Monday, 28 December 2015

The Cycle Of Life

Well, it’s here again, and the world, you, and I, are another year older as these things are accounted. We are in fact all another year older, and thus nearer to death.

Another Year Older And Nearer To Death

Like most of us, I don't feel any older in personality, and I don't think I look any older. A few more wrinkles and grey hairs maybe, but I like to think that I am still the fine upstanding figure of a man I was last year, indeed in the last decade, and could still give men half my age a run for their money!

But that’s the insidious nature of time slipping away, the years drifting by with just a feather touch of damage at first, a stray grey hair, a saggy bit of skin (where once firmness ruled), and a few aches and pains when you get up .... until one day you look into the mirror, and ..... your old.

Where has this face come from. What happened?

You cast your mind back over the decades, and suddenly realise that chances have been and gone, loves have been won and maybe lost, children have grown up and fled the nest (although in the UK more of them are returning as they can't get a home of their own, but that’s another post), and you are now staring at this strangers sagging skin, wrapped about your personality.

You make anxious promises to maybe ....
  • Go on a diet.
  • Start a vigorous training regime.
  • Dye your hair.
  • Use skin cream and keep out the sun.
  • Get a younger partner (your as young as the person you feel .... if you get the joke)
  • Buy a Sports Car
  • Pay for plastic surgery
  • Change jobs 
  • Sail off on a yacht
  • Or maybe sell up, and live in a Thai Brothel .....

The list seems endlessly long, and generally positive, but in reality, you’re getting old(er).

So you fret about all of this for a few days between Christmas and New Year, then go back to work and that thing called 'day to day' takes over, and ...... it’s here again, and the world, you, and I, are another year older as these things are accounted.

Ah the cycle of life .... Tempus Fugit, gets you every time (even you Buddhists).


  1. "We enter the stage of life as dolls and exit as gargoyles." Anthony Marras.

    1. My Gargoyle stage opened earlier than I would have hoped. Thanks for the comment.


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