Friday, 11 March 2016

The Gates Of Vienna Have Been Breached

Twice in European history, all that stood between Central and Western Europe, and Ottoman Turk conquest, were the Gates of Vienna. Its because those gates held firm as late as 1683, western civilisation (including Christianity, the Renaissance, and Humanism), were not swept into the back waters of history .... as it has wherever else Islam took a good grip. The Middle East for example, once had more Christians than Muslims .... but we are actually watching the final eradication of Christianity from the Arab lands by rape, murder, forced conversions and expulsion.

Siege Of Vienna 1683 Saved Europe .... But Not Against Our Own Politicians

Now, in what looks like the final betrayal by our post war 'liberal' politicians, the EU has agreed to a package of measures put forward by the Turks, which while ostensibly meant to stem the migrant crisis, actively achieves all the aims of the Turks of the past 600 years.

This has been achieved this by simply refusing to stop Turkish people smugglers taking thousands of Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria (as well as sundry other nations), from its shorelines into Greece. It makes no effort to stop or intercept them, knowing full well how weak the current EU leadership is and that this has given it leverage over the irresolute EU.

But instead of the EU telling Turkey that unless (with EU funds) they stopped the people smugglers, their EU membership would be rejected immediately and that all trade and travel would cease .... an approach which the new Ottoman Sultan, would have understood and likely have obeyed, our new PC driven leadership simply caved in:

So among the package its suggested that:

1. For every irregular migrant Turkey takes back from Greece, one Syrian is sent to Europe from a camp.
2. The EU is to give a payment of €3bn ($3.3bn; £2.2bn) previously promised in October, and also make a decision on additional funding of €6bn ($6.6bn; £4.64bn). aka what we in Britain called 'Danegeld' or 'Blackmail'.

So much for the migrant crisis .... here come the other blackmail demands:

3. Preparations for a decision on the opening of new chapters in talks on EU membership for Turkey.

This despite the fact that Turkey has recently shown itself to be a one party Islamist state, with the opposition arbitrarily arrested, and the freedom of the press all but eradicated. Its also a bullying genocidal state who regularly cross borders to attack Kurds and shoot at Russians. In fact the new 'Sweden' ... not.

Its also a desperately poor country with a large semi illiterate population in the east, who are the great grandchildren of those who massacred 1.5 - 3 million Armenian Christians in 1916-17 ..... trust me (I visited that far border region in the late 1970's), 'liberal humanists' these people are not.

4. Also the speeding up of plans to allow Turks visa-free travel in Europe, with a view to lifting visa requirements by June 2016.

Be prepared for around 10-20 million from the far east of Turkey to arrive on European shores - our welfare systems looks like paradise (we even provide the virgins), to these easterners. But also please note that despite David Cameron's claims that we are immune, the Turks, where they can speak another language, speak either German (for recent historical reasons) or English. They will not therefore wash up in France or Italy, but in Austria, Germany or Britain.

The Central European states, have previously enjoyed the pleasures of Turkish visitors who stayed for several hundred years before being evicted, and will never allow that to happen again to them. So its only the fools in the Western states who are blind to the reality of way this decision will really play out. But now that the Turks have been gifted the whip hand in these negotiations (thanks to mainly to mother Merkel), they have pointed out that the refugee deal is a 'package, to include progress on Turkish integration within the EU'. If the EU backs away, the migrant tap is turned back on.

We are well and truly screwed unless someone, somewhere, within the EU, is a politician strong enough to stand up now and say 'enough is enough'. Unfortunately, the days of El-Cid and Charlemagne have long passed, and what passed for western civilisation in Europe is now in a long decline into an Islamic future.

The advanced worlds future is now across the Atlantic, and in the Pacific East now.


  1. The Sun Newspaper is reporting that 79 million Turks are to be allowed in to the EU right after the referendum. Coincidence?

    They are also going to scrap the Dublin Accord that keeps asylum seekers in the country they are granted asylum, so you can guess where they are going to all come after the referendum.

    1. Yes that's correct but you would hardly guess it from the BBC and other news outlets. A lot of pro-EU people are going to feel betrayed when the floodgates open.

    2. According to the news today, the Europeans have been doing some hard back pedalling on some of those rash promises to Turkey. I think your right, it should have been the stick of EU application rejection, not the carrot of open arms (and ignore all those anti-democratic and anti-human rights laws in Turkey), to Turkey.

    3. Listen, the Germans are so spooked by the unintended consequences of their actions, that they would sell their granny, so they would sell Europe in to slavery without a seconds hesitation. As a commenter on another post said, when Germany decides it speaks for Europe, disaster for Europe follows. In order to stop 5 million Arabs in, they will let the 79 million Turks in, and after that it will be too late.

      Thanks for the comment.


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