Friday, 10 March 2017

Lucky April Fool

In April 2015 Gary Lincoln from Cardiff was doing some much needed DIY around a clients house ... this involved the use of an electrical angle cutter. Unfortunately, accidents do happen as they say, and Mr Lincoln had a bad one. Despite the cutter being fitted with a safety guard, he managed to get it caught on his jacket sleeve and it pulled him in to sever his left hand at the wrist ....

One Lucky Man ......

Normally, this would not only have been incredibly painful, but the loss of blood and nerve damage would have sent the victim into shock. But sometimes the body is capable of amazing things when faced with imminent death .... possibly because he had been working alone.

Mr Lincoln said that although there was a tremendous amount of blood, he later claimed that he didn't feel a thing, other than something akin to 'pins and needles', so he remained calm, and picked up his severed hand, and took himself off to hospital with it wrapped in his sleeve "to hold everything together". There they sewed his hand back on, and he is expected to make a remarkable recovery. "I can move all my fingers, which is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe it. I didn’t think I would have my hand working again properly. I thought my life was ruined".

You sometimes hear these sort of stories, usually involving battlefield soldiers, but its still amazing what we can apparently survive if the will is there.


  1. It is amazing that he didn't go into shock. A good news story, ya-ay!

    1. My Gran once had boiling oil poured all down her front while working for a famous chocolate maker in the South east of England. She apparently calmly walked to the factory supervisor to report the accident before she sat down to wait for treatment. She finally had a shock reaction nearly 20 years later ... she had suppressed the response in her body for all that time (the accident had occurred pre both NHS and Welfare state).

      Sometimes we are capable of amazing things. Thanks for the comment Vroomfondel.


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