Friday, 18 December 2015

The Comb Over Confidence Crisis

Coming out of the local supermarket I was met with the sight of a modern day 'Moe' from the Three Stooges. It wasn't a deliberate impression, but rather caused by the gentleman's very badly dyed hair and extraordinary hair 'comb over' combination, combed from the nape of his neck, to just above his eyebrows (in a straight line). Weird sight indeed ....

Moe 'Comb Over' At Supermarket ... Shock

His self delusion, that anyone looking at him thought he still had a 'full head of hair' was laughable, but of course, so tied into male masculinity is the idea of a full head of hair that historical 'comb overs (or 'comb forwards' to be accurate of this type of comb over), are recorded way back into Roman Tines.

Julius Caesar Comb Forward

Julius Caesar famously combed forward, and was said to be mightily relieved when the Senate and People of Rome, conferred on him the right to constantly wear a laurel crown, which covered his distress.

Of course others since have not always carried either 'comb over' style off with such conviction .....

Comb Overs Fool Only One Person ...

...... carrying off the 'comb over' is not just for anyone ... so gentlemen off all ages who are denying the truth about your follicles (or rather lack of them), with intricate comb styling tricks.

Remember this, when you laugh at others intricate attempts to deny the same facts (while fooling no one but themselves) ... others are laughing at yours as well.


  1. I think that Donald plays the same game as Boris, the hair and the gaffs are a diversion which makes them seem less dangerous than they really are.

    1. I would hardly class Boris Johnson as 'dangerous' to any one other than the Conservative party possibly. After all he often follows the populist Pro-Eu, anti-Heathrow, anti-fracking line that the current Labour Party espouses. However he doesn't have the pacifist tendencies, nor the anti-trident leanings of Mr Corbyn, who I would say is truly a dangerous politician.

  2. A few great self delusions on the hair today gone yesterday front in those pictures.

    1. Haha .... yes there are .... Google comb overs and give yourself a laugh. Thanks for the comment.


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