Friday, 10 March 2017

Paying The Piper His Due

We have discussed the well known phenomena of the 'smaller the country the bigger the flag' .... this has been seen in Presidents attending side-walk (pavement) openings,or creating a national airline which is just the Presidential plane, or in many of the smaller the states the bigger the Presidential family corruption.

Politicians On The Take Are Nothing New In Any Culture ....

Perhaps the most famous of all these modern day alleged small country thieves was the Marcos family in the Philippines, followed closely those protégé's such as the Mugabe's, with their land grabbing family and friends, or Equatorial Guinea President Nguema and his son, who have stolen billions, and even President Zuma of South Africa, who as the third black president, has already destroyed the clean vision of President Nelson Mandala's first Presidency.

In Europe, the Ukrainian government unexpectedly fell victim to one of these robber politicians, when fourth President Viktor Yanukovich was found to have emptied the state safe of at least $100 billion, before he fled to his friend President Putin of Russia (allegedly no mean grafter himself), to prevent himself from being arrested.

The other area that usually marks out these political establishments is how much they officially get paid in relation to their fellow country men i.e. if they inflate their salary payments for doing the job. So perhaps its no surprise that this fact is recognised as being a problem in many countries, even by their own countrymen.

This graph is based upon figures from the Economist magazine, which gives a big clue as to where this is the biggest problem. Singapore being so high in the graph was a surprise to me, but of course if the president of that prosperous country is not corrupt, then his large relative pay packet, might be a cheap price to pay for clean governance.

This Graph Gives A Big Clue As To Where Nest Feathering Is Going On .....
The other tell-tale is when the President gets a tiny 'official' salary in relation to their compatriots. The Chinese and Indian Presidents are remarkably low on this list .....

What? Just sayin is all!

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