Friday, 3 March 2017

Bucket Lists

Recently I was asked if I had any bucket list requests .... I said no. My reasoning is that it always seems to me that many of these are really all about creating memories for the benefit of the families left behind (which I don't have), rather than for the person who is expected to pass on. Of course, there are also life bucket lists, and I guess if pressed I would say that I would have liked to have moved to the US for a while, or been into outer space, and circled the moon like those two space tourists plan.

Typical Bucket List .....

Generally you usually only hear about these lists when someone is terminally ill, but if you are ill, you are usually too poorly to want to run about going to Disney Land, climbing Seven Hills, or backpacking across Australia ... to take few examples. After all its not going to be the terminally ill person remembering these events when they go.

However I am aware that this point of view is not shared by all, and that in fact as already mentioned these bucket lists can also cover those who are not terminally ill, and also those, who to put it politely already have one foot in the grave.

Such it seems is the case in respect to 99-year-old Netherlands woman just named as 'Annie', whose niece arranged with the local police force to 'lock her up' in a cell. Apparently she had expressed a desire to know what it was like to be 'locked up', and so the police obliged by allowing her to sit in a cell at the police station in Nijmegen Zuid, in order to achieve "one of her last wishes". This even included putting on handcuffs.

99 Year Old Annie's 15 Minutes Of Fame ..... Better Late Than Never!

The world being what it is these days she instantly became a Facebook hit, and a news story around the globe. I guess even at her great age she can still grab her 15 minutes of fame.

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