Friday, 18 December 2015

The Best Christmas Campaign Ever?

Web Product marketing is still a developing science, as a well-known Internet clothing firm in the UK has discovered this Christmas, when a computer glitch paired up a bra product with an image of Hitler's memoirs 'Mein Kampf!'

This random image issue occurred on other products as well, with other random images published on the website, but despite the speed with which they corrected the problem, it was the Hitler glitch which went around the world.

Marketing Disaster or Opportunity?

Now it’s every marketers aim to get a campaign to go viral, so on the basis that 'any publicity is good publicity', then the viral nature of the story, leading as it did to mentions in virtually every on-line news outlet in the world (I gave up trying to look at all the web sources for the story), makes this something of a campaign success. However, perhaps not as the marketing team wanted ...

The company has apologised and said that 'We've had a few site issues with wrong images showing. Thank you for raising it, we have passed it onto the team here to fix' ..... Strangely, they were not able to explain why images of Mein Kampf were available on their server .... perhaps we had best draw a veil on that? I haven't named the company as I know that these sorts of cock-ups moments can, and have, happened to many websites .... it comes with the territory.

This all reminds me of an earlier story about inappropriate images, especially of Hitler, being deliberately used to advertise goods. Still it would be a strange event if the glitch didn't allow for some elements of fun ......

So Prize headline was 'Heil-O Boys!' from the Daily Mail .... a sub-editor earned their Christmas bonus with that one.

Hitler In A Bra Was Soon Going Viral ....

Best Picture .... Hitler in a Bra memes that went viral.

And my suggested new campaign slogan product positioning under Nazi Chic ....

No Shame In Nazi Chic In Some Countries ...China For Example
..... and Lemmy ... apparently.

"You can say what you like about the Nazis, but they dress well"


  1. As anti fashion as I like to be, I can't deny that the SS garb would make one take them that bit more seriously - than the Romulons for example, those would be galactic Nazis from Star Trek who are apparently dressed by Kellogg's.

    1. There's no denying that a black, red and silver combo with a good cut, was way better than the allies khaki baggies.

  2. Hi. It was Lemmy of Hawkwind and Motorhead fame who said. "It's always the bad guys who always have the best uniforms".

    1. Not a Motorhead fan, but by some strange quirk of fate I did in fact see Hawkwind, and at the time that he was apparently in that band (I had to look that fact up). So in view of his sudden demise, not only a timely and on topic comment, but also a weird reminder to me of a band I had forgotten about seeing. So RIP Lemmy.

    2. In fact I was so taken by your comment that I added his picture to the post. So thanks again for the comment.


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