Friday, 18 December 2015

Xmas Greetings From The Tower

It doesn't seem a year ago but there you are, it is (... that's a subject of another post), and due to the way the calendar works, I am posting nothing up next Friday, as it’s also the 25th of December.

So the traditional Christmas greetings to the world from all at PC Towers are going out a week beforehand. Also as has become something of a tradition around these parts, the accompanying image is from a British comic book 'annual' from the time when I had no more worries than what presents (if any), I was going to get. In this case before even my birth .... this one is from 1953.

The Beano Book 1953

Ahh those were the days, little did we know that that was a golden era ... but hey ho, ho, ho as we should probably say.

So 'Happy Christmas One and All!!'


  1. Thank you PC Towers for this year's blog, I can only imagine how much hard work goes into it.

    Have a philosophical and Vogon free Winter Festival.

    1. All the best to you in your fortress of solitude Vroomfondel.


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