Friday, 3 March 2017

Heavy Load

Apparently King Salman of Saudi Arabia is not one to travel lightly. He also doesn't seem to believe that the cost cutting measures in his country should apply to him. He is now on a regional tour of South East Asia, partly to explain why the Saudis have increased the cost of a pilgrim visas to Mecca and partly to invest in other countries labour, as they can't rely on Saudi's to take up the slack when the oil runs out.

Many Boot Licking Lackeys Required ...

However he is is travelling in style, which entails having 459 tonnes of equipment. This includes two gold-clad escalators, a pair of Mercedes-Benz limos, and a custom-made toilet which has been built for him at a mosque in Jakarta, according to the Indonesian media reports.

Airfreight firm PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta, which has been appointed to handle the King's heavy cargo, told a news agency that 63 tonnes would be unloaded in Jakarta, and a further 396 tonnes would be taken to Bali where the King wants to holiday. He also apparently requires a massive entourage .... There will be at least 620 people travelling with him as part of his entourage, as well as a further 800 trade delegates, including 10 ministers and 25 princes.

For them alone it will take 27 flights to transport them all to Jakarta, and nine flights to get them to Bali, the freight firm said. Of course as he is also going to travel to a number of other countries, he will be travelling with much the same sort of entourage and luggage .... so this whole exercise is also adding appreciably to global warming.

An interesting side note to this story is why the protector of the two Muslim holy sites, chooses to holiday, not on one of Indonesia's many Muslim islands, but on the Hindu/Buddhist island of Bali where Aussies and Westerners go ... Why? I suppose for the same reasons that he likes to take holidays and excursions to the South of France (where he also takes lifts).

So while the President of the USA may normally thought of as having the biggest baggage and entourage when he moves around the globe, it looks like a Saudi King can trump that.


  1. My wife could give him a run for his travel money. You should see what she needs for just an over night stay.

    1. The old ones are always the best ... jokes I mean. Not wives. Thanks for the comment.


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