 2015

The BBC and Images

Did you know that the BBC had a statement read out on its 'Question Time after the Paris attacks, stating that the BBC guidelines specifically forbid printing any images or 'insults' to the Muslim Prophet Mohammed without special dispensation?

Mohammed Gets 'Special Treatment' From BBC

Not Jesus or other religious leaders ... they are covered by a general rule about religious sensibilities .... naturally some organisations, such as the National Secular Society are outraged, and demanding the BBC retract the rule ..... no chance this side of the next terrorist attack of them ever doing this.

Some bloggers, braver than we are at PC Towers, are doing what the BBC should have done when the first cartoon row raged, and printed (warning if you are muslim, you may be offended by the following linked sites) a cartoon ..... and of course so have Muslims in the past.

The BBC really can't be trusted to be impartial on this subject anymore, they are halfway into dhimmitude already.


  1. The BBC hardly bothers to represent the majority anymore and should be privatised.

    1. Well many Tory party members believe that. Thanks for the comment.


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