Friday, 17 March 2017

Learning Some Lessons The Hard Way

Imagine the following scenario: A group of foreigners were invited to come here to work on a job that the locals didn't want to perform. It was never intended that they stay longer than the job, but they started bringing their families over and 'settled'.

The Danes Decided To Settle In Numbers ...

They formed communities, but kept themselves apart by dint of culture, language and religion. They grew in numbers as news spread back home of the soft nature of the local communities, and they demanded 'special rules' to be applied to them only. The locals started to feel threatened, and at first started to flee to areas where the newcomers didn't live, but pretty soon that was hard to do.

Eventually the newcomers demanded that areas where they now lived (whether in the majority or not) be treated as theirs, spiritually and legally in that only their religion could thrive, their culture be promoted and their own courts would be supreme.

The locals finally rebelled, and there followed 150 years of fighting and struggle, before the newcomers were eventually forcibly integrated into the locals culture. I am of course not talking about England in the last 40 years, but the arrival of the Danes/Vikings over a thousand years ago.

The mistakes and the lessons of that event should have taught our politicians something ever since  .....

Not Paying The Dane-geld Is A Lesson That Should Never Be Forgotten

We have talked before about the lessons of Dane-geld in England, but it seems that its not taught to children any more, because none of our politicians seem to be able to make any analogy with our current struggles .... certainly not publicly.

There is a saying that "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." .... the English have once again failed to learn the lessons from their own past, and are in grave danger of having to suffer a repeat of it as a result ....

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