Friday, 6 January 2017

Blue Horizons, Blue Seas

I noticed an article the other day that said that Blackpool had finally got a 'Blue Flag' for its south beach. Meaning that the water was finally clean enough to bathe in after a couple of decades of clean up actions.

Principally that involved expanding the sewer spillage outlets further into the Irish Sea, from their previous end points within the Morecambe bay area, so its now among 68 beaches in England to have secured the Blue Flag status this year. This brings the total achieving the award in Britain to 169.

Blackpool - Blue Flag Beach

Whilst I have some knowledge of the Blackpool clean up effort, having lived in the North West region for some years, I was more taken by the fact that the UK has got so many, which shows that a great national effort has been made. The blue flag scheme was launched in Europe in 1987, and when the awards were first handed out only 14 UK beaches received Blue Flags. So in the space of less than 20 years, the UK has increased the number of qualifying beaches 12 fold.

Are there any other countries who have done so much to clean their shorelines in the same period? I don't know for sure but I doubt it.

So just for once lets give ourselves a pat on our collective backs, for doing something so green and almost unsung, especially by the green parties, who rarely ever praise our non green governments.

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