Friday, 16 January 2015

Women Need Not Exist

Anyone who visits this site, will be aware that we at PC Towers just love the photo-shopping skills that eradicate unwanted individuals from pictures. The finest (not), exponents of this skill are the religious nut-cases of the Middle East ..... in this case the Haredi Orthodox Jewish sect. These are the guys with the black hats and stringy side locks ... their women dress in black, and use head scarves or wigs.

Not that you would know about the women, because a bit like the Iranian Press, and TV, they are not keen on women being unseemly in public ..... but they go just that little bit more into the ridiculous ideas, because they actually won't allow women to appear in photographs.  In many respects they are actually more extreme in their views on women's roles in society than anyone except the Afghanistan Taliban ... but you might have thought that in covering the Paris rally against censorship, and the murders in Paris (in which several Jews were murdered), they would have been sensitive to the watching worlds opinions .... but no.

With little or no sense of embarrassment, and certainly no irony (what is it about the Middle East and irony?), the HaMevaser Newspaper showed the event like this .... minus women.

HaMevaser Newspaper ~ Women Need Not Exist.

Apart from the fact that this is the sort of thing done by fanatics, or psychopaths, the ones who cut the eyes out of pictures of celebrity women, and who then later commit very bad crimes, there is no good reason for them to be sloppy fanatics ..... I could have done this better myself!

Seriously, all religious extremists are as bad as each other in many respects  ..... as long as I live (and that might not be very long if I keep laughing at these fools), I will never understand how some people can believe in such nonsense .... even if there was a supreme maker, do they really believe she is as misogynist as they are?    


  1. Thanks for pointing that out, incredible!

    The answer is yes, they believe that he (no, I didn't miss your irony) is as misogynist as they are ; he is made in their image and is therefore all that they are and more.

    My exasp. is as as -erated as your's.

    I remember John Cleese, praise be upon him, saying that when you're young, you think that life is a sea of sanity with tiny pockets of insanity here and there, then when you're older you realise that in fact it's a sea of insanity with tiny pockets of sanity here and there. You're blog is one such pocket of sanity.

    1. I long ago stopped thinking that the world is sane ..... of course my bubble of sanity in a froth of insanity, could pop just as easily as any other .... the irony was just my little joke.


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